Grand Medicine (also GranMed, GM) certifies health professionals in Physical Iridology, Personality Iridology, and Sclerology, as to (1) Competency, (2) Training and Instructing, and (soon) (3) Mastering these sciences. Grand Medicine Certification is recognized and honored worldwide.

The GM Certification process is different for competency than for those wishing to train and instruct in the Eyology sciences. GM Physical Iridology, Personality Iridology and Sclerology Competency Exam materials are sent via email or post in two parts: to the proctor (1st part) and to the practitioner for “open-book” (2nd part). These exams are typically performed in your area.

“Iridology and Sclerology are serious sciences and very useful means of health evaluation. They provide natural raw data about the client or patient that would be the envy and desire of any practicing physician or healer.”

—Leonard Mehlmauer, ND (ret.)

Requirements for Competency Certification
1 – Completion of our Basics and Advanced Courses
2 – Minimum 90 days practice prior to application for 2-part GM Competency Exam
3 – Satisfactory completion of the 2-part Exam (80% passing grade)
4 – Acceptable evidence of college level anatomy and physiology courses

Passing all requirements qualifies you for: Certificate of Competency

GM offers special programs for those wishing to attain Trainer, Instructor, and Master Certification—including mastery in all three popular Eyology sciences (Master Eyologist). Email us for details.

At a time in this world when integrity is hard to find, we work hard to maintain a solid reputation for steadiness and accountability in the field of Eyology. In this way, we guarantee honor and acceptance by the public, the professions, and science in general.


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