Personality Iridology DVD Course


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Author: Leonard Mehlmauer
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
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And you thought Iridology was just about the body!  Personality Iridology on Ten 2-hour DVD’s:  This dynamic and powerful 10-Session Course provides break-thru skills! Thrill your family, friends & clients with your new ability to see directly into their personality—and help them understand it! Beyond the physical body, there is a whole personality world in the irises! Advances in Personality Iridology science brings map areas to 60 plus a wealth of new behavioral data. Psychologists say that emotions are 75% of disease. Drugs, herbs & diet just allay symptoms. Therefore, most disorders start with Personality.

Learn to unlock the “treasure” unknowingly given to us by our parents. Identify the 3 basic types of personality, the 4 sources of personality, the 5 Personality Iridology categories, hidden skills and abilities, and clinical procedures in evaluating personality. Learn why we are not the victim & there is no one to blame. Know the source of compassion & tolerance, how love is a wound & not an insult, the how & why of all our relationships, and so very much more.


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