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Author: Leonard Mehlmauer
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
Format: 8.5 x 11, Laminated

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This chart is part of a series describing the colors in the irises and scleras as they illustrate various qualities of tendency to pathology (and actually developed pathology) in the eyes. The colors in this first chart are vibrant and as close as we can make them to what is seen in the irises as spots, patches and areas of pigment color. Each color wedge comes with a description of its meaning in the iris.

Drawn from all credible sources of data in the literature, plus the extensive Grand Medicine Archive, you will want to possess this helpful and handy gem for quick identification of all those spots, patches and swaths of color. Double-sided, beautifully colored, and heavy-laminated in 10-mil plastic. Standard size: 8½” x 11” Order yours today!


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