Iridology – A Focused Study, book by Carol Magda New!


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Author: Carol Magda
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
Format: 8.5 x 11, Perfect Bound

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Historically, there have been few true classroom-style textbooks in Physical Iridology. Grand Medicine’s own book, PHYSICAL IRIDOLOGY—A Textbook for Students and Teachers (“PI”), is a gesture toward filling that need. The great books by Jensen and Deck are more oriented toward reference work, not formal programmed study. Fine as they are, as such, they are not “teacher-friendly” or “student-friendly” (but PI is!). This being the case, when we were approached by Carol Magda to work with her to develop a coursebook in PI that would satisfy the needs of a longer, and formal, school classroom setting, we felt obliged to meet the challenge.

While the editing was performed by Dr. Mehlmauer, all the real grunt workthe excellent graphics—were meticulously and tediously created and arranged by our own graphic artist, Nenita Sarmiento. Most photographs are from the GranMed archive. The result of many months of back-and-forth between Grand Medicine and Dr. Magda is the following book. Printed in the larger (8½ x 11) format, wire-bound for easy desk study, this book has the full range of typical Physical Iridology subject matter, from history thru signs and syndromes to the systems (with anatomy lessons along the way), and evaluation techniques. At this time, there is no better representation of IIPA principles or better example in the English language of German Iridology than this book. Softbound, offset wirebound, 8½” x 11”, 438 pages


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