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Author: Leonard Mehlmauer
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
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Overview: Highly praised and well-received by Eyologists worldwide, the GranMed Eyology Lessons (above) have kept Eyologists around the world anticipating each adventure into the many mysteries of the irises and scleras and their use in professional practice. Your CD includes Lessons #1-50 or #51-100 (or both)—carefully upgraded, updated, edited and enhanced since their first appearance on the Net. Yes, there is typically more Sclerology than Iridology, but all three basic Eyology sciences (Physical Iridology, Personality Iridology, and Sclerology) are well represented. Many full-color hi-res photos are shown, clearly diagrammed, described and illustrated.
The result: a powerful display of case histories, specific signs in all three sciences, ID of parasites, neoplasm and drug markers, word files on treatment and Rx, the Seven Sciences of Iridology, disease process considerations, practice tips, maps, charts and grids, and…well, you get the idea. Used by Eyology teachers, instructors and students in many countries, the GM Eyology Lessons CD provide hours of quality entertainment and instruction, from basic thru advanced.


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