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Author: Leonard Mehlmauer
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
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Toward the end of the day in most of our Eyology Courses, we move the classroom chairs toward the back of the room, giving ourselves space to do Hatha yoga. Class participants may, if they like, join in. Many usually do, some putting their body thru these postures (or asanas) for the first time.


We’ve had many calls for a DVD on exercise and Hatha yoga, so here it is! Our friend Sean Fisher at Marin Studios (now in Las Vegas) graciously offered his assistance and poolside location for the event. The DVD includes a running commentary with music background, showing (1) the ancient moderate-movement Sun Salutation exercise, “Surya Namaskar”, that uses so little room and yet exercises almost every muscle in the body. And then, (2) the full 20 standard Hatha Yoga postures. You’re sure to enjoy this audio-visual DVD presentation of what is—along with pure diet—the most important gross physical level health practice. Buy several, send to friends & family as gifts, & re-sell to patients.


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