Sclerology Basics DVD Course


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Author: Leonard Mehlmauer
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
Format: DVD

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SCLEROLOGY: Your BIG Exciting Advantage in Health Evaluation

Whether new to Eyology or a seasoned Health pro, here is everything you need to begin in—or enhance your professional practice with—Sclerology! This perfectly balanced course has everything from useable technical skills to Handbook to forms: the signs, what they mean, what to do when seen.

See how the whites of the eyes reveal a wide range of health data to complement any diagnostic. While the irises focus on genetic tendency, the scleras more easily show active conditions. They excel at revealing all levels of stress and congestion, acute to degenerative—no matter how dark the irises! Immediately start integrating your Sclerology clinically. Sclerology e-book comes with course.


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