The Sclerology MapBook—World’s First—Now Available!


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Author: Leonard Mehlmauer
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
Format: 8.5 x 11, Spiral Bound

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Over a 9-year period, GranMed collected research data for a new Sclerology map.  On starting the project, we soon found we had uncovered far too much data for one map.  Solution: a map book.  But we didn’t stop there.  Result: an advanced teaching manual plus a whole new paradigm in Sclerology science.  Shows extended map areas, all common body systems—Brain & Nervous, CV, GI, Hepatic-Biliary, etc.—plus Ancillary areas, Zones, Etheric-Emotional, Mind & Psyche, and much, much more.  Many color fotos, common line locations, indexed and listed map areas, A&P descriptions of many organs and systems, all packed into 122 pages.  Plus transparency CD!


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