Wisdom Culture – A Higher Way of Life

A Declaration of Unity and Interdependence

And a Realistic Model for Cooperative, Peaceful and Happy EarthLife

Wisdom Culture

Regenerating Civilization

Toward Participatory Learning and Realization

An Ongoing Consideration of Right Activities for Humankind that Sustain Real Growth

And Reverence for All EarthLife—Human, Non-Human, Plant, Mineral—and Earth Herself



Disclaimer / Caveat: This  material  represents the author’s understanding based on his perceptions, conceptions,  ideas, circumstances and experiences plus those of many others, including those  mentioned herein, via  direct quotes,  paraphrases, various links and references to events, plus descriptions of  actual life involvements.  The author’s responsibility  is limited by his reliance on his own egoic “point of view”—in other words,  since he is not Divinely Enlightened (with an Ultimate and Perfect sense of  Reality), he thus reserves the right to be misinformed, misled, or just plain  wrong.  That notwithstanding, this document  is offered as potential real and genuine help (and in no way to cause harm) to all  Earthlings—i.e., to all beings living on our Earth-world—and to the living  being of Earth herself.  It is not meant  as a prescription for anyone’s specific circumstance, so your use of it is your  responsibility.  Also, respectfully of  you, the reader, please (1) forgive the occasional street language, which is  not meant as vulgarity, rudeness or crudity, but only for emphasis to enhance  understanding; and (2) accept the “modern” spelling of certain words (enuf,  thoro, thru-out, laff, thot, etc.).  This  document will be modified as knowledge of events—and genuine Wisdom—comes to our  understanding and consciousness.  Blessings  and Love to all!

Legend of the Two Wolves

A Native American grandfather was asked by his grandson how he felt about the 9/11 tragedy.  He said, “I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart.  One wolf is a vengeful, angry, violent one.  The other wolf is a loving, compassionate one.”  The grandson asked him, “Which wolf will win the fight in your heart, grandfather?”  The grandfather answered, “The one that I feed.”


1 – We are embodied here in this apparent Earth-realm in order to Realize (Awaken to) the Great Consciousness of Permanent Heart-Happiness, Absolute Freedom and Eternal Peace, which is the very Context of (and within Which) everything and everyone appears.  However, we humans have been acting as tho this is not the case, and therein lies the “problem”.

2 – The “Universal Law” is Unity, Cooperation, Tolerance and Peace.  This capital “L” Law is prior to any manmade law.  Knowing this heart-deep, we do not need powerful individuals, corporations, religious institutions, scientific or judicial bodies, governments or petty bureaucrats to legislate, legalize, proscribe or otherwise dictate to us thus.

3 – All systems in the universe are self-organizing, self-correcting and self-righteningunless humans interfere with this process.  Unfortunately, human interference is exactly what has been happening in and to our world.

4 – We need to immediately create a “Global Cooperative Forum” (per the book, Not-Two IS Peace) with fullest human participation to address today’s profound ills and to re-establish a civilization based on principles of Universal Law, prosperity consciousness, and on the limitless participation of all of humankind in transforming its own destiny.

The SHORT Version

  1. Our Earth-world is in big trouble (see video TranceFormation, http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/trance-formation/).
  2. We can get out of it and live peacefully with our fellow Earthlings (read, Not-Two IS Peace, + suggestions below).
  3. Attention is destiny.  Life is a “set-up”—which simply must be seen: giving our attention to the “trees”, we miss the “forest”; distracted by transient beauty and temporary pleasure, we forget the spark of Eternity; wandering the realms of possibility, we neglect the very Support and Foundation on which we utterly depend.
  4. It is now time to regroup, reach to the highest within us (the consciousness of love), and speak with one voice to honor our inherent unity with cooperation, tolerance and mutual accountability.

The Crossroads

Humanity is at a crossroads.  Our civilization is rapidly deteriorating.  We are being (and, in our fear, have been allowing ourselves to be) led down a most dangerous path toward certain destruction by a relatively small group of very wealthy and very powerful but apparently psychopathic, misanthropic and otherwise megalomaniacal people who seek to gain ever-greater power and wealth by controlling the rest of us (without our permission) and the natural world.

Standing at the crossroads, there is either one of two paths we can take: Separation, or Unity.  Both possibilities are within us.  All along thru-out our history, we’ve been (except for a precious few of us) on the road of Separation, the road of egoity, which is based on self-interest, independence, separatism, division, “us-vs.-them”.  Ego always (1) objectifies, (2) overwhelms, (3) controls, and finally (4) destroys.  That is it’s way.  That’s what we’ve been doing and why were in this situation.  This is exemplified by our scientific materialism—toward people, nature and the universe.  It is a fearful and terrible quest for knowledge and power.  And you see where it’s gotten us!  Ego is never finally satisfied.

The Unity way, on the other hand, is based on communion with and surrender to the Very Consciousness In Which we appear and On Which we utterly depend—for everything.  Instead of trying to know and control everything, it is about wisdom, real understanding, cooperation, tolerance, and peaceful living with our fellow Earthlings.  It is about Real Happiness NOW, present enjoyment of Reality thru communion with It.  It is about real human growth, interdependence, intimacy, relationship, responsibility, accountability, honoring (and, now, helping repair) our Mother Earth, and lovingly submitting to our Father Spirit-Consciousness-Reality.  It is about real integrity.

Meanwhile, the virtues we’ve counted on within ourselves as human beings and our idealization of human kind and human individuals are (both) absolute nonsense.  The current culture of humankind is patently false because it is based on a false view of Reality, humanity and the universe.  We’ve been characterizing ourselves as a mass of souls moving in some virtuous progression toward ultimate fulfillment.  This idealized and romantic view is utter insanity, which is most basically why we’re in the predicament we are in.  As Adi Da says, “The Only Right and True way for humankind is the Way of Reality Itself.” (The Aletheon, p1842) A certain percentage of us (about 7%) have to see this and turn this picture around, creating a new culture, a new civilization to replace the old deteriorating model (that obviously hasn’t worked).

We are presently bound by our own self-imagery and on a steady march to death.  Egoity (described and detailed below) is our only enemy.  As egos, we are a “scapegoat theater” enclosing and destroying everything we touch.  This “scapegoat method” accounts for all of human history (Adi Da, in The Aletheon).  All of our religions and traditions are about this scapegoat game, patterned to enact and enforce the mocking and destruction of every Truth-bearing Force on Earth.  However, besides this common human motion, there is the uncommon one: turning to a Spiritual Master and thereby participating in a process of ego-transcending devotion to Reality, the Very Divine or Consciousness In Which we and everything else appears.  This is our choice, the one way or the other.  Our life on this planet hangs in the balance.

A Primary Tool for Viewing Human Culture

Our human civilization, with its various cultures and its Great Tradition, is bewilderingly complex.  Taking a comprehensive macro view of it—i.e., making sense of it—can be a daunting task.  However, we now have an excellent tool that clears away much of the confusion: a  schema created by Adi Da called The Seven Stages of Life (see below).  It allows us to view our world culture in a unique way, in a way that delineates and explains the levels of relative growth in real human terms—from the gross, thru the subtle and causal, to the Transcendental.

The term “Great Tradition” (audio: The Great Tradition, at www.adidam.org) refers to our entire collective, common human heritage of art, literature, music, psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, and spirituality.  This heritage is not limited to pseudo-scientific materialism or religious provincialism.  It embraces the full range of human experience: waking, dreaming, sleeping, the natural world, the gross physical, the emotional, the etheric, the lower sense mind, the higher mind of intellect, will and intention, super-consciousness, and the causal realm, and the transcendental-Spiritual.

We note that, of late, scientific materialism, with its grossly reductionist-separatist-exclusionist attitude, has been dominating modern world-consciousness, denying all the other forms and modes of reality, as tho only the crassly material is of any value.  We must ignore this trend, and thus win back the right to allow the fullest range of awareness of consciousness within our human capacity.  Even before this, religious provincialism has been sequestering our right to know about the natural world and esoteric (true) spirituality.  Adi Da has therefore provided us a way of discerning our whole culture, beyond scientific materialism and religious provincialism.  His schema on the “stages of life” shows us how to evaluate the levels of realization in any part of our world culture—past, present and future:


Adi Da has provided us with a model or schema of the seven possible stages for human life—from the stages of lower egoity (1-3) right on thru the Spiritual stages (4-7), allowing us to evaluate our relative level of development or Awakening in consciousness.  Most humans that have ever lived on Earth have been and currently are solidly within the first three stages (see the book, The First Three Stages of Life, www.adidam.org).  Within these three, egoity is strongest: we are more self-possessed than “God-Possessed”.  As an example, Mother Teresa (according to this model) was very likely a fourth stage saint (the beginning of “sainthood”).  Her life was characterized by her devotion to her beloved Guru, Jesus—Himself an apparent 5th stage saint.  As such, she had done something very rare for human beings: thru her focused attention on her Beloved (attention is destiny), she “made the leap to hyperspace”, moving into the beginning of true human adulthood.  See (http://www.adidam.org/AdiDa/teachings/sevenstages.htm).

Note also that the first six stages of life are all based on egoity, on “point-of-view”.  As such, these 6 are all strategies to become happy, whereas the Lesson of Life is: you cannot become Happy; you can only be Happy.  I.e., any happiness you can gain, you will necessarily lose—at least at death, if not before.  Only the seventh stage of life is without (or is beyond) “point-of-view”.  That True and Fullest Awakening in some sense “allows” or “is” the Divine “View”, or Seeing / Enjoying Reality as It Truly Is.  It is The Eternal, Reality, or “Real God”, the Matrix Within Which we all appear, beyond all the limits of conditional existence, the various limits suffered by and within the first six stages of life.  The following is a very bare sketch of this model:

STAGE ONE – INDIVIDUATION   Beginning at birth and continuing for approximately 5-7 years, the being is adapting to the physical, to physicality, and identifying with the gross physical body at the gross anatomical level.

STAGE TWO – SOCIALIZATION    Generally involving the second 7 years of life, the being is learning to live and interact with others, and adapting to the emotional-sexual or feeling dimension of life.  Identification remains in the gross physical, but the focus shifts to the feeling centers.

STAGE THREE – INTEGRATION    More loosely involving the third seven years of life (and generally beyond), in this stage the individual is integrating the psychophysical development of the verbal mind, discriminative intelligence, and the will.  Identification continues at the gross physical level but at the level of the lower mental.

STAGE FOUR – DEVOTION    This stage is characterized by ego-surrendering devotion to the Divine Person, usually in the form of the human Spiritual Master.  There is purification of the body-based point of view thru reception of Divine Spirit-Force.  Identification is with the subtle self via the circulation of the Divine Spirit current, first down the frontal line, then up the spinal line.

STAGE FIVE – HIGHER SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION   This stage is characterized by the yogic ascent of attention into psychic dimensions of being.  The mystical experience of the higher brain-mind may culminate in fifth stage conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi.  Identification with the subtle self via the circulation of the Divine Spirit current from the brain core at the Ajna door to the crown of the head and above.

STAGE SIX – CONDITIONAL DIVINE-REALIZATION   Identification with Consciousness Itself—presumed, however, to be separate from all conditional phenomena.  This stage will most likely include the experience of Jnana Samadhi.  There is identification with the Causal self, the Divine Spirit-Current descending from infinitely above the crown of the head to the seat of bodily consciousness in the right side of the heart.

STAGE SEVEN – DIVINE SELF-REALIZATION   Full Awakening into the Divine Domain; inherently Perfect Freedom and Realization of Divine Love-Bliss (seventh stage Sahaj Samadhi); no “difference” experienced between Divine Consciousness and psycho-physical stages and conditions.  Identification with Divine Consciousness Itself via the Regenerated Amrita Nadi (the Immortal Current of Divine Love-Bliss), felt as the Divine Current of the Bright Spirit-fullness standing between the right side of the heart and the Matrix of Divine Sound and Light infinitely above the crown of the head.


This Stages of Life schema is unique and important for many reasons.  Again, we can apply it to help us evaluate the level of development of human beings of any generation and any time in our history—in some sense, even pre-history, and into the future.  It is important to remember that the first six stages are still about egoity, even tho (1) stages 4-6 are rarely Realized, and (2) those who move into those stages are truly and exceptionally wonderful and greatly serving for the rest of us—because they are more God-Possessed than self-possessed.  However, even their lives, lofty as they are, involve perceived limitation, the sense of being a separate self, and therefore vulnerable to the errors of the ego.  Each level of egoity (stage of life) involves its particular error.  Only the seventh stage is free of egoity altogether (see The Aletheon).

The CAUSE is Manifold, but the SOURCE is Singular

CAUSE: Our human dilemma can be described in terms of “cause” and of “source”.  The cause is manifold, including such as: the Banksters (the big “bail-out” banks) and their insane fractional reserve / fiat currency / global debt economic system; above-the-law functionally psychopathic Big Corporate controlling and insanely abusing world resources (see former economic hit man John Perkins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqIHKWd9rSc); the “elite” families and their “New World Order” or world-wide police state toward absolute power over us all; maniacal pseudo-scientists who want to turn us into nanoparticle-controlled cyborgs; immoral, power-mad militarists whose only focus is war and their own personal glory; overgrown and power-mad governments as prostitutes of Big Corporate; greedy Wall Street crooks at their monstrous world gambling casinos of private equity and hedge funds; Big Ag and their industrial farming practices ruining the land and abusing animals; heartless Big Pharma and their disease-care drug medicine poisoning us; Food, Inc. killing us with processed crap food; soul-less Big Chemical and their plan to own the total food seeds and food production of the world and subject us to genetically-modified junk food; and the list goes on.

SOURCE: Source is prior to cause: The source is singular (which many intellectuals are missing): egoity, the sense of separate self, separateness, separativeness, which masks our true and inherent Unity with each other, Nature and the universe.  It’s what has us forgetting and neglecting our brotherhood with all humans, competing against each other instead of cooperating with each other.  On the question of how we’ve gotten into this mess, some of the most brilliant minds of our time are either (1) scratching their heads, or (2) blaming the “causes”.  But it’s deeper and more profound than that.  It’s egoity—and it is in all of us (“We have seen the enemy and it is…us!”).  We have got to get it handled—at least a significant number of us have to—or it will destroy us!  Enter: the new consciousness.

Sacred-level Premise

Simply stated, our current Human Civilization is rapidly nearing total self-destruct because it is (we are) not rightly living the Law of Reality.  We humans are in the midst of a major change in consciousness.  We are facing a choice of whether to go on with business as usual—both in the secular (worldly) and quasi-sacred (“downtown” religion) sense—or move into our heart-calling, which is living by the Law of Reality.

Given the choice of loving or hating, which would you choose—e.g., what happens to your fist (hate) when you open your hand (love)?  Choosing a life of ever-increasing Light is an option. And, granted, it is a difficult one in this cosmic Earth-realm (where everything you love dies)—especially in this “Dark Time”, “dark” because it is dominated by egoity.  The “dark” alternative: continuing to wander the realms of possibility, to be seduced by the mere material, by greed, by hate, by protectionist-security from a tribal “big government”.  As enuf of us make the choice of Light (the unity principle), the whole pond of world changes.  We sense our unity with everything.  Life becomes easier for all.

All appearances arise within the Great One, the Matrix of Reality, the capital “C” Consciousness intuited by every heart and referred to perennially and variously as “God”, “Jehovah”, “Allah”, etc.  Not the limited mind-of-man-manufactured God, the imagined God of downtown common religion, but Reality Itself, the Unspeakable Ground of Being.  Real-God.  It Breaks thru into the Earth-realm as our attention goes to It.  As this happens, It Awakens in “us” as cooperation, tolerance, love, compassion, and all the positive qualities so much needed in this world now to bring real and lasting Peace.  Those who understand this must now be strong in these qualities, peacefully and lovingly helping all others.

Quoting and paraphrasing Avatar Adi Da in The Aletheon, p1797: The bondage of humankind is unnecessary, dark and destructive.  For as long as they’ve been recording their histories, human beings have not only been suffering the ego-world, they have been destroying the Earth-world and everyone and everything in it.  This is ego-land, the place of human mummery—a course of doings that (if followed to its end) will ultimately be absolutely destructive.

In our egoity (the unnecessary and largely unconscious act and sense of separateness, separation and separativeness), we humans tend to (1) objectify everything, then (2) enclose the “object”, then (3) control it, then, finally (4) destroy it.  This is the way of egoity.  We do this thru our mental “knowledge”—and it is what we tend to use knowledge for.  The Earth-world circumstance is now absolutely subject to human control.  We seek power over everything we notice—to learn its secrets, then enclose it, control it, and finally, destroy it.  This “scapegoat” game is now close to its terminal stage.

Even all of the findings and achievements of science, and all of the presumed ‘glories’ of human intelligence, are merely extensions of egoity (or of self-deluded space-time ‘point-of-view’).  All of humanly presumed ‘knowledge’ is a device for controlling—and, then, ultimately, destroying—whatever becomes the ‘object’ of human attention.  …the Divine is Sufficient.  If you make a course of your own ‘knowledge’, in the attempt to gain control over your situation (thereby effectively replacing the Divine with the person of the human ego), then you will be cursed.”  (—Adi Da, in The Aletheon, pp1798-1799)

Adi Da Goes on, “Our current main method of seeking to gain knowledge is scientific materialism[Not mere science as a method, but science as a philosophy—of materialism. —ed.].  “Ultimately, scientific materialism is about gaining control over the ‘world’—including everyone and everything in it.  Thus, scientific materialism—like every other egoic human enterprise—is, in its end-consequence, about casting out the Divine and separating the human ‘self’ from the Divine, in every sense that the Divine may be understood.”  This is our effort to gain control over ourselves and everything else so we can “save ourselves”.  But, because this is egoity, there’s no possibility of such result.  None!  The ego cannot engineer ‘salvation’ or save itself by any means whatsoever.  It is going to die.

This scapegoat ritual of human egoity—objectify, surround, control, destroy—is our fundamental act.  This scapegoat enterprise of ours has no virtuous end—only destruction.  We’re not merely passively suffering—we’re aggressively suffering!  So, the bottom line is this: We will thus destroy ourselves and everything we touch unless this act is transcended in Consciousness, in and by means of the Spiritual and Spiritualizing process of Divine Self-Realization of Reality.

The only way we are going to righten our human “world” is via both (1) sympathetic or compassionate help, and (2) a consistent critical process of discipline and correction.  We simply must begin to live the Law of Reality—for real.  This means developing real sensitivity to “Mother” (the Natural world) and “Father” (the Great Consciousness in Which all appears).   It means (and necessitates) a major change in our consciousness, in the way we see things and treat things.

Secular-level Premise

We’re in big trouble.  We have a single failed global system whose continued growth would mean the destruction of not only our civilization but potentially all of life on the entire planet.  This system generates “terrorism” of all kinds, so that terrorism is integral to the way the system works.  This document suggests “Wisdom Culture” ways of pre-solving virtually all human problems.  We need immediate positive change in these “Dark Times”, especially a radical change in our consciousness.  At the gross level, it means no more unlimited economic and industrial growth and no more unconstrained interference with the natural environment.  It’s not about moving backwards or into some cave-man existence or throwing out technology.  It’s about scaling back on industrial growth, and the end of “consumerism” as a way of life.  It means cooperating together and living in more human-scale environments.

It is absolutely crucial for us to see the combined impact of the energy crisis, the moral degradation that began with the two World Wars, food shortages and ruining the land from industrial farming, dispossessing people from their land, the critical loss of non-human habitat, abusing billions of people with silly failed economics, and the otherwise despoiling of Earth’s natural environment.  Only 5 companies: PepsiCo, Dole, General Mills, Nestle, and Kraft basically “own” food production in the USA.  How did that happen?  They largely dictate what we eat—and they want it that way!  We need to stop this incessant materialist industrial consumer-oriented growth and engage real human growth, get people back owning their own land, producing their own food, develop non-oil-based sustainable energy systems, and otherwise create a balanced and steady-state circumstance for Humanity.

This is not about destroying the evil corporate heads and “elite” families (who must themselves be re-educated to this new understanding).  Thrive http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lEV5AFFcZ-s, the recent video movie, provides an outline of the current power structure, altho it also contains idealistic fantasy.  Closer to reality in most respects is the documentary, www.crisisofcivilization.com).   So, who has the power to do so much harm?

WE can think of it as a theoretical pyramid:

TOP LEVEL: the owner-controllers, the Rothschilds and a few others.

2nd LEVEL: the international banking cartel—the IMF and the World Bank.

3rd LEVEL: the big banks, who dole out money to the corporations at special rates.

4th LEVEL: the corporations, who “own” government via their power & money payoffs.

5th LEVEL: the federal governments, who tax us & send us to on-going wars we don’t want.

BOTTOM LEVEL: At the base is “the 99%”, most of humanity, those of us struggling to survive.

 The top level basically runs the world.  The “fractional reserve” monetary system of the “elite” allows these people to (in some real sense) enslave us all.  Henry Ford is quoted as saying, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”  Revolution, anyone?


To The Great Consciousness in Which everything appears and disappears, Reality Itself, the only God there Is, we offer this prayer:

May human beings everywhere discover, in every dimension of our lives and experience, that there is a great and undeniable egoless and indivisible Reality that contains and pervades all beings and things and which also manifests as a Living Force of self-organizing, self-correcting and self-rightening change in every system and form of manifest existence—the Truth-Force of the egoless Prior Unity of Reality Itself.

May human beings everywhere happily, gratefully, courageously and unstoppably respond to Divine Grace thru decisive, unshakably non-violent, and truly harmless human actions of non-cooperation with all that is wrong, combined with most positive embrace of every right and lawful change of action, to cooperatively righten the entire pattern of human life everywhere in the world. 

May the required individuals and structure for all the necessary forms of human guidance and leadership in this process spontaneously and naturally emerge in the human world as a Global Cooperative Forum of all humankind, to serve and enable the complete, right, and full unfolding of this great collective human process everywhere in the world.  Great One, by Your All-Accomplishing and Acausally Self-Manifesting Divine Grace, so it is and so it will be.


Responsibility is a quality that is rightly taught to us as children very early in life (hear the talk, Children Must Be Liberated, on www.adidam.org).  Failing in this (as is the usual case), we act variously irresponsibly with each other and the world.  Such is common in our “crazy random culture”—especially in recent times.  True adults (see definition below) always act responsibly and allow themselves to be held accountable for their words and actions (hear the talk, When the Tiger Disappears, on www.adidam.org).  Most human beings live an infantile, childish and adolescent life (defined below), without much discipline (another hallmark of being an adult), and full of desire, reactivity, self-centeredness, selfishness, and a sense of separation, blaming others and circumstances for their “problems”, and otherwise giving reasons as to why they are not disciplined, responsible and accountable.

Civilization must be based on this responsibility.  Why do we have Presidents who break their promises, who act irresponsibly?  Why do we have corporations who do not feel accountable for the destruction they bring to the environment and to nations?  Why do we see nations quarreling and fighting with each other like adolescents—instead of lovingly embracing each other in cooperation, and encouraging each other to what is higher in life, to the very purpose of life?  These people did not learn the importance of being responsible, disciplined and accountable for their words and actions when they were young (or, if they did, they’ve forgotten to act it out).  They should be sent to their room, have their privileges removed, no TV, and no candy.  They are acting like spoiled children.  If this were done to everyone in the world who acts like this, there would be few people left to function here!

So, we know very well that our President is an irresponsible liar.  We know that McDonald’s serves junk food.  We understand that justice is increasingly rare, that we could be arrested at any time for criticizing the government, and that Big Pharma forces their drugs on us and our children.  We know that Big Corporate lobbyists buy and sell our senators and congressmen, that wars are created for the sake of Halliburton and the Banksters, and that Food, Inc., Big Chemical (e.g., Monsanto) and BigAg (Cargill, ADM, DuPont) seek to destroy small organic farms and prevent us from growing or otherwise having our own pure food.  BUT, rather than simply doing the blame game, instead of merely pointing the finger to these monstrosities of modern life (which is still are right to do), we must be individually responsible and accountable.

We do this by not voting for silly candidates (or even not voting at all in a broken system), by eating trusted locally-grown pure foods (instead of buying crap food), by living differently and practicing The BIG 7 (see below), by refusing drugs for ourselves (unless in emergencies) and our children, by growing our own food, digging water wells, making and placing our own solar panels and wind turbines, getting off the grid, creating cooperative communities and co-housing, banking locally in small trusted credit unions, bartering and otherwise exchanging goods with local folks, buying locally, and by otherwise being intelligently responsible, disciplined and accountable ourselves (see helpful items on www.NextWorldTV.com)—mainly, by creating true Wisdom Culture.  This is where it starts—and ends!  This is how we rebuild civilization.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World

This old poem has real merit at the level of instruction.  It was meant as a praise of motherhood as the preeminent force for change in the world.  It still holds true in some real sense.  Our instruction of children from infancy is crucial to the way this world develops.  Consider the many benefits of children raised in a true Wisdom Culture in regard to just one principle—the principle of balanced freedom and responsibility.  When we provide the right balance of freedom and responsibility, children display the following benefits:

  • Less internal confusion
  • Less conflict
  • Fewer physical imbalances
  • Fewer forms of egoic dramatization
  • No need to fight for freedom (it’s being allowed and provided)
  • No losing themselves in self-indulgence (they’re learning to appreciate the strength that responsibility provides)
  • Their experience is integrated with the growth process
  • Their energy and attention is free to meet these challenges optimally

The challenges a child faces in this world will change over time as they grow.  These will determine the freedoms and responsibilities they need—and that we must show them.  Their adult caregivers, whether parents or others, need to know rightly how this happens, what exactly to provide at the right times of these growth points.  As Adi Da says, “The functional lesson of human existence is that you do not gain freedom without responsibility.  Freedom is necessary.  Children must realize their freedom, their independence, their ‘self’-awareness as functional individuals.  At the same time, they must realize complete responsibility for all their relationships.”  How many of today’s adults are truly and adequately prepared for this responsibility in helping our children to rightly grow?  (See the book, The First Three Stages of Life.)

Evidence of the Impossibility of Accountability 

In every modern society there are people that have little or no feelings for their fellow humans.  They lack sympathy for others, lack empathy, and feel no sense of accountability or responsibility for their actions—except insofar as they have learned to mimic such qualities by watching others (but when they display such mimicked qualities they are faked, not genuine, and done only to achieve their ends).  Here, we describe the psychopathic personality.  As it turn out, a recent study suggests that a very high percentage of persons currently in power in this world—e.g., heads of State and of large corporations, those who “own the world”—actually display this personality type.  The medical definition of “psychopath” is a person who lacks empathy and conscience, the quality which guides us when we choose between good and evil, moral or not:  http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/conspiracy/i-am-fishead-how-psychopaths-andantidepressants-influence-our-society.html.

In this amazing video (above link)—that describes the serious study mentioned above—we note that most people are good, but passive.  (Your author has been to many countries, and can verify this.)  We were taught to mind our own business.  We don’t want to put out the energy to “be a hero”.  HOWEVER, whether we are aware of it or not, this world is in terrible danger of destruction by these very unfeeling people.  Our freedoms are being eroded away daily—by them.  Advanced technology is being used against us, the general world public, by these power-hungry monstrous few.  It is therefore our job or role as humans, to cross the line as say, THIS IS WRONG!  Finally, when only about 7% of the population becomes aware of the situation, nearly everyone else does.  Therefore, to turn this thing around, only two questions remain:

1 – Have we reached the 7% yet?

2 – What will YOU do?

Some basic observations

Our fellow human beings, and the non-humans (our so-called “animals”), our plant life, our Earth itself, and our universe—all of this is an inherent unity, utterly inseparable from Reality.  “Things” only seem separate to those of us (which is most of us) who lack the sensitivity, sophistication, or higher human growth to “See” and to “Know” the Truth of this grand unity (i.e., to know beyond the inherent limits of mind).  Nevertheless, it is so, and we “know” this thru natural intuition—which itself is beyond mind.  This cosmic or conditional universe is all one “thing”, intrinsically one with the Eternal starry Consciousness of the Divine, capital “R” Reality, the Matrix in Which all of this appears.

Our best human science claims that all of this is “light”, or indestructible “energy”.  It has its material or “matter” aspect, but that’s just at the grossest level.  Penetrate deeply and all you find is Light or Energy (Which together, it has been suggested, = capital “C” Consciousness [as opposed to the normal small “c” consciousness of our human senses], the very Ground of all Being—“God!”).  All certainly should thus no longer be thought of as merely “matter, material” that should be bonked and taken apart so it can be controlled—and eventually destroyed (which control is what the scientific materialistic philosophy is all about).  However, this claim of everything as “Light” (which the sages and saints agree on) has yet to penetrate to the social level.  It’s high time it did!

QUESTIONS for the American Federal Government

  1. Why are some 800 detention centers being prepared all over the USA at this time (Dec 2012)?  And why has Homeland Security recently (May 2012) purchased a million rounds of hollow-point bullets?  Are these to be used against Americans?
  2. Why was Osama bin Laden’s body thrown into the ocean?  Isn’t that the way the mafia works?  (It’s certainly not the way America is supposed to work!)
  3. If only two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center, why did three WTC buildings fall down—and why did they all fall down so fast and straight, just like those that are purposely detonated, or where some fantastic device was used?
  4. What happened to habeas corpus in this country?  Why are American citizens being killed in foreign countries by our own gov’t?  And why are so many these days afraid to stand up and speak their minds?
  5. Why can’t we buy raw milk and transport it over state lines?  Aren’t we supposed to have freedom of choice in the very food we eat?  Are we not smart enuf to decide what food is pure, or free enuf to make that choice without punishment?
  6. Why is fluoride—a known poison—still being placed (nationally) in our drinking water?
  7. What’s with so many government reps (Congressmen and Senators) being attorneys?  Why are not artists, tradesmen, homemakers, engineers, artisans, musicians, small businessmen, and other aspects of society representing us?
  8. Why are vaccinations required and not voluntary?  Is this not government/corporate medical tyranny?  If vaccinations are so effective, why are “booster shots” needed?  And why should the vaccinated then fear the unvaccinated?
  9. Why is TSA humiliating Americans via dangerous x-rays and criminal-like pat-downs?  Is TSA just another police force being foisted on the American public?  Why are they checking peoples’ bags on buses—and profiling Black Americans in the process?  Is this part of a plan to train us to accept the gradual loss of our freedoms for the sake of “security”, where we become totally controlled slaves of Big Corporate?
  10. What ever happened to free speech and honest journalism?  Whistle-blowers seem to be punished for exposing the truth about government activities (Bradley Manning, e.g.).  Consider this in light of an OpEdNews piece by Ann Wright (http://www.opednews.com/articles/Government-to-Bradley-Mann-by-Ann-Wright-120426-890.html): “The charges of ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ and of espionage are meant to threaten any others who might find the evidence of government criminal actions and alert the American public. The unmistakable warning is ‘don’t tell on us, or we will put you behind bars for the rest of your life.’”  Is this why Thomas Jefferson warned us against the power of government?  Gov’t is supposed to serve the people, not oppress them.  If the emperor has no clothes, we must stand up and say so—like Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Sibel Edmonds.
  11. Julian Assange and Bradley Manning are obviously heroes of the people of the world for presenting —via honest journalism—evidence of secret terrorism on the part of our government.  So why is our government trying to capture Assange, indict him, and jail him?  And why are they persecuting Manning?  I thot our new government was all about “transparency”?
  12. Where does it say in the Constitution that US citizens can be detained indefinitely and even executed without due process of law?  How did that happen?  On what basis?  Protection against terrorists?
  13. Why are so many American industries (e.g., the fragrance industry) allowed to regulate themselves?
  14. Why is our economy controlled by a private central bank, the Federal Reserve, instead of a gov’t owned bank?
  15. Why do the oil companies and BigAg receive huge government subsidies and tax breaks?
  16. Why are natural food stores, organic farms and farmers being continually persecuted by federal agencies?
  17. Why do we still have a 2-party political system (only 2 parties) to represent over 300 million people?
  18. Why are we being constantly embroiled in foreign wars—if not mainly to profit military-oriented corporations?
  19. Why are so many people in jail for victimless crimes?
  20. Why are genetically engineered foods (GMOs) allowed to ruin our food supply in this country while they are being banned in over 40 countries?  Why are the government and Big Corporate trying so hard to prevent us from having our food labeled “GMO”?  Why are untested foods even allowed to be sold to us?  Are we a huge science experiment?
  21. After thousands of volunteers secured hundreds of thousands of signatures sufficient to get the “Right-to-Know” GMO labeling initiative on the ballot (late April 2012), one has to ask: Why was this necessary in the first place?  Where was (is) our Food and Drug Administration?  Are they not supposed to be watching out for our health in this kind of matter?  Are they not supposed to be protecting us from harm by such criminal activity on the part of BigChemical?  And why is Monsanto allowed to continue its heinous and monstrous practices worldwide?  This is more than a health issue: it is a moral issue.  Where is our government in all this?
  22. Why—instead of bailing out banks and failing state governments—isn’t our government putting people to work creating tens of thousands of wind turbines, solar panel farms, and other sources of cleaner and greener energy?  What about putting tens of thousands of people to work retro-fitting buildings with insulation so they can be far more energy efficient?  (See Van Jones: http://www.nextworldtv.com/videos/energy/green-collar-economy.html).
  23. If the Wall Street speculators and the Banksters wrecked the economy with their subprime loan scams, why are the American taxpayers picking up the tab?  Why haven’t any of them gone to jail?
  24. Ayn Rand said, “The source of the government’s authority is the consent of the governed.  This means that the government is not the ruler, but the servant or agent of the citizens.  It means that the government as such has no rights except the rights delegated to it by the citizens for a specific purpose.”  Am I mistaken or does our present government have this backwards?
  25. Why are there so many unanswered questions about 9/11?  In his presentation at the Commonwealth Club in California (9/11: The Myth and The Reality – David Ray Griffin), and in his book, The New Pearl Harbor, theologian David Ray Griffin presents overwhelming evidence that members of our then federal government were not only privy to a whitewash of that disaster (the 9/11 Commission Report), they knew in advance of it and likely planned it.

SOME Changes Needed at the Level of Government and Society

Suggested changes to the US government that may apply to other countries:

  • Federal government reduced to 1/100th of its current size or even eliminated altogether.  (Do we really need it?  Power corrupts, and, under the present system, is too tempting for most elected representatives.  Their wisdom is vanished.  They get a little power, realize they can write their own ticket, and away they go.  Conveniently forgetting that they are paid to be our servants, they tend to serve only themselves and their corporate masters.  So, out they go.)  Perhaps more importantly, and more easily proven, where is the social, cultural, technical, environmental, intellectual, or pretty much any relevance of state (federal or “whole country”) government—or otherwise anything other than very local government?
  • Electoral College is eliminated (IF a central government is maintained).
  • Wisdom Culture is studied and begun.  Based in principles of unity, cooperation, tolerance, harmlessness and peacefulness, this, in itself, serves to restore true civilization.  Children globally are raised in these principles.
  • War is outlawed.  The military is reduced to 1/150th of its current size.  All foreign wars are ended and all US foreign military bases abandoned.  No more aggressive worldwide US military actions.  The best defense is known and practiced harmlessness.
  • All gov’t / bank-involved debts forgiven.
  • No income tax.  IRS abolished.  A new National US Treasury Central Bank is established.  No more big banks.  Only small and completely accountable local banks (outside of the Central Bank).
  • Constitutional Law is restored to all courts and legal matters.  Common Law also established.
  • The Federal Reserve is abolished.  No more “scarcity” economy, no more “interest”, no more fractional reserve banking.  The currency is based on a variety of valuable goods and is redeemable in same.
  • The Wall Street and other such world gambling houses are shut down—permanently!
  • Financial and other forms of privacy are restored.
  • Corporations have no “person” status.  Lobbying is outlawed.  Corporations are held accountable for all their actions.  Their focus is humanitarian and protective of Earth environments and all of its life forms.  Obviously, for such organizations to exist at all—which seems necessary at this point in our history, at least for the sake of continuing to expand and upgrade technology—they must be held strictly accountable to uphold clear-cut principles of sustainable and positive support of life.
  • Long-suppressed technologies are restored, including free energy devices, anti-gravity, healing machines, etc.
  • Freedom of choice in medicine and healing modalities is made Constitutional.
  • Death penalty is abolished.  Marijuana and other harmless substances legalized.  Victimless crimes adjudicated accordingly and their prisoners released.  Prisons are run humanely as re-education / rehabilitation centers—instead of the current “criminal school” punishment centers.
  • BigAg and Big Chemical are held accountable for animal abuses.  Farm chemical pesticides discouraged in favor of natural and so-called “organic” produce.  Chemical fertilizers made illegal.
  • GMO foods and the patenting of seeds abolished.  Monsanto and DuPont Chemical shut down due to their patently criminal and otherwise abusive activities.  Experiments on animals eliminated.
  • Laws rescinded by the tens of thousands, laws created by bureaucrats and politicians that only unnecessarily complicate people’s lives.  There are so many of these irresponsible and silly laws, that we often feel we may be committing 3 felonies while eating breakfast!
  • Big Pharma held accountable for tens of thousands of deaths and suffering from poorly researched drugs that later have to be recalled; for combining with the FDA to ruthlessly suppress harmless natural remedies that have stood the test of time; for collusion with Psychiatry to create diseases for which drugs are invented that harm and kill people.
  • Dismantled all nuclear power plants.  Germany is currently (May 2012) engaged in this process.  This industry was obviously begun for monetary gain.  No intelligent person would countenance waste from nuclear power stations being hazard and dangerous for 10,000-100,000 years—much less the inherent dangers in simply running such stations.  To have created such stations in the first place was idiocy of a rare order.
  • End all planned obsolescence.  Create only sustainable, recyclable and non-polluting products, from automobiles to homes to light bulbs—products that last a lifetime whenever possible.
  • BOTTOM LINE: It is becoming increasing evident to this author that there is now in this world exceedingly little need—if any at all—for formal government.  Perhaps such need has never truly existed.

Good Guys and Bad Guys

When Walt Kelly’s Pogo observed, “We have met the enemy and he is us”, he was entirely right.  We, as egos (which is all of us, to one or another degree), are inherently “sinful”, “bad”, in trouble.  But there are those of us who are currently causing great mayhem to life on this planet.  There have always been destructive characters in our human world, and there have always been wise men and women among us.  (The very nature of the cosmic domain is the play of opposites: good and evil, up and down, in and out.)  The difference in these times (which are the long-predicted “Dark Times”) is that a relatively small number of dark characters have access to far more power than they ever have had historically, power that can destroy the entire world.

Altho such destruction can happen, we absolutely MUST NOT allow that to happen!  We must turn to the wise and supremely intelligent among us (and there are such people), and to the compassionate, the courageous, and the loving—whom, unfortunately, we often tend to ignore.  We need them now more than ever.  These especially include the true renunciates (see below), those who can be trusted—because they actually have no agenda.  Of course, it’s even more up to a significant number of the rest of us to “save our world”!  There’s good and bad in all of us.  Time to embrace the good!

A basic understanding we must have at this juncture (early 2012) is that altho the USA is the most powerful and influential country in the world in military terms, it is run by a world-based elite that controls it and virtually (and functionally) all other countries.  This is in some sense summarized by comedian George Carlin on YouTube (see George Carlin’s Greatest Moment (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV1lZMTCqf8).  And what to do about it all is summarized best in the book, Not-Two IS Peace, by Adi Da.


The desire of every heart is Absolute capital “H” Happiness.  In our imperfect Earth world, such is not attainable, but, paradoxically, Realizable.  It can be “Awakened” into.  Any (small “h”) happiness that you can gain, you will necessarily lose—at least at death (if not before).  Seeking this Real Happiness only prevents it, since seeking is the activity of unhappiness.  It is the very method of unhappiness.  To seek happiness is to confess unhappiness.  Real Happiness must be practiced.  How?  In a word, this is done thru God-Communion, or consistent identification with the Great Consciousness of Reality Itself.  This is best learned, even from earliest life, in a Wisdom Culture—such as what the Great Saviors of Mankind have always Worked to create.

Our consideration here is not about “seeking to create” Happiness on Earth or to create any kind of utopia.  We should be very clear on this.  Such is not possible—because that is not the nature of this conditional Earth-realm.  We cannot perfect that which is inherently imperfect (the gross physical body dies).  However, as anyone will agree, we can definitely make things a great deal better than they are here on Earth at present!  We have messed things up here considerably, but we can still pull this thing out of the fire and allow for circumstances that provide far better opportunities for humankind in general (and for the non-humans and the plant life) to enjoy this all-important Awakening we speak of here.  That heart-deep Awakening is the very and whole point of life in this realm (see ‘Stages of Life” below).

The “happiness” we typically “enjoy” (suffer, really) is sought in our relationships with people and things.  We
typically depend on others for our happiness, but all the while we know they’re going to pass from us somehow—at least in death.  They might leave us for someone else or something else.  They might get very sick and suffer a lot, and so on.  Knowing all this, we tend to either cling to them or avoid them, not wanting to suffer their loss.  Same with our money, our home, our animals, or our other perceived wealth.  So, you see, this is not the happiness our hearts will finally settle for.  All this doesn’t mean we can’t be quite happy in our relationships.  It just means we cannot be finally happy because of them.  We have to learn about and enjoy our Native Happiness, Which is inherent, intrinsic to us.  It’s not without and it’s not within.  It’s prior.  Then, we’re always already happy; we’re “home”—and capable of all of normal everyday life.


In the midst of our work to create such positive circumstances for everyone here, we can most positively and effectively progress by understanding certain fundamental principles, one of which is: Attention IS Destiny.  I.e., we are whatever we consistently give our attention to.  Attention is prior to mind, so whatever item we consistently and regularly grant our attention to, our mind must follow, & we take on the qualities of that item.  Fundamentally, we can only give our attention to qualities within two areas: (1) the condition realm (the “trees”), or (2) the Unconditional Realm (the “forest”), the Divine, “God”, the Prior, the Matrix or Great Consciousness within Which everything (the conditional realm) appears.

The point: keeping attention on “the forest”, instead of getting side-tracked by all the different “trees” (the world and its problems), we still remember not only the “goal” (in this case, saving our planet!), but we actually perform our actions without “harm” to ourselves or anyone/anything “else”.  I.e., when we do our work for the Great Consciousness (with our attention consistently on The Great One), we thus act without or beyond “karma”—and, interestingly, things still get done…and done better.  This is the admonishment of our entire Great Tradition of religious and Spiritual literature: do it all for God’s sake, do it for the Divine.  First, love God, and then love your naybor as yourself.

The Basic World Situation

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Our world situation (civilization) is deteriorating rapidly.  The banksters, multinational corporations (“Big Corporate”), and certain extremely wealthy individuals (the so-called “elite”) have accumulated relatively enormous power.  They do not want to give up that power, and, thru a lack of real in-depth understanding, will not do so willing, but only work to consolidate it and increase it.  That’s what we’re up against.  Among the better documentaries: Wake Up Call (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT1GavDtiwM&feature=youtu.be).

Below and prior to that, however, is the real enemy: egoity, which is an activity in all of us (described below).  To deal with this power situation directly, several things have to happen—and yet, only one thing.  All of us are involved and implicated, and all can help.  Each of us can and must do his and her part (the “several things”).  A positive shift in consciousness (the “only one thing”) is absolutely necessary for this situation to turn around sufficiently for the Earth to be “saved” from a terrible disaster.  And this consciousness shift is actually occurring.

Henry Kissinger, a prince of the “Dark Side”, once said, “Who controls the food supply controls the people.  Who controls the energy can control whole continents.  Who controls the money can control the world.”   We now know who these “in control” people are.  They include the families Rothschild and Rockefeller and their minions: their banks, corporations and “secret” societies.  With apparent utter contempt and hubris, these people and their underlings occasionally meet and decide how they wish to use and abuse the rest of humanity.

A Fundamental Change: Get Local

Getting local is a major part of this needed change.  The “power people” or “controllers” are insane.  How else can you describe those who are planning to RFID computer-chip everyone so as to control all our movements, our lives, manipulate us to their pleasure, tell us what to know, what to buy, limit our freedoms, spy on us, know where we are at all times, how we spend our money, frighten us into going to war for them, etc.?  Why do they want drone aircraft by the thousands launched into the skies to observe all our movements?  Why can’t we buy raw milk or otherwise grow our own raw healthful food in our own back yards (or front yards) without interference by local, state or federal bureaucrats?  What’s with laws forcing us to be vaccinated, or take drugs we don’t want, or denying us the kind of healthcare we choose?

We have to break free of this insanity and take back our God-Given rights and freedoms.  We need laws and agreements, yes, but how many are needed in a truly free society?  Damn few!  So, we need to get free of the restrictive civilization-destroying “globalization” and everyone-enslaving “new world order” being planned and implemented “for our own good” and against our will by these monsters.  Ways to accomplish this include:

  • Refuse to do their wars
  • Drink from our own wells
  • Grow our own food in greenhouses
  • Travel via bicycle whenever possible
  • Gather into small cooperative community groups
  • Peacefully ignore as many of their restrictive laws as possible
  • Barter, buy and exchange goods with each other locally via our own script money
  • Power our homes ourselves from the sun, wind & other natural local energy sources

These measures in themselves serve to break the chains of Big Corporate and their owners who seek to dominate us.  And please note that this whole movement is not about “pissing off (or pissing on) the big guys”.  It’s not about punishing anyone—altho all must be held accountable for their crimes.  It’s about rightening our relationships with each other, about feeling our unity with each other (and the “animals”, the plants, and the Earth), about sharing our lives, cooperating, working together, tolerating each other’s beliefs and so-called differences.  

MOST IMPORTANT in these transition times… (Note: details below in text)

On the personal level: do The BIG 7 daily life-positive health/diet/lifestyle practices to the extent possible: personally take (1) a pure hi-raw or all-raw generally vegetarian diet, (2) early bedtime—preferably by 10PM, (3) exercise appropriate to your age and current state of health, (4) adequate personal hygiene, (5) clean and positive personal /social environments, (6) right occupation that serves the environment and all of life, and (7) Spiritual practice/study according to the Divine worship that moves your heart.  These help you to personally survive and thrive so you can more effectively help and serve The Divine and all beings in love.

On the community level: GET LOCAL! Create cooperative community (CoopCom).  Switch savings / money out of big banks and into the relative safety of well-rated local credit unions.  Plant a backyard garden, develop a community garden, &/or encourage local gardening / horticulture (NOT farming!) in your local community.  Set up exchange / barter and other cooperative ventures / systems at the local level with local businesses and away from the big box stores to the extent possible.  Travel more via bicycle.  Make travel more efficient by planning all away-from-home trips.  GET OFF THE GRID via home-owned &/or community-based water and power.

On the cultural level: create true Wisdom Culture (described below), which pre-solves all human problems (read, The First Three Stages of Life).  Thus, Earth-life—including Humanity—is saved and thrives via life-positive cultural change at the most basic human/life level.  Peace is created, lived and taught right from the start of life, with ever-less dependency on Big Government / Big Corporate.  The less used, the less needed!  One Earth-family.  No more wars.  All needs met.  Native inherent unity enjoyed.

The New Emerging Consciousness

A new way of world-life is now emerging in our consciousness and in our actions (see Sean Fisher’s movie, MetaPhysia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kuh1l5zMjw).  The old days of wasteful, dangerous, egoic separatist “tribalism” have never worked and have been taking us and our world toward disaster.  Conservation, sustainability, real peace, cooperation, mutual trust, tolerance, true security (i.e., harmlessness) and unity are in.  This is what works—for Humankind, our fellow non-human Earthlings (the plants and animals), and for the living, breathing, conscious Earth itself.

Sci-fi movies like to project Humankind into a future (e.g., Star Wars).  Have you ever wondered why we are almost always pictured demonstrating the same infantile, childish, and adolescent war-like, egoic and divisive qualities we suffer now—despite the advanced technology?  In the movie Avatar, in the year 2154, the humans, having depleted Earth’s treasures, invade an Earth-like world to exploit its mineral resources and brutalize its inhabitants.  Such utter disregard for the sanctity of other species, even other humans, has, with little change, largely characterized us thru the ages.  Why haven’t we humans been able to “get it together” to stop killing each other, to stop abusing the plants, animals and Earth itself—and begun to create a true civilization of peace, cooperation, tolerance, accountability and love?

Of course, some of us have.  Since our beginnings, we have been living and speaking one-at-a-time, from our imagined “tribal” places of separateness, separativeness and separation—instead of from our real and factual always-already place of unity.  In our history, certain events have contributed to this negative attitude of separation, or egoity.  The old ways of tribal attitude, encouraged by those events, are, unfortunately, still in place, and “ruling” us, driving us.  Historically, we in some sense have gotten away with that attitude—until now.  But, for several critical reasons, we can no longer continue this old way of acting and thinking.  It is destroying us and our entire planet.

As a natural expression of the basic “only-human” quality of the comprehension of totality and universality, people take refuge and citizenship in nation-states because we, by inherent right, expect the nation-state to guarantee and actively uphold our necessary basic human rights to unlimited physical participation and unlimited protection from physical violence (from crime within the state or war from without it).  Therefore, every nation-state must necessarily guarantee and uphold these essential expectations and inherent rights of each and all of its citizens, residents and visitors.

The entire planet Earth is now in the end-time of the end-game of egoity, where—and by virtue of the products of such egoity—we and all of life on Earth are threatened by potential conflagration.  This disaster need not and must not occur.  Therefore, we human Earthlings, as well as the other life forms here, now desperately need a realistic, genuine and heart-felt plan for not only survival but rightly living together.  That plan is described in the book, Not-Two IS Peace, by Adi Da (3rd edition, $14.95USD from Amazon or downloaded free at www.Da-Peace.org).  Involved is a raise in consciousness of a significant number of people.

In order to merely exist in a livable environment—much less aspire to higher life (meaning to that which is truly sacred)—we need fundamental change in our actions in our relationships to each other and to our natural environment.  Having developed a sense of how our egoic / separatist past actions have negatively affected this planet habitat and its living organisms (including each other), we now must understand our need to abandon our old, outmoded and otherwise dead provincialism and separative/separatist tribalism and embrace the obvious unity amidst our diversity.  We must now grow in our consciousness into real human adulthood, restoring our Earth to clarity and balance.

There can no longer be any “us vs. them.”  There is no “them”!  There is only “us”.  We must clearly see this and understand what it means.  We have been warring on ourselves—and (in the last 200 years) taking the natural world with us.  It is like poking oneself in the eye, or fowling ones nest.  No other creature does this—only humans—and we must stop it, and soon!  Truly (now more than ever), in hurting others we only hurt ourselves.  In this time of instant world-wide communication and nuclear weaponry, there is no more “us and them”There is only “us”.

We must now grow out of our infantile, childish, adolescent, parochial attitudes, behaviors (see definitions below), and ways of relating to each other and the world.  We must acknowledge our inherent unity and Oneness with everyone and everything—all beings, all worlds, all universes.  In these pages are some means we may therefore require of ourselves to accomplish this, to help us realize our inherent unity.

In the book, Not-Two IS Peace, Adi Da makes many crucial points very plain.  These include:

– Act on the basis of “everybody-all-at-once” rather than on the basis of egoity and “tribalism”

– Engage a lifetime of ego-transcending schooling in “zero-point education”

– Establish a “Global Cooperative Forum”, which is a representative collective of “everybody-all-at-once”, acting in the best interests of humanity as a whole and the earth-world in its totality

Current Top Links, Feeds and Data Sources

This civilization is breaking down rapidly, as described in the book, Not-Two IS Peace, by Adi Da, especially in the essay, Reality-Humanity.  This destruction process began in earnest with the World Wars and has been recently accelerating.  This process must be understood, stopped, and turned around to the positive.  It must be “rightened” and aligned to higher purpose.  The new and higher consciousness is necessary in order to overcome the destructiveness done by egoity—our only real “enemy”.  All egos have an agenda.  This is why we must turn to our renunciates—those who have no agenda—for governance.  Meanwhile, those of us with less than that high level of understanding and sensitivity in life can do our parts to make this a better, safer place for life.

The following are among the better sources for information, criticism and creative ideas needed in the transition and for the transformation of our current world civilization.

Wisdom: Adi Da Samraj may be heard and seen on YouTube.  Hear and see the wisdom of true renunciation at www.adidam.org.   (Other audio sources include: http://www.adidam.org/audiotableofcontents.html#lou)

Health: www.naturalnews.com; Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger”; and www.mercola.com; Joseph Mercola, D.O.

Economy: www.RealEconTV.com; especially Max Keiser (The Keiser Report) and Gerald Celente

Expose: www.wikileaks.org our main source of the hidden agendas of gov’t & Big Corporate; www.infowars.com Alex Jones

USA / World Events: www.theintelhub.com; www.BrassCheckTV.com; & the often more intellectual www.thedailybell.com

Transitional Culture: www.NextWorldTV.com; excellent ideas in the transition to sustainable & renewable culture

Entertainment: www.TopDocumentaries.com; documentaries on a wide variety of subjects

World Affairs: www.OpEdNews.com; www.TheDailyBell.com;

World News: www.corbettreport.com; www.rt.com; www.aljazeera.com; www.PressTV.Ir; www.theRealNews.com; www.wideawakenews.com; (note: the current USA “lame-stream media”—ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN—are virtually worthless as sources of competent journalism, merely reporting little more than their corporate owners’ wishes—and leaving out crucial pieces of the world picture).  They are essentially about slanting and manipulating news events and data and otherwise keeping us “dumbed down” and being good consumers in order to keep Big Government in their jobs and Big Corporate in power.  How do they do it?  See http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/spin-1/making-war.html, a scene from the 1997 movie, Wag the Dog.  They create it!

Literature: Most important book in the world to read now: Not-Two IS Peace (3rd edition; Amazom.com and free download); Very likely the greatest book ever written: The Aletheon

LEVELS OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR: Infantile, Childish, Adolescent and Adult

True, in some sense we’ve changed little since our earliest beginnings—including in the sense that, as a group, we’ve always warred on each other.  This, some insist, is “human nature”.  That this is not so, is easily proven.  Along with Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot, we have had Mohammad, Jesus and Adi Da.  This, also, is “human nature”.  Human Nature is the whole gamut, from silly infantile demands, childish dependence and brutal adolescent rebellion, all the way to the true adult: the love and cooperation, the consistent use of discriminative intelligence or intellect, the tolerance and peacefulness that characterize self-transcendence.  The question now is: which will we choose?  We have little time!

Infancy is birth to about 3 years of age, the time of adapting to bodily incarnation, to being a physical human being.  There is complete dependence on (essentially) mother for life circumstances.  As it commonly occurs in our current “crazy random culture” (CRC), the infant typically throws tantrums and makes demands on people, expecting to have them fulfilled.  They maintain dependency relationships with parent figures, and arbitrarily adapt to society—which brings lack of sensitivity to others and the world.  Their chaotic adaptation to life initiates variously amoral and self-indulgent behavior.  They want and even demand freedoms and liberties without the levels of responsibility that go with them.  (Sound familiar?  Do certain government officials and corporate heads come to mind?)

Childhood is age 3-12, involving the next level of human development beyond infancy.  In the common culture (CRC), it is characterized by continuing failed adaptation.  They are dependent and desire to be so.  They have the least responsibility and they like things that way.  They do what they can, whatever they feel they have the ability to do.  Most of their pleasure from a given activity comes from their sense of having permission to do it.  They are generally irresponsible, minimally aware, and emotionally reactive.  They always seek an occasion of degenerative self-indulgence.  Situations that require love and responsibility tend to elicit reactivity and frustration.  They seek to be consoled by parents and a parent-like “god”.  They are reluctant to accept (and they attempt to forestall or even try to avoid) accountability.  (Now, with this definition, certainly many of our so-called “leaders” are coming to mind—and we haven’t even gotten to the definition of adolescence.)

Adolescence occurs at about 12-20 years of age.   They are independent and (in common society) want to be so—altho torn between dependence and independence.  They tend to struggle against imagined (“parental”) suppression, resist genuine authority, avoid responsibility, and are unlikely to change.  They tend to be testy, rebellious, unfeeling, willful, abstract, disunited, disrespectful, disobedient, deceitful, and self-absorbed.  They do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long they can get away with it.  (OK, so now we have a definition suggesting most of the people we know.)

Adulthood(so-called, but actually incomplete) nominally starts at about age 21 and goes on until the end of bodily life.  Nominally!  In common society, however, these so-called “adults” continue the failed adaptation to life we see in almost everyone, never having mastered childhood or adolescence—and in many cases even infancy.  They (most human “adults”—so-called) pout and complain and fight among each other.  They are typically secular, superficial, materialistic, outward-directed, and object-oriented.  They lack the truly Godward life (God-Communion), and so live a kind of functional sub-human existence, looking to be loved and to be self-indulgent—instead of being Love and self-responsible.  This is actually failed-case adulthood—and why we’re in such trouble.

True Human Adulthood is exceedingly rare—which explains why we’re in this difficult world situation.  We find few true human adults in common society: those who understand their interdependence, realizing their connectedness to everyone and everything, and the importance of being relational: remaining in relationship to/with everyone and everything.  They willingly take on responsibility and accountability for all of their words and actions, and are open to and welcome positive change.  They are strong and balanced, and not consoled by secular life.  Their attitude toward life in the world is generally positive disillusionment  (positive, but without illusions).  They do what they need to do in order to bring or otherwise restore balance and harmony in life—both in them and everywhere around them.  They are tolerant, loving and compassionate, working always in, toward, with and as cooperation and unity.   The functional basis of their life is love and true growth in real human (even Divine) terms.

Very important to understand about the “true adult” sense we’re describing here: it’s just the middle phase for us humans.  It’s the difficult “transitional” part for us, the midpoint of our real growth.  We’re still in the early “standing upright” phase of our existence.  The true adult phase is between the sub-human (Infantile-Childish-Adolescent, where most of us are now, killing each other) and the “Fully Human” phase—where we are “Completed”.  In the “true adult” phase, we learn to use our higher human faculties, the will and discriminative intelligence, to bring each other real love and service in the context of our Spiritual practice.  Persisting in this, we grow for real and Awaken into Divine Consciousness.

You can think of it this way: in the infancy part, we’re crawling.  With the childish and adolescent parts, we practice being off all fours.  The nominal adult part is where we stand.  The truly human adult part is where we become aware of the Divine and fully straighten up.  But when we finally Awaken in and to the Divine—that’s when we fly!  There’s a lot of misconception as to what is “Divine”, what is truly “Spiritual”.  Some think it’s about enjoying sunsets, or reading scriptures and other Spiritual literature.  This is deluded thinking.  Spiritual life is the hardest thing you’ll ever do—and at the same time it’s the only thing worth doing.  It is about Spirit: receiving It, worshiping It, trusting It.  It literally takes everything you have, everything that you are.  It is about—and it IS—full renunciation.  It is about real Happiness—and nothing else!

And, by the way, being married doesn’t necessarily undermine one’s “Divinity” (re: Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the story / question of their possible marriage relationship).  Marriage and sex are normal human activities, and there is nothing inherently “sinful” or “un-holy” about them.  They can and have been practiced by sages, saints, Great holy men and women thru-out the ages.  Marriage and sex have nothing to do with Divine Awakening, as both can occur prior to, during and after such Awakening.  We are all already “Divine” but are not thus aware (which is why our lives are lived as a problem), so we must therefore go thru the Spiritual and Spiritualizing process in order to enjoy this Awakening to The Real, to Reality (as opposed to our “normal” point-of-view existence), to the Divine (so-called “God-Realization”).  .

Another thing we’re saying here is that—if we can trust what has been attributed to him—and we probably can, Jesus was very obviously a Great Saint of some high Spiritual Realization (possibly 5th Stage—see the 7 Stages of Life, below).  You have to appreciate how few human beings have ever Awakened at that level.  However, His Great Teachings about the Divine and about Spiritual life and practice were just as obviously distorted and thus in some real sense ruined by the church that adopted them.  Nothing new here, as this has happened historically many times over.  Sad, but true (hear the Talk, A Birthday Message from Jesus and Me, by Adi Da, www.adidam.org).  And this has nothing at all to do with the many millions of innocent and/or otherwise real lovers of Jesus (including myself) who have persisted in His joyous remembrance and heart-felt celebration!  (See the video, Bloodline, http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/bloodline/).


We humans have created and developed a phenomenon called “civilization”, where we have gathered together in large and variously stratified groups called cities and countries in order for the sake of a more easeful, secure, convenient, effective and fulfilling life.  However, of late that has not been the case.  Our lives within the current world civilization (in most countries)—and therefore involving the natural environment—has been breaking down, disintegrating.

The above-described outline of infantile, childish, adolescent and adult behavior can be used as a means of judging the qualities of people in modern societies, government officials, corporation leaders and other individuals.  Are they acting in a true adult way?  Are they disciplined, responsible, loving and caring?  Are they conscious of the fact that their words and actions profoundly influence all of those around them and their environments?  These are real requirements of any successful civilization.  (For an in-depth consideration of the crucial qualities of a real civilization, hear the audio, When the Tiger Disappears, on www.adidam.org).  For a description of how children and young people can be raised in a true Wisdom Culture so that a genuine and truly human civilization can finally develop, see the book, The First Three Stages of Life.

In any true and growing civilization, one can only expect to see positive changes to the degree that he or she lives an intelligent and disciplined life.  Otherwise, you’ll always be playing the blame game, childishly and adolescently blaming others and circumstances for your presumed problems, for your lack of real growth.  You’ll always be looking to others to relieve you of your suffering.  But our suffering is our own responsibility.  We are responsible for our illnesses, our dis-ease.  In a Culture of Wisdom, we willingly take on responsibility—and therefore, we grow.  We do not dramatize reactivity, but transcend it in love.  We don’t abuse others, infecting them with our dis-ease.  Instead, we inspire them to Divine (higher) life, to God-Communion.  We are a blessing to all those with whom we come into contact.  Do we see these qualities in Presidents or Prime Ministers, government officials, or the heads of corporations?  Are they acting like this?

Ways To Explain Our Circumstance

There are a number of ways we can look at how we humans have gotten into the situation we’re now facing in these so-called “Dark Times”.  One way is this: it starts with egoity, our sense of separate self, which has us seeking to regain our sense of unity (like that which we had in the womb).  In this seeking for unity—and necessarily not finding it (since all seeking is inherently fruitless)—we create all manner of problems, meaning everything from tribalism to wars.  Alternatively, there is “finding”, meaning making the real connection with the Spiritual Master.  This is another dimension altogether.  The fist of competition is replaced by the open hand of cooperation.  A whole different mood is enjoyed.

All of this antagonism in the human world is actually and in fact our attempts at standing fully upright, at demanding the flow of positive cooperative energy to and from and of each other—all toward the realization that we absolutely need each other for life.  Within our higher nature, we “know” this.  In our daily normal waking consciousness, we seem mystified as to why we continue to struggle with each other and even kill each other.  But, we know it at these higher levels intrinsically, inherently, intuitively.  In some of us, this higher sense and sensitivity is breaking thru.  Meanwhile, the great masses, the majorities, and even many of the minorities—e.g., the “powers that be” folks—the “elite” (the extremely wealthy  families, the Banksters, Big Corporate) apparently simply don’t know this yet, are not sensing it, are not sensitive to this breakthrough in consciousness.  Those of us who do know this need to make the rest aware—and thus and thereby accountable.

When the numbers of us who have this sensitivity are significant, our energies will be felt, heard and seen all over the Earth.  There will be major changes—essentially a change in consciousness—in which there will be far less need for all the rules and regulations, no need for war, no more hunger or starvation, no rich vs. poor.  We will better know and express our unity—that which is inherent in us and our world.  At a certain point, as described in Not-Two IS Peace, we could have a world-wide month-long celebration of this turning point in human history where we finally come to our senses.  It would be a celebration of how and when we began actually living together cooperatively with each, our fellow Earthlings, and our living, breathing, conscious planet.

Here’s another way to say it: “Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Few human beings who have gained any amount of power have used the restraint appropriate to their thus-gained office.  They (we) typically wind up abusing power, exercising it in ways that make aggrandize us, make us look good to others—powerful, wonderful, excellent, adorable, brilliant, and (finally, and hopefully) perfectly loved!  However, things don’t usually work that way.  We’re usually (and often secretly, if now openly and hostilely) envied, resented, hated and even detested.  Humility is rare in this world.  Integrity is rarer still.  So, how did we come to this?  How does one develop humility and integrity?

For over 100 years now, certain very wealthy families have been learning to make themselves increasingly rich and powerful.  They’re still at it.  They’ve gained ideas along the way to keep themselves in power.  Their names don’t matter.  They’ve created rings of lesser and lesser power around them (as these rings go outward) that control whole governments, whole nations, even down to state and local levels.  They have been gradually eroding away our liberties, slowly, so that we won’t notice it too much, so we’ll accept it.  They control the Big Media (“lamestream media”), so they’ve been feeding us their propaganda, telling us how to live, what to buy, what to believe, and so on.  They’ve been dumbing us down thru many other means, too, including education, schools.  We must now think for ourselves, organize, and resist them, resist their “New World Order” plans to utterly control us.

So, how do these extremely wealthy few, the so-called “elite”, control “us”, the masses, the 99%?  They do it thru a number of ways, but particularly thru propaganda (http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/10155.html), a method of controlling people by understanding how people respond to emotional stimuli.  The method was developed by Edward Bernays, a relative of Sigmund Freud.  He wrote the book, Propaganda, which has been used by many governments all over the world—including in Nazi Germany.  After Big Corporate hired Bernays to convince women that smoking cigarettes would make the sexy, stylish and popular, the US Government hired him to convince the American public to go to war, to buy things we didn’t need, and they do this mainly thru the mass media—beginning with newspapers, but now that newspapers are succumbing to TV, it’s thru mainstream (“lamestream”) television.

This hidden government is terrified of the Internet, since the Net allows us to communicate freely with each other, so they’re now scheming to take that over.  Meanwhile, they’re telling us that we need RFID chips and drones to spy on us in order to protect us from terrorists.  Never mind that our personal lives and our every vestige of privacy are thus effectively gone.  We’ll be “protected”, and our lives made “secure”.  What lives?  We’ll be totally under their control.  We will have sacrificed all our freedoms for the sake of “safety”, “security”.  We will thus be able to do exactly as they please.  Nothing more!

Our governments tell us that we must obey them and always work within the system they have created.  Obviously, this has not worked, as historian Howard Zinn describes: “Civil disobedience is not our problem.  Our problem is civil obedience.  Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders and millions have been killed because of this obedience.  Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty.  Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves and the grand thieves are running the country.  That’s our problem.”  It is time for us, the so-called 99%, to massively (and peacefully) disobey, to radically (“at the root”) change our society, to eliminate all the silly bureaucratic rules and regulations that have been used to trap and control us and to justify an overly-large government.  It is time to require that any “leaders” truly live by the Constitution and Bill of Rights provided us by our forefathers.  It is time for a major change of consciousness.

Current Culture Heroes

As we move further into these most challenging “Dark Times” in our world, certain “heroes” emerge to view that are aiding more or less significantly, each in his/her own way.  They are helping in the positive process of everything from simple gross-level changes to the very highest instruction in and examples of Divine Consciousness.  These are people of varying levels of courage, integrity and submission to the greater cause of the needed positive changes in our world.  Of course, each of us does his and her part, and many, many nameless others are doing their part.  Example of some of the “nameless others”: Anonymous.  Here, in alphabetical order, is a sample of the ever-growing list of those that are variously more visible or popular:

Adi Da Samraj

Alex Jones

Amy Goodman

Andrew Moulden

Andrew Wakefield

Annie Leonard


Barry Lynn

Benjamin Carson

Bill Maher

Cenk Uygur

Chris Hedges

Chris Rock

Cornel West

CREDO Action

Daniel Ellsberg

David Icke

David Ray Griffin

Dennis Kucinich

Eric Peters

Firesign Theater

Gary Null

George Carlin

Gerald Celente

Glenn Greenwald

Gregg Braden

Howard Zinn

Jacque Fresco

Jason Bermas

Jeffrey Smith

Jeremy Scahill

Jesse Ventura

Jim Marrs

John Perkins

Jon Stewart

Jonathan Emord

Joseph Mercola

Judge Napolitano

Julian Assange

Julian Whitaker

Karl Denninger

Lee Camp

Leonard Horowitz

Lew Rockwell

Maria Esparza

Mark Sircus

Matt Taibbi

Maxwell Igan

Michael Moore

Mike Adams

Nafeez Ahmed

Nigel Farage

Noam Chomsky

Occupy Wall Street

Olafur Grimsson

Paul Stamets

Peter Joseph

Phil Donahue

Rocky Mountain Institute

Ronnie Cummins

Ron Paul

Russell Blaylock

Scott Tips

Sheriff Richard Mack

Sibel Edmonds

Vandana Shiva

Vincent Warren, Esq.

Wilhelm Reich

Woody Harrelson

The Role of the Jester

What, you might ask, are comedians doing on this list (George Carlin, Chris Rock, and Jon Stewart, e.g.)?  Consider the role of the Jester—other names for which are joker, prankster, trickster, fool, comedian, clown, wag, comic, humorist, funnyman, imp, and mischief-maker.  The jester is a genuine role played in all human social traditions since ancient times.  It is most often a man—altho more recently also women.  (Hear about the ancient art of trickerism in the Talk, The Sphere of Conductivity, at www.adidam.org).  In art, he is sometimes pictured with a floppy hat with a ball on the end of it, and often wearing outrageous clown-like clothing.  He was allowed (and even encouraged) to mock everyone, even the king and queen (and, by extension, Presidents, Prime Ministers and other heads of state and “important people”), even right to their face, with impunity.  Certainly, many powerful elite would dearly wish to silence Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and other tricksters.  The late, great George Carlin was among the best.  He knew the foolishness, pain and suffering forced onto the public by the “movers and shakers of society.”

This, then, is a grand tradition.  It is continued into our own contemporary culture in the form of comedians and otherwise media humorists/commentators who see that “the emperor has no clothes” and points this out to us—the essentially unwary public.  They show us how we’re getting uptight and too serious about our true Roles in life.  They do this by breaking the rules of social behavior to shake us loose from our phony righteousness and restore our humor.  This is a very important service to provide to everyone, as without it we might otherwise go blithely along being abused by the various political, social and religious powers.  The jester helps us see the silliness we are unwittingly participating in (the late George Carlin was especially adept at this)—so that at least we can then, on hearing them, have the option to consider our circumstance and change accordingly.   We hear them say what no one else in society can openly say.

They often speak what’s in our minds—and what breaks our hearts.  The fact that this service is presented in a humorous vein makes us laff.  But it also adds a touch of sanity to our lives, a mood of light-heartedness that makes both understanding and change more palatable: “You can never teach anyone anything unless you’re happy with them first!” (—Adi Da).  In North American society, examples of the best of modern-day pranksters could certainly include George Carlin, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart.  Their unusually keen insight into the workings of the social order would—despite our supposed freedom of speech—have them thrown in jail, were it not for their acknowledged office as funnyman.

The Jester shakes us loose of our seriousness about the mummery roles we tend to play.  Therefore, make no mistake: they perform a crucial role in the maintenance of sanity and real growth or evolution of human civilization.  They tell us just how the emperor has no clothes.  We laff—because we know they’re right!  How right?  Again, see George Carlin’s Greatest Moment on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPNIyLPdebo.  This is a gross but accurate portrayal of our current American culture at the level of power politics.

There are, of course, many examples of higher or esoteric and even truly Divine Humor in our available Great Tradition of human literature.  A summary of the best of The Great Tradition will be coming out soon from the Dawn Horse Press in a book called, The Basket of Tolerance, by Adi Da.  Meanwhile, see an example of the higher humor of a saint (in “Humor”), below.

Gross Egoity vs. Real Unity

Egoity (the activity of separateness, separativeness, and separation) is the very root of all our problems.  It is (fundamentally) our only “problem”.  In fact, there isn’t a particle of separation anywhere in all the universes.  All is One absolute, undifferentiated, eternal Unity (called God, Allah, the Great One, etc.).  This can be Realized thru fearless investigation.  Everything we do and think affects every thing and every one “else”.  Everything is interconnected as this Unity.  Here on this psycho-physical Earth, we are a family of human and non-human beings, a wonderful Unity.  Beyond the conceit and hubris of our egoity, we humans must now learn to live in balance within the web of life here among our family members, human and non-human alike (see the documentary, Home).  The method of egoity is (1) objectify, (2) control, and then (3) destroy.  Until the present time, as egos, this is much of what we’ve been doing.  We have been making a lot of noise and destroying everything!

This world is ready for us to live a unified and unifying life of mutual respect, kindness and self-forgetting, self-transcending love.  The Internet, as a neutral vehicle of communication, is the main means of practicing this.  It helps us gather together and be heard—and felt—all at once.  “Human beings must accept, with humility, that their rightful position (and that of every one) in the naturally indivisible world-family of Earthkind (including humankind) is not the ‘ego-place’ of dis-unity (and, thus, of separateness, separativeness, domination, and control), but the ‘heart-place’ of prior unity (and, thus, of ego-transcending cooperation and tolerance).” —Adi Da (Download the book, Not-Two IS Peace, at www.Da-Peace.org or purchase it via Amazon.com).  Also see The Great Turning, by David C. Korten.


Altho raw natural diet is important to our health, factors that weaken us have more to do with our emotional state: we are embarrassed by how our greedy, insensitive, irresponsible and aggressive large corporations and government administrations have abused the people of the world.  We are being told we must maintain the military position of police of the world—with the most powerful armies, most productive economy, highest living standard, and so on.  And yet we see that we’re not the healthiest, happiest, or longest-lived.

We need to be reintegrated into a sense of being a member of the one and only human family, instead of being the big brother who’s the most generous but the most frightening, the most technically advanced but the worst polluter.  We need to move past fear and distrust.

There isn’t going to be a WWIII.  We simply cannot and will not allow that to happen.  The next few years portends major world change in the way we live together here—with each other and with the plants and animals (non-humans).  We absolutely need a new social contract, new ways of associating with each other and our fellow Earth inhabitants.  In the midst of this change we will sense The Wonderful Truth that binds us together with all of creation and with Itself.  We will sense It, we will embrace It, and—to whatever degree we are capable—we will Awaken to It.

Why are we Working So Hard?

Back before the current civilization—about 10,000 years ago—we worked only maybe 2 or 3 hours a day to get what we needed to live.  That being the case, why are we working so hard nowadays just to stay afloat?  When we moderns have approached indigenous “primitive” cultures with the “benefits” of our religion and culture, we noticed that they were spending so little time obtaining the goods of life.  But we were intent on getting them up-to-speed on the latest technology to “improve” their lives.  So, we forced our silly religion on those backward savages so that they can now enjoy McDonald’s junk food and work at a “real job” in a Big Corporate factory for slave wages to achieve “The American Dream”: live an unconscious life as a cog in the wheel of Big Corporate to serve the purposes of the Rothschilds.

What IS The American Dream?

Simply stated, The American Dream is to live in a free society (backed up by a real, truly practiced and actually honored American-style Constitution and Bill of Rights), have a good job, worship God (or not) as you please, own your own automobile and home, and raise a family in peace and happiness.  Since the American Revolution, people from all over the world have dearly wished for this, dreamed of it, worked hard to possess it, even become American citizens to achieve it.  But, After all…it’s impossible!

As the late, great comedian, George Carlin, once said, “…it’s called The American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it!”  Why was he right?  What, exactly, was he referring to?  Well, in point of fact, he was far more right that he thot (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV1lZMTCqf8, George Carlin’s Greatest Moment).  He was referring to the obvious fact that “America” and “Americans” are “owned” by the elite, super-rich banksters and corporate heads, a few families that in a real sense dominate the entire world.  They call the shots and allow the rest of us to think we have freedoms—while they sneakily, stealthily, quietly—so that we barely notice it—take away those freedoms a little at a time.

But, what George and precious few others know is that there is no way that “The American Dream” or any such dream can make us happy.  The reason: you cannot become Happy, you can only BE Happy.  Any happiness you can attain, you WILL lose—necessarily lose.  It will be lost via sickness, betrayal, theft, neglect, or some other such means—at least at death.  Everything you love will die in this Earth-realm.  This is the Law, the very nature of this world.  And nothing will change that.  So, even if you do achieve that little house with the picket fence, the Ford, the dog, the loyal spouse and the 2.3 children, sooner or later you will notice that you are still not happy—not really.  Because always in the back of your mind you will know very well that all of these “happinesses” are vulnerable.  There is only one kind of Happiness (yes, capital “H”) your heart will finally accept and be completely content with.

The reason for this “problem” with happiness is egoity.  The ego prevents permanent happiness.  The only happiness that your heart will finally settle for (and dearly wants) is the Happiness (capital “H”) that doesn’t ever go away, that is Permanent, Eternal, never ending.  And that Happiness is not ever achievable.  But, paradoxically, it is possible to Know, to Awaken to, to enjoy—even presently.  This is done via Divine Communion, or devotional recognition-response to the Great Consciousness in Which we all appear, the very Being of Reality, the Divine Person.  It is done by Grace only.  It is called “God-Communion”, and it can be engaged moment-to-moment.

So, you can own or not own the material that supposedly comes with the so-called American Dream.  That is not what matters to happiness.  Many have already “owned” those materials and the so-called freedoms that have been (and are continuing to be) gradually stripped away—and they were not happy.  They are still not happy.  It’s because they don’t know this secret of happiness.  They think the materials and gross-level freedoms will do it for them.  They are wrong, and this is exactly why.  You cannot become happy—by the American Dream or by any other means.  You can only BE Happy.   This is the Law of life.  And only by communing with Reality can you enjoy this REAL Happiness.

Of course, all of this doesn’t mean that we cannot be happy in the USA, enjoying the countryside and the people and the fruits of our labors.  We certainly can.  It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work very hard to make this world a better place in which to live—for everyone.  It’s just absolutely important to understand this fundamental Principle of Happiness.  Otherwise, we’re bound to the constant struggle to BECOME happy—and therefore and thereby NEVER ACHIEVE IT!  Our American Dream will thus always be somewhere on the horizon, somehow just out of reach.   And we will be thus perpetuating the lie of egoity.

There is a current political movement for change called “Rebuild The American Dream”, from whose emails I recently withdrew.  Where I disagree with “Rebuild…”: working thru the current system.  We need a whole new system—cultural, political, economic, etc.—and we must create it afresh, bypassing the current entrenched one—which is not listening to us.  Where I agree with “Rebuild…”: It’s time to get out into the streets and demand change, and disobey civilly and peacefully.  It’s time to actually create new systems ourselves, organize into cooperative communities, dig our own wells, erect our wind-energy towers and place our solar panels, and plant our back-yard gardens—getting off the grid.  This way, thru real change, the so-called American Dream can be enjoyed as a better way of life, a more easeful and efficient living circumstance for everyone—and that’s entirely appropriate.  Meanwhile, we must remember that these changes, in themselves, will not bring the deep and lasting Happiness that every heart craves—and will finally only be truly satisfied with.


There are certain people, some pseudo-futurists and silly-science types, who imagine humans merging with machines.  They tend to think we will then be superior and live thousands of years and be finally happy.  No doubt we will at some point develop certain cyborg characteristics, with computer-assisted mechanical or “bionic” limbs and other body parts.  But to think that such “merging with machines” will make us happy is clearly a misconception.  That’s an easy one to explain.  We are defined and controlled by whatever we have not transcended.  Real human life is about true growth, about moving beyond prior limits—of any and every kind.  We only need to learn the alphabet once.  The point is that in each and every area of life there are limits that we move beyond, and the final limit is conditional existence altogether, the conditional realms themselves—all six levels of them (see The Stages of Life, outlined above).

Machines, like the human body-machine, wear out.  Even before they do, they have various quirks and limits.  There’s always something “wrong” with them.  They exist within the cosmic domain, the domain of limits.  The whole purpose of life is the transcendence of all limits in Absolute Happiness.  Didn’t your parents tell you this?  No, and neither did mine, because they (like us) were born and raised in a crazy random culture, not a Wisdom Culture.  TransHumanism as a means of Happiness is idealism, like seeking for utopia.  We need to get real (realism, realistic).  Scientific utopia isn’t going to make anyone happy.  Not really.  Some people could get financially wealthy, and some live somewhat more comfortably—and that’s fine.  But real happiness?  Seeking for happiness is the confession of unhappiness.

Our parents were all—like us—brot up to believe in attaining happiness, “becoming” happy, thru hard work, thru sex, thru making tons of money, via delicious food, our own home and car, by becoming President, having power, creating a new technology, etc., etc., etc., by whatever means or combination of things.  No one ever told them (or us) that any happiness you gain you will necessarily lose—at least at death.  It’s the Law.  You cannot become Happy.  You can only be Happy—by learning about Happiness and by practicing it.  (It’s called “Spiritual life”.)

Some see a progression from the human (until-now actually sub-human) to the “post-human” (dehumanized extreme egoic gratification) to the TransHuman (merging with machines as evolution).  This is “progress”?  We’ve already seen what genetically monkeying with food has brot us (GMOs).  Sure, we’ll do various experiments, maybe clone humans, make some cyborgs, etc.  But, will that make us happy?  Will it solve our moral problems?  Will it end war?

So, this is the error of TransHumanism: thinking that merging with machines will finally do it for us, allow us to perfectly escape the human condition, finally bringing us Happiness.  It just ain’t gonna happen—unless, as such, you have enuf humanity left in you and have maintained the human capacity to engage the true Spiritual process.  Otherwise, don’t kid yourself.  Being machine-like or computer-like has its own set of problems!  Don’t have enuf already?  Want more?  Hello! This is the conditional domain.  You don’t have to go looking for trouble or problems here.  Just hang out for a little while and they’ll come to you.  This place is like a hell.  And if it weren’t for the Spiritual Masters, it would be a hell, not just like one!  Because there’d be no way out!

Technotronic Society

So, where does this lead?  Zbigniew Brzezinski says, “The Technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society.  Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.  Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen.  These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”  You must understand and sense how terrifying this is for humanity, how utterly antithetical it is to human freedom.  We would all be utter slaves, whereas we are now only “mostly” slaves.

Technotronists and TransHumanists talk about infusing rocks and plants with nanobots in order to bring intelligence to them, to “everything”.  Hey, guys, Consciousness already pervades the rocks, the plants, the very walls.  Consciousness pervades space and Light—everything.  Consciousness is always already in it all—long before the idea of nanobots was ever thot of.  Everything is fairly pulsing with energy and consciousness.  Take some LSD.  You’ll feel it!  You’ll see it all around you.  Better yet, don’t.  Just do Spiritual practice and grow gradually sensitive to this psychophysical event called “Earth”.  There’s already enuf consciousness here to keep you busy for a lifetime.

Our Modern Lifestyles

Mostly in the West, we sit behind our desks, out of touch with our natural environment.  We need to get outdoors more with direct experience of the beauty and feel of Nature.  We need to appreciate and enjoy the natural place we live in and make and keep it beautiful.  The Earth can regenerate itself after we’re gone because it has all the time in the world—but we don’t!  (Some estimates suggest that within 200 years of us being suddenly and quietly vanished from the planet, everything, even our cities, crumbled down and covered in green again.)  Meanwhile, we have a beautiful world a world to cherish.  How can we do this?  What little steps can we take individually—and every day?

We’ve become too rushed, too hurried to get our nest-egg secured, our futures handled and managed so we can at some point actually relax and enjoy life.  Meanwhile, it’s hurry here, hurry there, get the job done, handle this emergency, deal with that difficult situation.  Stress, stress, stress.  Then, when we’re finally retired, we’re either bored stiff, not knowing what to do with our lives, or—more likely—working harder than ever to keep afloat.  The worst part: our savings is either not enuf or almost or completely gone—and we’re still not happy!  We never practiced happiness, so we don’t know how to do it.  We figured that when we had time to relax, we’d learn that, we’d automatically know how to relax and be happy, as tho happiness comes with relaxing, inherently, intrinsically.  But, it doesn’t.  Who knows how to relax, anyway?  Who has the time?  Only the rich and powerful.  Only the 1%.  And the Truly Free.

What is this all about: a father goes to pick up his 4-year-old daughter at school and is immediately arrested?  It turns out that his daughter drew a picture of a gun and her teacher interpreted this as a danger signal.  The little girl was asked about the meaning of the drawing, and when she answered that it was about her daddy’s gun he would use to shoot burglars and monsters, the teacher notified the principal who called the sheriff and Child Protective Services!  This happened in Eastern Canada (Ontario) in late February 2012.  What does this mean?  What have we come to?  Instances like this abound in our social fabric in these Dark Times.

A Detroit mother comes home to learn her 14-year-old daughter was pulled out of class in school that day and given 4 vaccinations (pharmaceutical drug injections) in the nurse’s office.  The mother knew nothing about this and had previously specifically told the school she wanted her child to receive no medications, so this was against her instructions and without her permission (http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/9705.html).  So, the state administers medications without permission, and if we complain, our children are taken away from us?  To protect us?  To protect our children?  From what—or whom?  From us?  Or is this all to protect drug company profits?  Let’s be real about this.  Medical freedoms?  What medical freedoms?  In most states, Naturopathic Medicine isn’t even legal.  Big Pharma saw to that many years ago.  Freedom of choice in medicine?  Where?  How?  Show me.

Written History

Wars have been fought for greed, power, imperialism, and the control of oil and other natural resources.  The brutalization of the native populations, with genocide and inhuman cruelty practiced by soldiers, has been left out of history books.  The destruction of ecosystems by war is well-known.  Examples of heinous abuse and strategic manipulation of actual motives and events by governments and the media abound in our recent history.  This all must end.  Writers must be allowed to righten this by honestly and straightforwardly expressing the real events so that we can learn from them and grow accordingly.  No more cover-ups.  Let’s be courageous and honest about what has been and is currently happening.


Altho offered commonly as interchangeable, there is a difference between comedy and humor.  Comedy is defined by Webster as something humorous, amusing and non-tragic, whereas humor is suggested as more leaning toward funny, amusing, ludicrous and comic.  This author thinks of comedy more as what we common people engage, whereas genuine or deep or real humor as what the great Spiritual Adepts involved us in—as their function of turning us to our Real Nature in the Divine.  An example is the legend of Drukpa Kunley.  The story is told of this wild high 15th Century yogi blessing people in unusual ways, ways that were most often considered socially unacceptable—to say the least!

Divine Humor is beyond what the rest of us can quickly or otherwise easily comprehend—at least at first!  Here’s the gist of one story as I remember reading it in the book, The Divine Madman: Once, while Drukpa Kunley was sunning himself atop a boulder—in the nude!—a man with a serious expression on his face came walking by on the path near the boulder.  The man saw this rude fellow and would have ignored him and continued on his journey when the great yogi called down to him, saying, “Hello, there!  What’s that you’re carrying?”  The man stopped and showed the Great One a painting miniature he’d spent many years creating.  He explained that he was taking to the holy city of Lhasa to have it blessed by a saint there.  Whereupon Drukpa Kunley jumped down from his place on the rock and asked to view this masterpiece more closely.

The man hesitatingly offered his work to the stranger, whereupon this maniac urinated on it!  Outraged, the man howled with anguish, shaking the art work vigorously in hopes of avoiding more than minimal damage to it.  Alas, some of the colors ran.  At this, the madman laffed and laffed with glee, slapping his thighs in delight.  After great lament, the poor artist finally gathered himself together and staggered on his way, a shred of hope remaining that what was left of his masterpiece would be worthy of the saint’s blessing.  On reaching the city, he entered the long queue approaching the saint.  Finally in the direct presence of the saint, he presented his work, whereupon the saint, viewing the painting carefully, exclaimed, “I cannot bless this any more than it has already been Blessed!”

Among the many stories of Rabbi ben Eliezer, the Baal Shem Tov, a wonderful Jewish saint of the 17th Century, is one in which he found a way to have his townspeople give more of their attention to God.  Frustrated in his attempts at getting them to do so via verbal argument, (as I heard the story) he once tied a rope around his waist and the other end of the rope around a dead dog! He then proceeded to drag the dog thru the streets, eliciting obvious outrage.  As the people gathered around this madman, he finally had a more attentive audience for his suggestions and recommendations regarding their destiny!

Street-Level Comedy

Some of the best comedy I’ve come across was offered by The Firesign Theater, a group of four geniuses—all of them astrological fire signs—that prevailed especially during the 1970s.  Their presentation was geared to (and most effectively) audio, since the level of video technology at that time was not sufficient to do justice to their level of creativity.  One of their skits involved “Mr. and Mrs. John Q. America” who were on a TV Game Show called, “Beat The Reaper”, hoping to win a prize.  As the show progressed, they came to a point where the announcer exclaimed, “Mr. and Mrs. John Q., from this point on you can only lose, but will you go on?”  They answer, stupidly, “Yes, we’ll go on!”  They then step into the “Humiliation Booth” where they are asked the next question.  To get out, they must guess the poison they’ve just been given.  They have 20 seconds before it takes effect and they succumb.  They guess wrongly, and the audience is informed they’ve been given The Plague!

There are a number of interesting metaphors here with regard to the current circumstance in our world.  For most of this world’s people the game of life is rigged by the elite in power.  They control the world’s common sources of food, water and money.  They control the military, the police, the judiciary, and certainly the governments, the politicians.  Driven by egoity, the common people continue to hope for redemption, for even just a little piece of “the dream”, some little pleasures here and there to somehow justify their existence.  We are all hoping that things will somehow turn out well “in the end”—all the while knowing that death awaits us.  That’s always in the back of our minds.  It’s inescapable.

However, what these elite aren’t looking at is that they, too, must go down.  They, too, will be ground under, returned to earth.  We are all mummers in this play.  If we see this and finally begin to understand it for Real, we can play our roles differently—with Real Humor, like the saints, Like Drukpa Kunley and the Baal Shem Tov.  We can be thus heroic, and not subjugate each other or “others” like these monstrous banksters do, or like the petty TSA bureaucrats wielding their little authority, their puny and pathetic power, making grandma in her wheelchair disrobe, or frightening a little boy with a broken leg (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/19/tsa-pats-down-3-year-old-_n_1361843.html).  What is your role in all this?  How will you play it?  How do you play it?  The results of your actions will not go unnoticed by the Hidden Hand that your own actions create.  You may seem to thrive—now—but the price you will eventually pay can be terrible—believe it!  Karma cannot be escaped—but it can be transcended.

Among the funniest groups I’ve ever hear of is The Firesign Theater.  In one of their skits, they allude to a question that many have wondered about regarding how we can be living in a “just world”, a world where a benevolent god (or God) Presides.  How can such a god exist when and where apparently good and innocent people seem to be suffering and dying needlessly?  The line by the Firesign Theater goes, “God seems to be helping those who take a big helping for themselves!”  The reference is obviously to the mind-made god, but also to the so-called “1%”, the elite, the very wealthy, who seem to continually prosper while the rest of us 99% suffer.  In Truth, no one escapes The Law.  They may seem to, in this life, in gross physical terms, but their “profits” will bring them only commensurate suffering in this or another lifetime, somewhere down the line.  Of this, we can be certain.  As the expression goes, “There is a destiny that makes us brothers: none goes his way alone; all that we bring into the lives of others comes back into our own.”

Common Law

It has become overwhelmingly obvious that there are far too many laws in our society.  No doubt, certain laws, rules, regulations and restrictions are needed for us to continue to work together peacefully, gracefully and in harmony.  However, without Wisdom Culture, without the superior guidance and governance of the genuinely disinterested, the true renunciates, we wind up with what we have: countless laws that have us so confused that we’re not sure one moment to the next that we are doing something legal or illegal.  We can’t even cross the street without breaking some law or other.  There are so many of these laws and rules that our lives are basically hamstrung, we are limited in our common God-Given freedoms, so that our day-to-day existence is doused with cold water, cheapened, made into a brutal struggle for existence.  We become desperate for any kind of little pleasure we can find here and there, anything to get some hit out of our otherwise miserable lives.

Common law (also known as case law or precedent) is law developed by judges through decisions of courts and similar tribunals rather than through legislative statutes or executive branch action.  Judge-declared law; law which exists and applies to a group on the basis of customs and legal precedents developed over hundreds of years in Britain” (Wikipedia).  Common law need not be complicated—and it is least complicated when used in Wisdom Culture—because in a Wisdom Culture most “problems” are obviated by the very loving, compassionate, tolerant nature of the culture itself.

Of course, we must protect ourselves from despots and government criminals, from the very situation in which we currently find ourselves.  So, we must bring our government down to human-scale size.  And our laws must be minimized in this process.  The basic concept of common law must come back into practice: do only what brings no harm to others.  It is common knowledge that if a man and a woman live together over time, sharing food, bed, shelter and the goods of life, they are considered to be so-called “common law married” to each other.  They do not need a paper signed by this and that person, payment made to this and that clerk, officially making them the possession of the State.

There still are children born in certain areas of this world that “have no papers”, no official written records of their birth, no mandated and state-required vaccinations (lucky them!), no forms their parents have to fill out to make them known to (and thus owned by and a slave to) Big Corporate and its evil system.  It’s called common law.  This same principle applies to most every other area of life.

A Broken Judicial / Legal System

All societies run on laws, written or understood.  In a Wisdom Culture, agreements are made and kept.  People act responsibly and intelligently.  Everyone is accountable for their words and actions.  Lacking in that to any degree, they are known for their lack of integrity (to that degree)—until their word and act can again restore the faith of others in the group, in their society.  However, since this current world is populated by crazy random cultures, it has few such examples.  In the words of Chris Hedges (OpEdNews, 17Apr12 (http://www.opednews.com/articles/2/First-They-Come-For-the-Mu-by-Chris-Hedges-120416-39.html), in present-time USA, the federal government is destroying our country’s legal framework. They are twisting it out of recognition to make it appear as though what they’re doing is legal. The opinions of the court are now only lame excuses as to why the courts can’t do justice.

You would have to be some dunderhead living in a cave in the wilderness for the past half century to not see how most State and Federal judges are in the hip pocket of this or that corporate interest.  Money rules the day in the judicial / legal system in the USA just as it does in the other areas of life here.  Hedges’ article was named, First They Come for the Muslims, referring to the obvious government targeting and persecution of that group.  The main point here is that in the current corporate totalitarian state, our government criminalizes what people say and believe.  Trials are mockeries of justice, where secrecy permits federal layers to prosecute people on “evidence” the defendants are not allowed to examine.  In such case, any form of dissent can be declared illegal.  This has dire consequences for us all.

In a recent (16Jan13) piece written about computer activist Aaron Swartz (an apparent suicide), Glenn Greenwald wrote, “Whatever else is true, Swartz was destroyed by a ‘justice’ system that fully protects the most egregious criminals as long as they are members of or useful to the nation’s most powerful factions, but punishes with incomparable mercilessness and harshness those who lack power and, most of all, those who challenge power.”  Your author can’t think of a better way to express the state of jurisprudence in this country at this time.


As it turns out, all human “problems” are pre-solved in a true Culture of Wisdom.  Such a Culture (as a new civilization) must and will replace the “crazy random culture” and remnant of civilization we humans currently suffer (and hence—from our silliness, and by extension—our fellow non-human Earthlings suffer, as well).  In little places all over the world, we are beginning to create new and positive cultural circumstances and a new mode of social contract that allows for natural, easeful, true human growth beyond the lower (infantile, childish and adolescent) Stages of Life.

The brilliant essay Reality-Humanity (http://www.fearnomorezoo.org/literature/reality-humanity.php) describes how our civilization has been unraveling since the two World Wars.  Herein are ways to rebuild civilization and restore faith in ourselves and in the higher realms of life (especially the Transcendental Spiritual Divine) that pseudo-science says do not exist but that real science is discovering to have always been true.  It is time to create a relatively more stable, peaceful world based on higher understanding, cooperation, tolerance and love.  We CAN and must do this.  Many are busy at work on this now.  A design for Wisdom Culture thru CoopCom (cooperative community) involves basically two parts: (1) the hardware, the basic physical design of the community structure, and (2) the software, the fundamentals of living together with others in such a setting.  An outline of this design is presented herein (see Appendix 1, below), with details available from another source.

How does Wisdom Culture tie into CoopCom?  They are the same thing.  Wisdom Culture grows and develops within CoopCom.  CoopCom is a demonstration of Wisdom Culture.  The young of the community are raised within a Wisdom Culture, learning how to be true and loving, compassionate human beings—who think for themselves and are not slaves and robots, “good consumers” for the corporate elite.  They can be Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and so on.  But the fundamentals of true love and peacefulness are basic to their education—right from infancy.  Therefore, the importance of Wisdom Culture cannot be over-estimated, especially in these desperate times.  The details of the design of Wisdom Culture and CoopCom are now in preparation, and there is already sufficient variety to accommodate many different cultural variations and still maintain the basic integrity of the morality of love, compassion, cooperation and accountability.

It is ever so easy to justify Wisdom Culture and CoopCom.  The awful struggle for survival in modern cultures all over the world is exhibit “A”.  The very fact that our modern Western consumer culture is so terribly wasteful of Earth resources is exhibit “B”.  The fact of the horrible abuses of people of poorer nations by the big corporations is exhibit “C”.  Shall we go on?  When we experience a sudden black-out as a portion of the power grid goes down, who do we have to turn to?  We send in our money to pay for the electricity—and the huge multi-million dollar bonuses to the corporate heads of the company!  And yet, here we are, sitting in the dark, with candles burning and flashlight batteries waning, wondering how much longer we will be out of power.  In CoopCom, we have our own power.  We’re off the grid!  We don’t have to depend on these idiots and their vulnerable system—and their gross wastes and abuses of us and the environment.  Judge, the prosecution rests!


Altho cooperative community (CoopCom) has been around for millennia, it has of course been relegated to near insignificance by corporate insistence that it is anachronistic silliness, backward, old-fashioned and non-progressive.  Whereas, in fact, the divide-and-conquer every-man-to-his-own-castle model of current Western-dominated civilization is the very reason our human ship is sinking!  Every household has to have its own washer-dryer, its own toaster, its own automobile, its own everything else—just like the Joneses.  As Annie Leonard has so carefully pointed out in her video and book, The Story of Stuff, this kind of consumer society is so extremely wasteful!

For millions of years, for most of our lives as human beings, we have been living in hunter-gatherer groups of (ruffly) between 16 and 25 individuals.  That larger number is about the most individuals you’d comfortably be able to know on an intimate emotional level in a lifetime.  We’d be with most of these people our whole lives.  We’d watch them grow, eat, sleep, give birth, suffer, bleed, laff, joke, go thru every kind of human emotion, and finally…die.  We were really in touch with life at the most basic levels.  Where is that now?  Where is that sensitivity?  Where is the accountability—that we absolutely had to have in order to survive?

It’s not that we have to go back to such a crude level of existence in order to know such humanity, accountability, and sensitivity—no!  We can have high culture, advancing technology, and the usual common entertainments—albeit with a far simpler way of life, far less complicated.  This is Wisdom Culture.  This is CoopCom.  If we are here on this planet to Awaken to That Which is Great, the Happiness that doesn’t go away, then we need the advantages of a simple life and the peaceful environment and security of loved ones around us on whom we can count and trust—and hold accountable.

Some years ago, something called co-housing was introduced from a country in Scandinavia into the USA.  The idea was simple: build a group of homes very close together, perhaps with common walls, something like modern “townhouses”.  The outside of the structures differed a bit, as did the insides: the room layouts were somewhat different, but they all had the usual bathroom, living room, kitchen, closets, etc.  What was (and is) different was the fact that there would be a commons area, a large dining hall with a large kitchen, where everyone could gather for an evening meal together after the work day.  There is clearly a sense of community here that all members are quick to point out.  This is the one major factor in their lives that they will never ever henceforth do without.

The new model CoopCom—the one that contains the principles of Wisdom Culture—goes a big step above the whole concept of co-housing.  Appendix 1 of this document is a model of CoopCom that can be constructed virtually anywhere on Earth that human beings live.  In its fullest form, or Prospectus, it includes a description of both the “hardware”, or actual physical structures, and “software”, or description of how people live together harmoniously in such a community.  Our Appendix document is a mere outline of this concept.  We will be adding more detail to it over time.

Intentional Communities

Another aspect of CoopCom is called Intentional Community.  This is not a new idea, having been around for as long as we humans have been gathering together to live in one place more or less permanently.  Basically, it’s the same as co-housing, except that the “house” is usually one large one, like an abandoned factory or (better) an apartment building no longer is use as such.  It is purchased by the group and apartments are prepared and lived in.  There is mutual space that is used by the group severally, including, e.g., a large kitchen and dining room big enuf for everyone to have dinner together.  Money is not shared, but there are rules and regulations agreed upon.  (see: http://www.nextworldtv.com/page/10168.html).

Besides for dinners, the dining hall is shared parties and social events.  There is a big movie room, a toddler room, a kids room, a large office space, meeting rooms, a laundry room, craft studios, the communal kitchen (besides the regular-size one in your private apartment) and a bike storage space.  There are, of course, a number of advantages to living this way.  And how much money would you have to spend (waste) to build and maintain all of that on your own?  Most importantly, there is the secure, caring community that we associate with village life from a bygone time.


Aristotle is quoted as having once said, “Educated men are as much superior to uneducated men as the living are to the dead.”  Everyone knows the importance of a good quality education.  And everyone knows that the public and private education systems in most countries are in serious need of an overhaul.  One experiment that has shown real promise and success is in Finland (http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/9981.html).  Most schools in this world start children too soon, not allowing them enuf time, in their very early lives, to engage in real and full play.  They greatly need this play time in order to be truly ready for the more rigorous education processes.

Also, in most world schools, children are involved in the typical round of competition—of all kinds and on all levels.  Some children are so different from others in their class (or classes) that it’s almost as tho they are from another planet.  Therefore, they have no business being even compared with the others, much less competing with them.  In the Finnish system, there is cooperation instead of competition.  And testing is left until far later in the whole educational process.  And there are no private schools, only the public system in which everyone participates.  Teachers are required to have Master’s degrees and are well-pain and thus well-respected. 

In most schools, including those in the USA, public schools and private schools are prison-like factories designed to turn out good consumers.  The often fierce competition has children seeking for ways to avoid school instead of eagerly looking forward to each school day.  Teachers are neither well-paid nor well-respected.  It is considered that they are there because they cannot find work in the private sector.  Classrooms are often over-crowded and suffering from lack of adequate maintenance.  Perhaps worst of all, children come from dysfunctional families that are themselves products of our crazy random cultures around the world.

An excellent document on the subject of American Education was recently published by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt as The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, in which she rightly describes America’s schools as “prisons”.  Why do home-schooled children achieve educational test results equivalent to public school students @ less than 1/6th the cost?  And, more importantly, why are American school children being taught:

  • to be subservient to the UN Charter instead of the USA Constitution
  • to reject individualism in favor of collectivism
  • to reject high academic standards in favor of egalitarianism
  • to accept situational ethics and consensus and be wary of Truth and Absolutes
  • to reject American values in favor of internationalist / globalist values
  • to reject freedom to choose one’s career in favor of the totalitarian K-12 school-to-work process, “limited learning for lifelong labor” as coordinated thru UNESCO

The “Raising Children / World Culture” Connection

Mother Teresa said, “Children are the Love of God made visible in the world.”  Children can be educated to love and care for everyone (which they do naturally, given just a little encouragement and right guidance).  The best book on this subject is very likely, The First Three Stages of Life, from instruction given by Adi Da Samraj.  In a Culture of Wisdom, children will grow into real human adults in their kindness, compassion, tolerance, cooperation and love.  They will be true servants of all and stewards of the world.  This is not wishful thinking.  Folks, THIS IS REAL!  I’ve seen it, and I cannot be fooled about this.  After all, children will be the inheritors of what we have left them.  And, what will that be?  (See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQmz6Rbpnu0&feature=related) “The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes.”  Among the very best talks I’ve ever heard on the subject of children is called, Children Must Be Liberated (available at www.Adidam.org.  I’ve listened to this absolutely brilliant talk many times, and every time I hear it I gain more from it.  There is just nothing like it.

Of course, it is criminal the way most public schools are run these days.  They are more like prisons than schools.  True independent thinking is virtually disallowed.  Children are not encouraged to think for themselves.  They are taught how to be good consumers.  It is brainwashing, pure and simple.  The history of the USA that they are taught is ridiculous.  Never mentioned is the genocide against Native Americans, and how almost all the wars Americans have fought in have been conjured up to make money for Big Corporate, to invade and take resources Big Corporate deemed valuable, or to gain power and for hegemony.  This process continues to this day (January 2013).

In the wonderful book, The Scale of the Very Small, and as a quoted in the more recent excellent book, The First Three Stages of Life, Adi Da describes the core issue for children: “Children are involved in a Spiritual struggle, working out a Spiritual “problem”—at their own rudimentary, or early-life, stage of development.  Therefore, children must learn to live from a Spiritual disposition, in the real manner that is possible for them at their stage of development.  They must learn to live ecstatically, in devotional Communion with the Divine Mystery of existence.  Children can, and should, enjoy a feeling, breathing relationship with That Divine Mystery.

“Children must learn to recognize the Happiness That is felt in relationship to the Divine Mystery, and they must understand that Such Happiness is, fundamentally, what existence is all about.  Through that, they will acquire the strength for confronting the limitations of their circumstances.  Children should be established in this positive awareness, and be practicing ecstasy, practicing ego-transcending Happiness.  Therefore, you must give children the gift of a fundamental disposition of ego-transcending Happiness that is as native to them as feeling and breathing—a Happy understanding of the Mystery of life.”

It is just a plain as it can be: this world is being run and dominated by so-called “educated” jackasses, a pack of goons parading as our “servants”, “servants of the people” who do little more than serve themselves.  Most federal or otherwise whole-country governments are attorneys, lawyers.  Why?  Where are the engineers, scientists, musicians, artists, and other areas of society represented?  A pack of liars represent us.  Sound cynical?  Yes, and for good reasons.  “How can you tell if a politician is lying?  His lips are moving!”  That’s supposed to be a joke, but is it, really?  Where did these idiots come from?  Well, from the educational systems of our countries, that’s where.  From the culture of this world—the “crazy random culture” current extant.  We need to create a Wisdom Culture, and it starts with our children.

Home Design

Never once has your author ever felt comfortable in this Earth-world.  Only on finding my Beloved Spiritual Master did I feel “at home”—and that has nothing to do with this place, in and of itself.  But then, as He would Say, this is just another nayborhood, and as good as any other in which to do Sadhana!

This Earth is a conscious, living, breathing being, just like the human body-mind-complex.  The Earth-world is to us a physically beautiful place—and yet, it is terrible in the living here.  Beneath the beauty is “Nature” killing and eating everything else.  Millions of beings are destroyed with your every breath and whenever you wash your body.  That cannot be avoided.  It is very difficult to live here.  Earth is within the realm of the conditional, the realm of paradox.  Everything we love dies here, including our own body.

When I looked around to view existence here, I saw these vehicles spewing toxins into the air.  Along with the natural beauty, love and sacrifice, I saw the transmission lines cutting the skyline.  The homes were, with few exceptions, squarish, boxy, flimsy, and, for all of that, ugly.  They did not fit into Nature like a tree or a flower.  And yet, Man can make things of beauty.  Our original habitat structures were rounded: the igloo, yurt, teepee, and hogan.

If you google “hogan”, you’ll see a dome-shaped mud structure or otherwise a rounded structure made of natural materials found in the surroundings.  There were no inspectors coming around to check on the wiring specs.  There were no denials at the planning commission, telling those who built (or wanted to build or were planning to build) the home that they had to re-submit their plans for another $2000 dollars (or some such outrageous fee) because they didn’t pass engineering.  There were no several other bureaucrats inventing ever-more details, rules and regulations as to why you cannot built the house you want and the way you want it—or that otherwise make you jump thru more and more hoops so they can feel justified in their petty job, so they can exercise their little bit of power over someone.

In other words, there were no multiple assholes reaching their hands into your pocket to take their share of your home, your work, your energy—to make sure all the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” crossed—to make sure that you and your family are “safe” and that society is “safe” from you—“safe” from your home being build the way you want it.  Yes, once the bureaucrats are done with you, society is finally safe and secure—for Big Corporate’s profits—and devoid of any semblance of freedom.

Homes That Last 

A man proclaims his lack of wisdom when he builds a temporary house.”  —Avatar Adi Da (from a poem).   Monolithic Dome homes and buildings (www.monolithic.com) cost the same to build as wooden ones but are virtually disaster-proof and can easily last 1000 years.  Doubt it?  Note that The Pantheon in Rome was built almost 2000 years ago and is still standing.  Hurricanes can’t get a hold of monolithic domes; fire can’t hurt them; earthquakes shake them a bit and otherwise do only minimal damage, if any.  Heating, cooling, maintenance and insurance are all very low-cost.  Remember the Three Little Pigs nursery rhyme, the one who built his house of bricks?  Monolithic domes are far stronger and more durable than even those bricks.  Let’s abandon building homes of wood—and save our forests.

Where should we build?

Of course, if you stupidly build on a floodplain or on a primary coastal dune, you deserve what’s coming!  Let’s build consciously and in the right locations, with Nature in mind (see Ian McHarg’s excellent book, Design with Nature).  You don’t build, e.g., on a primary dune.  If you do, as with so many homes along coastlines, the wave action will undermine your foundations and your home will collapse.  You build at least 100 yards back from the water’s edge, or otherwise safely behind the primary dune.  You don’t build atop a hill, for if you do, (as Frank Lloyd said), you’ll lose the hill.  You build near the top.  Then, the hill is still there, intact.

Ever wonder why it’s painful to drive thru most cities, whereas driving in the countryside is a pleasure, where Nature hasn’t been disturbed?  We need a different architecture and city design, where Nature is taken into account, designs that are pleasing to the eye, rounded, clean, uncluttered, uncongested, human-scale, un-crowded, in harmony with the surroundings.  Consider monolithic domes and other free-flowing structures, which can be made in many different shapes and styles, all softly rounded and easy on the eye.  Notice how most of the structures and domiciles we humans originally constructed were rounded: igloo, teepee, hogan, yurt, etc.  Design with Nature is crucial to our continued existence—including photosynthetic buildings that themselves recycle all our waste and provide all our energy needs.  We already know how.

Building homes in small groups encourages cooperative living.  People have been living cooperatively for millennia.  Cooperative living is the essence of religion.  Cooperative living frees us from the need for big government.  It pre-handles most of our needs and pre-solves most of the problems now suffered by modern society.  In the recent documentary, Garbage Warrior, the author, an Architect, shows us how to create a home that grows all its own food, eliminates its waste in balance with Nature, heats itself (via the sun), whose interior temperature varies little, supplies all its own water, and is “off the grid”, providing all its own power.  Imagine the resulting feeling of freedom—from corporate domination.

Food Instead of Lawns

On 21Feb13, Bibi Farber of NextWorldTV (a favorite feed), ran a video featuring Heather Flores of Food Not Lawns, a non-profit organization that promotes the idea of growing food instead of wasting resources on grassy lawns (http://www.nextworldtv.com/videos/growing-food/heather-flores-founder-of-food-not-lawns.html): “I would like to see our culture change so that keeping up with the Joneses means you’re more sustainable.  Lawns are the single largest agricultural sector in the country.  They are responsible for more fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and toxins going into our rivers, plus erosion, run off, water waste, petro-chemicals, you name it.  There’s really nothing good that lawns are doing for the environment.  It would make a lot more sense to use your land for something that benefits you as an individual vs. surrounding yourself with something that’s poisoning you and your family,” she adds.

Heather estimates that for every 100 square feet, you can generate 100 lbs. of food.  She says, “’Food Not Lawns’ is a challenge to the homogenous monoculture of lawn after lawn after lawn”.  Our cultural beliefs about suburban front lawns are quaint, outdated, useless, and even harmful holdovers from a time when only wealthy estates could have manicured land to show off for croquet and tea time—not to grow food.  How much more beautiful and functional to see fruit trees and flowers.

HIGH HUMAN LIFE—the Best Way to Live

Those with vast amounts of money and power tend to want to protect their holdings, their worldly wealth, behind high walls and on huge acreage for the sake of security and privacy.  They always fear losing what they have gained in life—usually ill-gotten.  However, what we learn is that worldly security is evanescent at best, appearing one moment and vanishing the next.  Moreover, how much room does one truly need in a home and community in order to be comfortable?  At the present time, some people are experimenting with very small homes—and liking it!  If such homes are constructed well and designed with community in mind, it’ll tend to work well—especially using Wisdom Culture principles.  Otherwise, all you’ve done is eliminate a bunch of materials and room or space you don’t use often—nice, but no higher opportunity, no chance for real human growth.

The best design currently known involves graceful, rounded structures built to last and to withstand natural events, or Events of Nature (hurricane, typhoon, heavy rain, prolonged and heavy snow, earthquake and fire).  As men and women mature, most tend to wish to live in their own separate quarters, including their own bed, albeit with the greater community of like-minded Spiritual practitioners very nearby.  The Monolithic ClusterDome concept satisfies this and many other qualities needed for optimal human living.  Everything necessary for genuine human growth—real higher human life—can flourish in this structure when provided with Wisdom Culture guidelines.  Adidam has those guidelines.

The ClusterDome size can vary depending on several factors.  A minimum of 16 persons is needed to make and keep it viable, however, and a maximum of perhaps 52.  Optimum would be probably 24.  A central Dome with 2 rows of 12 satellite domes would fill the bill.  Such a configuration could sustain groups of from 16 to 72 inhabitants.  The large communion hall would be used by the whole group once or twice (or more) daily.  Many other kinds of activities could be engaged by individuals and groups of same in the Central Dome.  These would include communal meals (even nightly dinners), meditation, puja, arati, kirtan, prayer, video and audio offerings, showings of movies and documentaries, classes, games, construction and repair projects, health monitoring, child care, and much more.

The point is that while all basic human needs would be very close at hand, the opportunity for real human growth via the Wisdom Culture would also be right there, close by.  Walk thru a door or short passageway and you’re right with your fellow devotees, your chosen gathering of people.  You have your own private digs and you have your public or community life, both with no travel needed.  The Garden Dome, a few more steps away, provides by far most of the food for the community.  Practical matters handled, more energy is free to give to The Divine.

Since we are what we give our attention to, and since the most auspicious gesture of attention—that which produces the highest destiny—is to the Divine, it is easier to grant attention when the basics of life are handled in the most efficient way possible.  The ClusterDome is your structure, your hardware, and Wisdom Culture is your practice, your software.  With the two in place, real human growth is virtually assured—provided you simply remain in place.

Real human growth requires devotional recognition.  It requires real practice, disciplined living, and accountability to other adults.  There are currently not a lot of people who seem to be ready for such a life.  However, that number can grow—and grow quickly.  There is a burning desire in every heart for The Truth, Reality, Real God.  People simply need to hear It, be exposed to It.  It could take the initial form of a foto of a Spiritual Master, reading a book, listening to an audio presentation or seeing a video on YouTube.  Whatever it takes—then, hold on for dear life!  If you join the Sangha and remain accountable, real growth will happen.  The practice is simple, but it is the hardest thing you’ll ever do!  And it is the only thing truly worth doing in life: practicing the Happiness of God-Communion in every moment.


The Internet is a politically neutral means of quick and low-cost communication for the people of this world.  It has not yet seen its potential, which is quite significant in the process of helping us sense our unity with each other as human beings and our unity with this living, breathing planet and its many other denizens.

Recently, governments (especially in the USA) have been working to squelch data that has been moving over the Internet.  Governments that have little or nothing to hide, that are “transparent” in their motives, have little or nothing to fear from the Internet.  The real motive of governments in creating Internet legislation is to prevent people from freely gaining access to information that governments feel could threaten their (gov’t) hidden agendas.  Further, such governments sense that the Internet poses a threat to their very existence.  Such governments (such as China, e.g.) are terrified of people thinking for themselves, gaining different perspectives and coming to their own conclusions—conclusions that governments may not want the people to have (see http://www.corbettreport.com/videos/).

The Internet is the quickest, least expensive and overall best way for the people to learn about happenings all over the world.  It is a way for people to unite in their desire for freedom—and to hold governments and corporations accountable.  The Internet thus MUST be kept free of any kind of censorship!  The interference of governments in the operations of the Internet via their creation of legislation involving the Internet is really all about the battle is for intellectual freedom of everyone in the world.  It is about government suppression of information, plain and simple, no matter how they present it as “protecting copyrighted material” or “defending national security”.


The daily news via the popular mass media is all about drama and inventing opposition, controversy and confrontation, not about what’s important in real human life.  It’s about whatever sells.  It has little or nothing to do with fostering unity, cooperation, tolerance and peace.  TV has for too long been a phony display of pretended self-fulfillment that blatantly panders to the drug companies and other big corporate interests that pay for its advertising.  Much of what is presented is sensationalist and misleading trash.  Mainly, Big Media seems interested in pitting one side against another just to shock and stimulate in order to sell ads.  Whenever they find something that actually has value, they trot out some idiot with an opposing view to make the genuine stuff seem silly.

Beyond the present corporate media control, with their violent “news” (‘if it bleeds, it leads’), we can use the Internet to educate each other to the forces that affect our lives and encourage each other away from separateness and to the Reality of Unity that exists in Truth.  No more domination and control of media by drug-company-persuaded bias and military/industrial/corporate/government greed.  For better quality news, avoid the big media. Better to use www.therealnews.com, and www.topdocumentaryfilms.com, which is not paid by big corporate advertising, or at least www.worldnews.com and other Internet sources.  Meanwhile, we must insist that media encourage and practice true freedom of the press and speech via cooperation, tolerance, universal participation and accountability.  Imagine police targeting, harassing and even arresting demonstrators or even bystanders for taking camera and smartphone fotos of public events!  What is happening in this country!?  Are “authorities” afraid we’ll actually capture police brutality?  Or is this merely about increased intimidation?  Or both?

Who Owns the Media

By far, most of what Americans read, see, hear and otherwise assimilate culturally is thru the media—which itself is controlled by a mere handful of corporations.  These include Disney, ViaCom, Fox, Clear Channel, General Electric (GE) and one or two others.  They have bot up some 95% of our electronic means of communications.  They basically tell us what to think, how to feel about what, what to believe, how and when to submit ourselves to their forms of slavery.  Thus the likes of Rupert Murdock and his ilk tend to crush any opposition or otherwise anathematize them so that they (like the great Chris Hedges) appear innocuous or even funny to us.  Therefore, the likes of OpEdNews, especially www.truthdig.com/chris_hedges, www.therealnews.com, and al Jazeera are perched precariously as among the few bastions of freedom of the press and free speech that yet remain in the USA.

In our crazy random silly infantile-childish-adolescent culture there are always the armaments, the fighting, and the conflict.  You’d think that by this time we would have gotten all that together and learned to live in peace.  Why haven’t we?  We don’t yet understand how to truly grow culturally or spiritually, to live in harmony with each other and our environments.  That requires true adult behavior, working as a unity (the unity that we always already are), really cooperating with each other, living from the principle of unity instead of division, instead of separatist tribalism.  Thru the Internet—if it remains free long enuf—we can communicate this and therefore and thereby help each out of the current mess we are in.  Get a sense of Chris Hedges on YouTube at http://www.truthdig.com/worldasitis.  This is freedom of speech and genuine journalism.


Fueled by abundant cheap oil and other technologies, the continued uncontrolled growth in our numbers, done within the context of egoity (as ignorance, or lack of education and understanding), can be a major factor in wreaking havoc on our world.  The ancient axiom “be fruitful and multiply” no longer applies to an over-populated Earth—at least not the way we’ve been doing it with the current economic suppressive corporation-dominated model.  Creating a big family to care for us in our old age is obviated by true cooperative community.

Teaching family planning and natural birth control, we intelligently bear children in numbers that can be cherished, in safe, clean, healthy environments—including taking in orphans when our cooperative community can manage a larger family.  This can bring significant relief on the Earth altogether as our numbers achieve a more manageable 3 billion or so.  We can manage the numbers we currently have, and even more, but that will take a radically different way of relating to each other, to this planet, and to its other inhabitants.

Note that we’re not talking about demonically decreasing of world populations via chemtrails, destroying the water, drugging our children, polluting the soils with chemicals, and other mass poisoning.  True population control must be voluntary on the part of intelligent, educated people—and all-at-once, not from some elite power from above.  Governments, the very wealthy, or anyone else poisoning people or forcing people to have fewer children never works.  Thru education, people breed intelligently—with numbers that combine in a sustainable world.


Veterans who have been to hot wars and seen bodies of living people blown to bits, women and children with limbs blown off, bowels hanging out, permanently wounded or killed outright (the “lucky ones”)—these Vets know the horrors of war.  They also know the lies that our religious and educational and media and political institutions present to us.  Movies out of Hollywood have glorified war and made it seem not only viable but heroic.  So, we should sign our sons up and defend our liberties—while the machines of Big Corporate rake in billions of dollars, and only the veterans know that our system is awash in lies about the true nature of war (http://www.truthdig.com/worldasitis).  Watch this retired Marine Major: http://www.dailypaul.com/228281/us-marine-major-christopher-miller-speaks-out-at-missouri-district-3-convention#comment-2402316.

It is overwhelmingly obvious to anyone of even marginal intelligence (except heartless, soul-less war profiteers) that war can no longer solve our disputes (which are all based on egoic separativeness and provincialism, anyway).  Our so-called “leaders” in government, and the industrial / corporate powers that control them, continue such craziness in the name of money and power—and with the result that millions of innocents suffer and die.  By any clear logic, nuclear weapons obviate war.  You have to be literally insane to conduct war in these times.  And modern non-nuclear warfare only guarantees certain big industries (especially munitions and construction companies—like Haliburton) lots of money, with lots of people killed needlessly, and otherwise great habitat destruction and suffering (see the book, War is a Racket, by Gen. Smedley Butler, a brief film on which is on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmhZ8pap1hM).

Non-lethal means of solving disputes and difficulties, especially including honest and heart-felt arbitration, are merely and basically intelligent and appropriate.  Representatives of nations and various groups must now gather at the negotiating table, acknowledging each other as brothers and sisters (e.g., in the context of the original idea of the United Nations) and work things out on the unity principle of wisdom, mutual respect, tolerance, kindness and love.  And we can all gather all-at-once on the Net to have our say and hold each other accountable (as clearly described in the book, Not-Two IS Peace, www.da-peace.org).  Message to young men and women: REFUSE WAR!  Just don’t participate!

During the Cold War, we watched the USA and Russia compete like adolescents to see who could make the highest-flying, fastest, most radar-evasive, most deadly airplanes—not to mention the other more deadly weapons: a couple of teenagers with extremely dangerous toys.  Can you believe this insanity?  In mere physical appearance, our leaders look like adults—but this is not adult behavior.  Of course, it sure makes a lot of money—for the powerful elite, the banks and the weapons and related industries.  True human adults bring love, cooperation, calm, peacefulness and harmlessness.

Are our government leaders suing for peace?  No!  The USA economy has become the plaything of the wealthy elite and their multi-national corporations.  War is their agenda.  They finance both sides.  They are the only “winners”.  It’s time to end this—NOW! There are more of “us” than there are of “them”, so we must just say no to their warring agenda.  We simply can and must stop this part of “us” that perpetuates this insanity.

Some of us have toured the world, vising many countries and associating with many people.  Ordinary citizens essentially all want peace and abhor war.  Only our so-called leaders and their corporate masters enjoy war.  Only they, the wealthy and powerful elite and their banksters profit from war—at our expense.

Consider this: you cannot deal with global warming, economic crises, or food crises with guns and bombs.  Solutions based on guns and bombs are what you get when you pay military planners to find answers to your so-called “problems”.  That’s what they’re paid to do.  That’s all they know.  It’s like training medical doctors to use drugs, surgery and radiation to treat diseases.  Confronted with a sick person, that’s what they recommend because that’s all they know.  They’re not in the business of health, teaching people to be well, practicing wellness themselves.  They’re in a system of disease and the treatment of disease—not health.  Military planners are in the business of war—not peace.


Thomas Jefferson once said (paraphrasing), “When governments fear the people, you have liberty; when the people fear their government, there is tyranny.”  Most Americans are scared shitless of our Federal Government, controlled as it is by their bosses, the banksters and Big Corporate.  In the USA, our government has gotten so big and powerful that the citizens fear government will send the police or even federal troops to our homes to arrest us for silly or made-up “crimes”.  Our government is basically out of control, despotic, authoritarian, doing pretty much whatever they and/or their masters (the elite and Big Corporate) want.  What they do certainly isn’t what WE (the people) want them to do!  That’s just what they’re supposed to be doing—representing and serving us.  They give themselves financial raises regularly, free healthcare, and all manner of other perks.  A little power and they’re off and runnin’—away from responsibility to us or anyone in this world but their elite masters.

Big-guy-on-the-block bullying and “we’re-the-cops-of-the-world” politics, where 3 or 4 big national governments, banksters, super-rich families, and multi-national corporations (Big Corporate) dominate the international politico-economic scene.  This system is rotten to the core.  It stinks!  It is almost utterly corrupt.  Millionaires and billionaires flaunt the law, ignore it, or otherwise avoid it—with impunity.  This is the old and current ineffective and destructive way.  We now need a “Global Cooperative Forum” (—Adi Da, in Not-Two IS Peace) for all countries, each with an equal voice working together all-at-once and in harmony to free us from egoity, selfishness, poverty, want, over-population, global warming, pollution, corporate greed, government insensitivity and irresponsibility—solving all these problems together.  This requires the new emerging consciousness, which, thank God, is happening.

Read the UN Charter and the American Constitution and see how and why all governments (and people in general, for that matter) must be held accountable by each other for our every act.  We the people can and must hold any and all governments accountable via the Internet and otherwise directly.  Most governments are far too big, anyway, and need to be very significantly trimmed down to manageable size, something realistic—that does what it’s supposed to.  This brings into question the whole use of government, its rightful size, and to what degree and how and for what applications do we even need it.

Some Needed Changes in USA Government

In the USA, we need to:

  • Eliminate the Electoral College and have direct voting by the citizenry
  • Eliminate corporate lobbying.
  • Encourage more political parties.  No way can only two political parties represent over 300 million people.
  • Eliminate off-shore tax havens and tax breaks for Big Corporate—and for anyone.  (In March 2012, Senators who voted to protect oil tax breaks received $24 billion from Big Oil.)
  • Eliminate the  federal income tax (it was never legal to begin with).
  • Understand that the President cannot solve all our problems.  He’s got his own (his ego) and has traditionally been a slave to other forces—especially the elite and powerful individuals and Big Corporate.  The more powerful the President gets the more corrupt he gets—which is not only historically true, but which principle makes the current President the most corrupt of all.
  • Hold our elected representatives accountable and responsible.  Most of them show little evidence of adult behavior.  If any common citizen committed the crimes against humanity and the environment that (e.g.) the oil companies have, we’d be hanged, stoned, crucified, eviscerated and electrocuted—all at once!

The recent the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is—as Naomi Wolff put it—a steak in the heart of our democracy.  The NDAA grants the president the power to kidnap any American anywhere in the United States and hold him or her in prison forever without trial! The president’s own signing statement, incredibly, confirmed that he had that power.  It’s good for us to remember the old saying, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  President Obama is certainly one of the most powerful persons in the world.  And powerful people typically don’t want to give up their power—they want to (1) consolidate what they already have, and (2) gain more!  That the NDAA could have been signed into law at all tells us of the amazing, bizarre ability of our government representatives at rationalization of our Constitution.  Such is the utterly lawless, outrageous and disgraceful situation we now face.

Our Federal Government isn’t working to protect us in and from emergencies.  Instead, they take away our freedoms a bit at a time (so we won’t notice that much) and assume them for themselves in the name of our safety—supposedly (as they tell us) for our own safety, for our own good!  Like some benevolent parent, they presume to know what is best for us, and somehow we don’t.  So, they find ever-increasing ways to spy on us and otherwise control us.  It’s all really about their increased power—and not just for them, but especially for their owners, their bosses.  It’s all at the expense of our civil rights, our liberties and our dignity as human beings.  So, as a result of these blatant abuses, they are losing control, and they’re increasingly worried about this.  They are not dealing with the real issues.  They are addressing only the symptoms, just like the medical establishment does.  As a physician of over 40 years of clinical experience, I can tell you quite frankly and honestly that this approach—in medicine, and, by extension, in government, will only get worse.

Among the worst kind of politics involves so-called terrorism and terrorists—and how, in recent decades, certain governments (including, of course, the USA government, in collusion with Big Corporate, and especially Big Oil) have funded various paramilitary groups (including Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Mujahideen under Osama bin Laden) to go into various countries where “we” (Big Corporate / Big Gov’t) feel “we” need their oil, other “precious resources”, or their strategic geophysical location (control, hegemony).  Once there, they purposely create war and chaos in order to destabilize the governments and economies so “we” can take over and exploit such resources.  It’s called, “using proxy forces.”  And they do this with our tax-payer money.

So, why, then, do so many people in so many countries hate “us”?  Uh, lemme guess.  They don’t know who exactly they’re hating, but since American and other Western nation flags are on the corporate equipment, they just assume it’s us, you and me, who are peacefully (ignorantly) sitting and watching TV.  And, speaking of Big Corporate, their CEOs take home huge amounts of money, tends, scores and even hundreds of times more than regular company employees.  What’s that all about?  I read a piece recently in OpEdNews that referred to such CEOs taking huge paychecks as pigs, psychopaths, traitors to America (or their country of origin), loyal only to transnational, soulless groups. This is a very aggressive label to put on these people—and they deserve it.

What democracy?

In a recent (20Apr12) article in OpEdNews, Paul Craig Roberts writes, “Americans have lost control of the government, and governments that are not controlled by the people are not democracies. In America today, Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and the entire social safety net are threatened by the vociferous desire for war profits by armament plutocrats and by financial institutions determined that ordinary citizens bear the cost of the banksters’ incompetence and fraud.”  Worse still, we see what are apparently internment camps being created in many states, along with check-point booths.  Add to this over a million rounds of hollow-point bullets purchased by our government.  What is all this for (http://www.naturalnews.com/035607_government_checkpoints_Martial_Law.html)—if not to be used on us?  It just all seems to validate the expression, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  The more powerful they become, the more fearful they are of losing their power—and the more insane are their actions.  They clearly do not see themselves as our servants.  That’s the way they see us.

Article I of the Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States, specifically states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  And yet, there is an apparent war on whistleblowers.  And there are now special “free speech zones” where those wishing to protest government policies must restrict themselves.  “Free speech zones”, indeed!  What has happened to free speech in the USA?  Speak up against the government and be prepared to be thrown in jail.  There seems now a real danger of this.  The new proposed law called CISPA could grossly restrict the way we use the Internet—which is the last device world citizens have to communicate freely with each other.

The Real Terrorists and How They Work

Make no mistake about who the real terrorists are: the elite, the Banksters, Big Corporate, and their prostitutes, Big Government.  No giant international spread-out group of terrorists threatens our way of life.  Yes, there are a few of those, but they pose no real threat to “us”, the people, the “99%”.  We must learn to deal with the real terrorists, to identify them and deal with them directly.  They have been telling us how to live our lives and what to buy, wrongly governing us, leading us around like sheep, telling us what to eat (and poisoning us with junk food that they advertise as good for us), requiring us to be inoculated with drugs—even against our will, sending us to war, telling us who to hate, and otherwise keeping us divided and confused and (especially) controlled—by them!  (Of course, in the egoic sense, “they” are us!)

One big important action we can take in this regard has to do with these ridiculous and monstrous wars the elite have so often gotten us involved in recently.  These real terrorists make billions of dollars on war, so they want to have us involved in a perpetual war.  They don’t care who “wins” or “loses” these wars as long as they make a ton of money and maintain power and control.  This way, we 99% are always fearful and depending on them to protect us,  help us and keep us well—whereas, all our participation in these wars does is destroy our loved ones (our young men and women as soldiers dying in these wars), keep us dependent, under their control, and with less and less personal freedom.  What we can do: just don’t participate in their wars.  Do not believe their lies.  We just don’t go!

In a very interesting video called “All Wars are Banker’s Wars” (http://www.realecontv.com/videos/banking-malfeasance/all-wars-are-bankers-wars-.html), a powerful argument is made for our opening sentence in this section.  Meyer Rothschild is quoted as saying, “Let me control a country’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.”  We are not taught in school that powerful financial interests might be behind the great wars—so they can keep up their money junky games of power and greed.  And yet, it is highly likely that this is exactly why most if not all modern era wars have been fought—to allow these monsters to maintain their stranglehold on a nation and keep the people in a real form of slavery.  Money needs to be based on real wealth of a nation, not on what some group of wealthy men speculate on.  Why would a government need to borrow money from a private bank in the first place?  And have to pay it back at interest?

If that video doesn’t convince you of the inherent evil in the international banking cartel, maybe you should re-evaluate why the USA is currently involved in so many wars (2013).  As to why so many Americans are struggling to keep their heads above water financially, check out the video that deals with our reality vs. our perception, Wealth Inequality in America (http://www.realecontv.com/page/22575.html).  This video shows grafically how we are slaves to the banksters, and how our ideas of fairness in how finances should be fairly divided among the people is quite far from the reality that only 1% of the people own some 24% of the nation’s wealth.  This is one of those rare videos that visually bring how the reality of a peoples’ circumstance.  This is one of those crucial changes our society requires—and it affects the people of the entire world.

In the 2009 Hollywood movie, The International, the hero and heroine are interviewing an Italian presidential candidate who is explaining to them why a giant international bank is involved in the purchasing of huge amounts of armaments.  It’s is not to make a profit from the arms, he says.  And it’s not about controlling the outcome of a conflict or war.  It is really all about controlling debt—because he who controls debt controls everything!  This is what the big banks want, then.  To control everything.  To keep us all in debt so they can control us—all!  How nice!  They set up the fractional reserve swindle banking system, we all go into debt, and they own us.  Well, maybe we have other plans.  Maybe we don’t want to be slaves—theirs or anyone else’s.

Politicians and Lobbying

Many people still don’t know that most of our elected officials in Washington have as their ultimate goal the role of lobbyist.  Yes, lobbyists can make millions of dollars, far more than a so-called “public servant” (government official) typically gets.  And that’s the motivation.  And Presidents—oh, they’re the worst of all.  Once they get into power, they typically go power-mad.  In an article in OpEdNews called “Where are the Grownups?”, Bob Alexander writes, “Every couple of years, about a half dozen people believe so deeply in their own B.S. [bullshit] they somehow manage to get in front of a television camera and announce they should be the next president of the United States.”  No wonder the American people have such a low opinion of those in Congress.

In 2010, Big Oil spent some $110,000,000 on lobbying—but they profited (via oil subsidies, etc.) enormously: they took in some $40 Billion!  Not a bad profit for that kind of investment, mostly handled via lobbying.  What is lobbying?  Wining, dining and basically paying off or buying politicians so they create legislation favorable to Big Oil—including those nice subsidies.  Of course, this practice isn’t just limited to Big Oil.  It includes Big Pharma, Big Sugar, Food, Inc., Big Chemical (Monsanto, etc.), and so on—you know, those who rule the world.  This makes most politicians mere prostitutes.  But, they don’t care.  They’re making lots of money and enjoying their fame, fortune and power.  Functionally, then, “prostitutes” describes most of them.  The same goes for most medical doctors, who simply believe the lies of Big Pharma and do as they’re taught and as they’re told.

Secrecy vs. Transparency

Secrecy in government doesn’t work.  The adolescent person seeks secrecy, a secret life, hiding away from parents so he can smoke or drink, destroy some property, or otherwise do something exciting, fun and “nasty”.  We cannot allow government to spend billions of dollars on spies for so-called “security”.  Harmless, no “security” is needed.  “Security” has been used as an excuse by government to rob us people of our freedoms.  It is all a tremendous waste.  Now, when we say “secrecy” here we’re not talking about personal data that is no one else’s business.  That needs to be kept “private, secret and secure”.  We’re talking about criminal spying on other governments, corporate entities and even on individuals, private citizens, for the purpose of gaining power and control over them.  (Remember, this is the ego’s MO, or mode of operating: (1) objectify, (2) control, and then (3) destroy.)  This secrecy and security silliness is not about “protecting our people”.  No matter how well-intentioned, it is all heinous, dark and reprehensible.

Our elected officials (heretofore in our common society) are in office to serve us, the public—not to line their pockets and gain personal power at our expense.  Not to receive huge amounts of money from the Big Corporate who thus (in effect and for real) buy their votes.  These people must be held accountable.  Most have been rather consistently and generally insensitive, irresponsible, gutless, greedy, corrupt, untrustworthy, without integrity, and overly powerful—the   handmaidens of multi-national Big Corporate, the Banksters and the elite.

However, with more of us living in small, human-scale cooperative communities (CoopComs) of 16-25 persons, growing our own food, drawing our own water from our own wells, and producing our own energy, we can make appropriate demands on and agreements with each other and easily hold each other accountable.  Thus, most of our current social, economic and political difficulties are pre-solved—in other words, no real need for big government (see Appendix 1 below and www.democracy.com).  We have been manipulated for centuries by various powers “for our own good” (see America—One Nation Under Siege).  It’s time we ourselves grew up and acted like true adults, holding each other accountable, so we will know how to hold any elected leaders accountable accordingly.

Henry David Thoreau once said, “That government governs best which governs least.”  Confucius agreed.  Our laws have gotten so extremely complex in order to deal with the highly imbalanced / out-of-balance lives and lifestyles of modern city-based cultures that we spend huge amounts of time just trying to keep up with the legal requirements of survival and even day-to-day living.  We can’t turn around without breaking some law, without some bureaucrat reaching into our pockets for a fee we didn’t even know existed.  We can’t build our homes the way we want without hiring some specialist to rightly interpret the myriad local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations involved in just creating a damn wall in our own living room!

Resistance and Dissent

When governments grow powerful, they typically begin to abuse the people.  They try to consolidate their power and gain every-increasing control over the people.  At some point, the people revolt, having had enuf abuse.  The government has thus become tyrannical and crazy with power-lust—and increasingly fearful of losing their wealth and power.  Then, it is time to bring them down, to cut them down to size, to protest peacefully or, when necessary—as in the case of the American Revolution—even violently.

In the current situation, dissent and non-violent or peaceful resistance is only now showing some effects—especially via social networks on the Internet, WikiLeaks, the Occupy movement, and Anonymous.  These are heroic gestures that must continue until the new consciousness of unity takes hold in a significant number of people.  It’s not a matter of merely punishing wrong-doers in government and industry, altho they must be held accountable.  It’s more a matter of bringing equanimity and justice to everyone equally via new and different ways of living, thinking, and seeing ourselves and Nature.  It’s living differently in our relationships with each other and Nature.  It’s living the principles of love and unity.  And, rightly done, we can continue to create elaborate useful technology—just not as much of it.

This governmental-corporate craziness has to come to an end, and it will as we decentralize and create truly human-scale habitats and social groups—that interact with each other to provide the real necessities of life.  Then, most of the laws we currently live by can be either abolished or simply ignored.  Who will need standing armies, police, attorneys, courts and huge governments with thousands of bureaucrats when we personally (in our localities) hold each other accountable—for real?  Living in true cooperation, government is largely unnecessary.  Living in smaller, human-scale communities, far less energy is expended and less travel is needed.  As the poet (Leonard Cohen) said, “Where do all these highways go—now that we are free?”  And, perhaps it was Lao Tzu who said, “The greatest man is…nobody.”


The sacred is that which is set apart, that which is the very most important in life, the truly intimate.  There is a code of sacred governance.  Within it, it is understood that organizations cannot exist without structure.  Society needs structure.  Business needs structure.  Governments need structure.  How do things get done, get to the framework of doing?  Fundamentally, everyone and everything is subordinate to The Source, the Matrix of Being, the Great Consciousness.  The basic organizational structure is: Governance, Management, and Service / Support.  All three aspects must be strong and functional.

Institutions are necessary in society.  They are organizational entities.  The institutional mechanism must be there.  Optimally, it would be based on the Divine Pattern, Which is known and practiced by true renunciates.  In this Pattern, as in any worldly or secular organizational pattern, there must be connectedness and accountability.  Any true organization has a design of real integrity and is based on gifts, not I.O.U’s.   As such, it is always being refined, since life in the conditional realms (Earth) is always changing.  And yet, the integrity always remains.  The organizational framework of doing, of getting things done, includes those who govern, those who manage, and those who serve and support.

Governance should rightly be done by renunciates.  This is actually a very old concept.    Renunciates are those traditionally set apart in human society, those who have no prior agendas.  In fact, they have no agenda at all.  Yes, that is possible.  Historically, and pre-historically, they were occasionally asked to provide guidance in a wide variety of circumstances.  They can always be counted on to provide such guidance—always balanced and fair—precisely because they have no agenda.  They are always turned to the Divine, renouncing the conditional realms as places where they can find heart-deep satisfaction.  This is the definition of renunciate.  They themselves are Guided by the 9 Great Laws (see below).  True hierarchy based on Wisdom (yes, capital “W”) is traditional.  Renunciates stand in the set-apart position, which is the root of governance.  This is the free and “holy” position, not “owned” by any culture.  This is beyond ego, beyond all agendas.  Renunciates are at the root of all cultures, the demonstration of all culture.

Renunciates first become aware of the bondage games played by egoity in all societies.  They thus separate themselves out from so-called “normal” society, culture, so they may serve Awakening into the Divine Domain.  They are called upon occasionally for guidance by everyday culture.  This is the prehistoric way of governance.  Therefore, it is “traditional”, even tho in many ways not (or barely) “historic”, not often recorded.  Still, it is the real “walk-about” way of Humanity.  Renunciates don’t support the common illusions in themselves or in others.  They don’t hold office but stand independent, “in a clearing”.  The ego, on the other hand, automatically desecrates what is esoteric (the intimate, the “higher” in life).  Therefore, subordination of egoity must occur in order for us to grow as human beings, in order for us to maintain equilibrium, balance in society and in life altogether.

We don’t try to “keep up” with renunciates.  We simply maintain right relationship with them.  So, governance is to be directed by the 9 Great Laws.  This must be guaranteed.  This is the core of sacred governance.  These 9 Laws are really one law in 9 forms.  If there is no right governance, no one can be right.  It is all about subordination to the Divine Person.  In all of this, we develop a culture of inspiration and expectation.  We inspire each other to what is right and higher in life, and we make right demands on each other to be straight, so we can rightly expect integrity.

In every society, there is a “sarvadicari” function.  This is the “policing” or “hold-you-accountable” person.  Every group has one—one or more.  They are needed to help keep the energy flowing and moving rightly and lawfully.  They don’t necessarily need to be armed with lethal weapons.  In fact, it’s better if they aren’t.  It’s best if they are simply “armed” with wisdom and real intelligence—and, of course, compassion and love.  Trained from infancy (via the true Wisdom Culture) in these truly human emotions, feelings and sensitivity, gross weapons are unnecessary.  People growing up in a Wisdom Culture don’t brutalize or punish each other mentally, emotionally or physically.  They naturally bring love and good energy.  They are naturally cooperative and compassionate, tolerant and peaceful, but wise and strong—and therefore unexploitable.


A man goes to build a home for himself and his family.  He finds some suitable land and arranges a purchase with a real estate agent.  He quickly realizes that as a middle-class citizen, he hasn’t the money to pay for the land outright, so he has to borrow the money—from a bank, of course.  The bank charges interest, of course (which is inherently evil: debt = slavery).  He hires an architect to make his house plans, which include an unusual but very practical design.  He contacts the local planning department, which describes for him all the hoops he must pass thru to get his plans accepted.  He pays this department and that department, engineers, draftsmen, designers, electricians, water finders, well-diggers, soil testers and assayers, power company officials, inspectors—everybody’s got their hands in his pockets!  Some glitch is found in his plans by some planning department bureaucrat, so he has to pay a couple thousand dollars to get the plans re-done.

While it is understandable that plans have to come up to specifications so that no harm can come to the environment and the occupants of the house, so that everything in the house can work right, it is also understandable that a man should be able to follow thru with plans in an efficient and relatively simple manner and process.  Not so today.  This just doesn’t happen these days.  There are just so very many people to consider in this process, so many people to pay off, so many rules and regulations that what would otherwise seem like a simple goal of building a home for oneself becomes a nightmare of bureaucratic insanity.

This scenario, of course, applies to so many other areas of our lives in the USA and in Western Culture generally.  This ordeal needs to be streamlined and simplified—period!  Consider the area of the health practitioner in the State of California.  California State law is so written that if you invite a friend over for dinner and he looks tired, and you say, “Hey, Bill, you look tired, you should sit down,” you could be prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license: “You look tired” is a diagnosis, and “You should sit down” is a prescription!  What the hell is going on here?!  Just who are we protecting?  Big Pharma, that’s exactly who!  Let’s be honest about it.

Yes, of course the public needs to be protected from charlatans.  The public needs to have a reasonable sense of who is rightly trained and who can most effectively help them.  But the way it plays out isn’t like that at all.  The way it works out is that many seasoned and knowledgeable and quite effective practitioners in the Natural Health field are forced to “keep a low profile”, to in some real sense hide out and keep quiet about what they’ve learned: that every damned chronic degenerative disease on Earth is curable—as long as it isn’t in the terminal stage.  The medical people aren’t going to tell you this.  They want to sell you their goddam drugs.  The media isn’t going to tell you this.  Their advertising is paid for by drug companies.  So, what are we citizens left with?  It used to be just “word-of-mouth”.  But now, thank God, it’s the Internet!

We needn’t get into bureaucracy in government.  That is beyond a travesty.  It is beyond criminality.  It is just horrendous!  So many millions of bureaucrats in government—so many, indeed, that will not ever vote against themselves.  They’re living off the rest of us.  So many bureaucracies that don’t even need to exist at all in order for society to run well!  They are a major reason why our society doesn’t run well.  This insanity has to end.

Look at this (24Mar12, OpEdNews): “New York City has banned all food donations to government-run homeless shelters because the bureaucrats there are concerned that the donated food will not be ‘nutritious’ enough.  Those who love to micro-manage others continue to get the upper hand in America.  The bureaucrats are officially out of control.”  Here’s a classic example: (http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/10513.html).  An elderly couple makes a product called “Polar Pure” containing iodine to purify water for hikers and campers.  It’s excellent and works great and is harmless.  Meanwhile, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) decides iodine is a controlled substance because it’s used to make crystal meth, so they require the old coupe to spend a bunch of money to license their product and they then must keep a record of each and every person who purchases it—far more work and effort than it’s worth for them to stay in business.  They are thus “collateral damage” to these weasels.

BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, certain Civil Rights / Freedom / Justice

Every human being has a right to a few basic survival and expression items:

  • Life
  • Privacy and dignity
  • Freedom
  • The ability to maintain one’s bodily integrity in / as good health
  • Pure clean air to breathe
  • Pure water to drink (free, meaning not to having to purchase it from someone)
  • Pure unadulterated natural food to eat (free to grow one’s own & to choose the kind you wish to eat)
  • The desired type of medicine / healing modality (& not be forced to receive what is not desired)
  • Security in one’s person (not being constantly surveilled & under threat)
  • To find & create safe habitat that one can call one’s own (and not have to rent it from someone else)
  • Self-expression: the ability to speak freely & otherwise openly express one’s heart
  • Equality of the sexes
  • Freedom of religion and (in general) one’s beliefs (& not to have it prevented or forced on you)
  • Access to one’s own arable land (so one can grow one’s own food and feed oneself and one’s family)
  • Access to a clean & healthy natural environment
  • Access to a living wage / equal pay (or goods exchange) for equal work
  • Access to a good education (www.avaaz.org)

The old ways of world governments are a negative and false “unification” in which our basic human rights are eventually taken away.  Many of these rights have already been stolen from us and we must now take them back.  In general, the more powerful the government the more of our rights they remove.  Over time, as they get more powerful, they tend very strongly to take away more of the peoples’ rights.

Under-the-skin embedded RFID chips, the predicted 666 monster whereby our every move is tracked from birth to death—and can therefore be controlled by power-mad people—is being sold to us as a means of safety and security (“for our own protection”—see the video, America—One Nation Under Siege, and the DVD, The End of America).  These freedoms must be restored.  We must see an end to big-money corporate lobbying and control, to government intervention into peoples’ private lives, to the federal income tax, to the Federal Reserve, and to the gambling house called Wall Street.

Many years ago, the United Nations developed a document called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  There are some 30 of these rights (http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/), more comprehensive that those listed above.

“We Live in a Free Country”

“It’s a free country.  I can do what I want.”  Living in a “free country” doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want—like some adolescent character.  We cannot yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, just for the hell of it, when there isn’t really a fire.  That’s not freedom.  It’s license.  Any society runs on rules and regulations, on laws—but laws that are agreed upon.  Some societies are definitely freer than are others.  In the USA as well as in much of this world, those freedoms have—especially in recent years—been progressively and gradually, in small (and largely unnoticed by the general population) increments, taken away from us.  This has been done and is being done very strategically by the elite thru their management of our governments.  Their design is world government (of all of us, of course) run by them.

The proofs of everywhere and in all levels and phases and modes of society.  Examples abound.  Take food, e.g.  We’re free to eat whatever we want, right?  WRONG!  Try buying raw milk and dairy and then crossing a state line with it.  Ready to go to jail for that?  The corporate level of the food industry, or Food, Inc., as it is now referred to, has an extremely powerful lobby in government.  They don’t want you and me to be eating anything by the food they produce.  They don’t want you and me to grow our own food.  They want you and I to go to the supermarket where we have ever-increasing choices of processed and chemicalized food—their food.  Not whole natural unsprayed un-chemicalized non-GMO food grown on clean healthy non-chemicalized soils.  They are currently planning legislation to prevent you and me from growing our own food.  Are you ready for that?  So, this is a free country and you can eat whatever you want, right?

“This is a free country, and I can choose whatever remedy or type of medicine I want.”  Sure, as long as it’s been approved by the FDA, and AMA, the ADA, and all the other governmental bureaus and Big Corporate concerns—especially Big Pharma.  Do you have any idea how hard it has been for Acupuncture and Chiropractic to even be able to be available to the American public?  Years ago, Naturopathic colleges were shut down as illegal by the Rockefeller-backed and Big Pharma-backed American Medical Association.

Only lately have Naturopaths been allowed to practice medicine, and only in a relatively few states, and by popular demand of the people—and very hard-fot.  They constantly have to be on their guard as to what they say and how they say it, and so on.  In other words, the so-called “alternative” health professions—and even some traditional ones, like Acupuncture—are always being persecuted by the prevailing Allopathic, which itself is dominated by Big Pharma.  So, this is a free country and you can choose whatever health modality you want, right?


Imagine not needing a tax on our income, our governments shrinking to a size reflecting our actual need—or being bypassed or even eliminated altogether.  The American federal income tax never was legal (see Aaron Russo’s film, AMERICA: From Freedom to Fascism), and the Federal Reserve never was federal.  It is a private group of very wealthy men and women who have control of our money (see the video, Zeitgeist: Addendum).  Our government has been using our tax money for their bizarre power trips, their maniacal wars that kill us and that enrich their cronies in the corporate world.  Both the federal income tax and the “Fed” (Federal Reserve) must be eliminated.


It is no longer tenable for human beings to act in the old parochial, provincial, tribal ways that divide us into factions in the growling pit—and even killing each other. We are now a world culture, and must look beyond the so-called  differences that have divided us in painful ways.  We absolutely must grow up and see how we are one family—Humankind.  We are a unity and it’s time we acted like it.  In the Olympic Games, a truly adult human bows humbly in gratitude for the opportunity to participate (and compete cooperatively) in a spirit of happy competition, brotherhood and love.  Running around draped in a national flag is disgraceful, adolescent and subhuman.  “See, look at me, everybody.  I’m so great!  My country’s the greatest.”  Better to drape oneself in the flag of all nations, and bow the head and bend the knee to The Unity and Oneness of the Divine That Transcends, Unites, Supports & is the Context of us all.  It’s the game itself that should be congratulated, not the individual or separate team!  Why?  Because ultimately, there are no winners.

Pride in one’s origins—including one’s place of birth, family and local people—is natural, of course.  But egoic, exaggerated displays of separatist attitudes (under the banner of “nationalism” or “patriotism”), the teaching of children to hate others because they’re “different”, teaching racial supremacy and imperialism—this is painful, silly, tribal immorality—the old, dead way.  Nothing ever came of it but division and pride—and great suffering.  It is no intelligent, adult, humane way for us to relate to each other.  We need to encourage understanding, tolerance and cooperation among all nations, all people, and all groups—one race: the Human Race.  Jesus Said it: “Love one another and treat them as you would yourself.”  So, what the hell are we doing killing each other?  What part of “Love one another” do we not understand?


James Madison said, “History records that the money changers [the banksters] have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over government by controlling money and its issuance.”  In the USA, we have no central government bank.  If the government wants to spend money, it borrows from the banksters—the so-called Federal Reserve (which isn’t “federal” at all, but a group of very wealthy people).  Our economy in the USA (and in most of the rest of the world) is broken.  The so-called “fractional reserve banking system” is a fraud, a giant scam by the very wealthy banksters to fleece the rest of us of our money (see The Max Keiser Report on the Net).  This is economic terrorism, and the perpetrators need to be held accountable—including via jail.  And who are the monsters perpetrating this robbery?  The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization.  Take a bow, boys.  You’re major players in the destruction of this civilization!  How does it feel?

In this system, the banksters can loan out thousands of times what they actually have in reserve—and at interest!  The more they lend out, the more you have to pay back—at compound interest.  And what is their productivity, their product?  What work do they have to do?  Why, nothing!  Hire a few bank employees and rake in the cash!   This whole scam accelerates the principle of unlimited growth of industrial society, industrial civilization.  And what have these monsters done?  They’ve gone into various countries and ruined their economies, opening them up for the multinational corporations—Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, Nike, McDonald’s, etc., etc., which pay barely-survivable wages to the natives to create and spread their junk wares world-wide.  Hooray!  The Western way of life triumphs again!

Meanwhile, our USA government gives huge subsidies to BigAg and Big Oil.  Polluters are never truly taken to task, not truly required to show responsibility—in many cases not even watched (or, worse, “watched” by their own instead of disinterested others).  No corporate heads go to jail for their crimes—crimes including pollution of the Gulf of Mexico, etc., etc.  Then, there’s the big bank bailouts, which we the 99% pay for.  As the sign says, we (the 99%) didn’t crash the economy, so why are we picking up the tab?

And then, there’s the gigantic amount our government spends on war profiteers.  Not just defense.  We’re not talking about defense, but foreign wars (and domestic “Home defense”) that involve vast sums of money to groups including Halliburton and others for “logistics”, where billions of our dollars go somehow “missing” and “unaccounted for”.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Our government is out of control, that’s what’s wrong!  They are being guided and controlled by their masters, Big Corporate, which are themselves owned by the power elite.  This is becoming increasingly clear to the public.  These are among the many, many reasons that the Occupy Wall Street has occurred—and includes very middleclass people of all age groups.  Economist Karl Denninger nails it: http://www.realecontv.com/videos/us/straight-talk-no-sugar-on-the-economy.html.

One thing we absolutely must do is eliminate the huge debts of the countries that these bankster criminals, these economic terrorists, have ruined.  Cancel all the debts, put the banksters in jail where they belong for heartlessly perpetrating these schemes in the first place.  They present their banking system schemes to us in ways that sound and seem complex but important and in some sense completely sound and even necessary.  But when the smoke and mirrors are cleared away by documentaries such as The Crisis of Civilization and Zeitgeist, and by the clear descriptions of economists such as Max Keiser and Karl Denninger, we see it all for what it really is: a great big monstrous scam to make the few rich at the expense of the many.

Imagine a consciousness of utility and rightly-used (and therefore essentially unlimited) resources permeating the culture.  The world economic system is based on a totally false principle of making something out of nothing (just printing money and passing it out), the propaganda of dearth, of “not enuf”, creating a sense of lack of adequate supply, and the heinous crime of “interest”—the very idea that money in and of itself has the power to earn.  You must sense how this is an inherently wrong principle that has been abusing humanity for many centuries.  The whole economic system of money and interest is a horrendous means of human enslavement with a small group of extremely wealthy people at the top (see the Zeitgeist videos).  A completely new non-monetary economic system based on abundance needs to replace this debt-based negatively-oriented, enslavement-oriented monetary one.  Such could be termed a “resource”-based economy, where all goods and services are available without the use of money, barter, credit, debt, or servitude of any kind (see Jacque Fresco, The Venus Project, http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/paradise-oblivion/).

Among the better videos we’ve seen on the subject to-date of money economy is The Secret of Oz (YouTube).  This is the amazing story of the world’s corrupt money system, a private Plutocracy of wealth owned by the super-rich and powerful.  Instead of governments and local communities owning the money systems, a small group of powerful people have bought up many or most of the local banks and otherwise usurped the power to print money, basing it on gold instead of on the real wealth of work and actual materials of all kinds that we all value.  We must take back this power from the big banks and give it to the people severally, the governments and the local principalities where it is needed and can be used accountably and responsibly.  The current system is based on debt, and thus always fails, always charges interest—even compound interest, which is inherently wrong and a form of slavery.  For this to happen, the Earth’s resources must be declared as our common heritage.  This means that lands that have been “stolen” by the elite will be returned to the people.

Among the main reasons the American economy became rotten-to-the-core was the work of Milton Friedman.  His “laissez faire” or “free market” economy meant “let the rich rule”.  This blended well with Reaganomics.  The powers elite just loved this man.  In his book, Cornered, Barry C. Lynn describes how this country went from one of citizens to consumers (http://www.realecontv.com/videos/corporate-criminality–1/strangled-by-monopolies.html).  Our government went from being run more by and for the people to by and for the corporations—and now, essentially owned by the corporations—the big corporations, the multi-nationals—you know, the ones that are above-the-law, who can pollute whole seas and get away with it, without anyone going to jail for their crimes.

Where we used to have our government break up monopolies and “trusts” of the super-rich, like preventing A&P supermarket from getting too big, President Reagan made the gesture away from the independent citizen small store and small business in order to “help the economy” by allowing Walmart to become the world’s largest store.  They own the sources of distribution.  There simply is no competition.  Who can compete with them?  Only two big toothpaste manufacturers own toothpaste in the USA.  And on and on.  So, how do we deal with this situation.  By waking up to this circumstance, how we’re being controlled and manipulated from citizens in control to consumers in Big Corporate control.  By communicating with each other—like we’re increasingly doing via the Internet.  There are more of us than there are of them.   Remember this!

How the Banksters Operate

Quoting and paraphrasing economist/trader Karl Denninger (http://www.realecontv.com/page/10124.html), author of LEVERAGE, How Cheap Money will Destroy the World, and as this piece is seen on RealEcon.TV: “The banking industry has scammed its way into an untenable situation.  No bank should ever be allowed to speculate with depositors’ money. And yet this is the way banking works in the USA.  Not only that, if banks lose their bets (something they do spectacularly and regularly), the Federal government backs them up with the wealth it essentially steals from taxpayers.  This is a terrible system that needs to change—ideally voluntarily.  But, one way or the other, it will change.  It has to.  Otherwise, we all go under.”

Simple relatively small fines have occasionally and recently been levied against some of these banksters, which doesn’t deter them in the least.  If they were to be required to pay ten times what they cost us, that might be something of a deterrent.  But, if jail sentences were part of the punishment for their crimes, they’d think more carefully before taking risks that could bring such negative consequences to us taxpayers, who are actually and in fact their customers, the American public, the 99%.  OK, maybe it wasn’t just one person who made the decision to “do the wrong thing”, to bend the law or break it, we should find the 20 or so persons involved and hold them accountable accordingly.  That’s the point—they’re not being truly held accountable, but only being given a slap on the wrist.  Worse, they don’t even feel it.

In an OpEd piece (15Jun12) entitled, Why do white collar criminals, especially banksters, have so little to worry about in the USA? (http://www.opednews.com/articles/Why-do-white-collar-crimin-by-Richard-Clark-120614-178.html), Richard Clark states, “Fully 75% of nontraditional loans made by our biggest banks were liar’s loans. Therefore hundreds of these banks and their senior officers should now be facing prosecution, yet this isn’t happening. Why not? Could it have something to do with the fact that these banks are currently allowed to contribute many millions of dollars to the political campaign funds of our president and members of Congress?

In China, a woman trader was responsible for losing some $20 million in gold.  When this was clearly determined, she was brot up on charges—and sentenced to death!  Of course, that may be just a little harsh as punishment for the crimes of these banksters.  However, their crimes—and they certainly are crimes, crimes that affect and cause pain to millions of people—must be punished.  They need jail time as well as financial repayment.  And who are these people?  We’re talking some of the wealthiest people in the world.  They belong in jail with the other criminals.  They need to feel physically, mentally and emotionally, clearly and directly, the results of their actions.

Sitting in a regular jail cell with other common street-level punks, thugs and goons like themselves would likely do them some good.  They certainly do not deserve some nice “house arrest” circumstance, where the poor things must be “stuck”, having to indulge themselves in their usual luxurious surroundings for a few weeks—thence to return to their lives of crime.

Talk about a pack of contemptible assholes, note the utter hubris of these early banksters in their Bankers’ Manifesto (1892):

We [the bankers] must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. The Farmers Alliance and Knights of Labor organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them….

The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.  When through the process of the law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.”


Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, “If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”  This is the circumstance in the USA and much of this world at this time (March 2012).  For far too long—well over 100 years—Big Pharma’s death-dealing, drug-pushing, international corporate power-&-money-hungry stranglehold on medicine has had devastating effects on the health of people worldwide.  This must now come to an end (see documentaries, Vaccine Nation, We Become Silent, The Greater Good, Vaccines—Armed and Dangerous, and the book, Medical Armageddon).  And government, bought and paid for by Big Pharma’s agents, the lobbyists, is happy to do Big Pharma’s bidding, passing laws that constantly favor and protect drug interests: their increased money and power—and always at the people’s expense.

The Big Pharma Drug Cartel and Medical Dictatorship

Among the various signers of the Constitution of the United States of America was Dr. Benjamin Rush, MD.  Dr. Rush was a child prodigy, a brilliant surgeon, and an active participant in the American Revolutionary War who help treat the wounded soldiers.  He was President George Washington’s Surgeon General.  He helped Thomas Paine edit Paine’s book, Common Sense—one of the foundation treatises of the Revolution and also one of the best-selling books of all time.

During the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787-1791, he stated, “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship.”  Well, folks, unfortunately for all of us, medical freedom was not put into the USA Constitution.  The result: an undercover medical dictatorship in the persons of and controlled by Big Pharma, which directs the medical-industrial complex, and includes Big Pharma’s lobbyists and the prostitutes of this system, which include most medical doctors, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the AMA, the ADA (dental ass’n) and all the other Allopathic-oriented medical associations, and, in effect, the various government employees—from the federal on down who take hand-outs from Big Pharma.

Freedom of Medicine Amendment Proposal

Please note: there is a proposal for a State amendment being proposed that would allow real freedom of choice in health care and medicine: http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=1D8DB972E89C5DF69B2C7F51D562AF90.  Watch the video.  This could change the whole medical paradigm in the USA and even be a model for the rest of the world.  For more on this, see the website www.rush2013.com.  The basis of this proposed amendment is simply stated in one line: “The People and any lawful inhabitant, resident, or sojourner of the state of [your State] shall have freedom of choice and practice of any health or medical care modalities as they deem in their own personal best interest and judgment.”  This makes people responsible for their own decisions—not Big Government.

This “Rush Amendment”, of course, is terrifying to Big Pharma and to the Federal Government, and all of those who want to control our rights and our lives altogether.  This health freedom game-changer is presented by Stephen Miller, who points to an inspiring book by Jack Philips called, Suppressed Medical Science.  Meanwhile, President Obama’s “ObamaCare” healthcare package is nothing more than 1000 pages of Big Pharma lobbyist-composed protectionism that guarantees the disease care industry (Big Pharma and the Corporate Health Insurance industry) some $400 billion in profits so they can, e.g., avoid caring for children with permanent disabilities.

Who is Big Pharma?

Big Pharma is a group of multi-national Pharmaceutical corporations, including such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Roche, Novartis, Merck, Wyeth, Glaxo-Smith-Cline, Bayer, Lilly, and Bristol-Myers-Squibb.  As a group, they are a giant, horrible, insane, psychotic, out-of-control drug cartel that likes to take biologically active natural substances (from, e.g., strawberries) and concoct derivatives which they hawk to us as cures—with unwanted side effects, including death.  These derivatives, now patented, belong exclusively to the drug companies who now sells them to us at high prices as prescription drugs—whereas by simply eating the strawberries whole we’ll be healthy.  (Of course, they don’t want you to know that.)  Among the government’s principle agents is the Food and Drug Administration, an abomination of hand-picked Big Pharma cronies who make sure they all make lots of money and hoodwink the people into believing their drug poisons and the phony science that supports the drugs and Big Pharma are peddled to the lame-stream media as near-perfect truth.

What irritates Big Pharma is the fact that they can’t patent foods and herbs.  That little trick is being tried by Monsanto (see The World According to Monsanto).  In true healthcare, as opposed to the current “disease-care” practiced by the monstrously abusive drug-company-dominated Western allopathic medicine, most drugs are unnecessary most of the time.  Drugs are based on a wrong principle.  When right life is practiced (see the book, The GREAT Liquid Diet and The BIG 7 in this document), drugs are essentially unnecessary.  Such a notion, true as it is, is utterly terrifying to Big Pharma.  They want to keep us in the dark about how to be healthy.  They want us sick—so we can buy their poisonous drugs, of course.  Oh, yes, some of these drugs will dilate tissues so you can walk down the street like a zombie—but they won’t make you healthy.  That requires you learning and practicing The BIG 7, and you won’t hear this from them!

Every notice the “side-effects” in tiny almost un-readable print on the skull-and-bones package?  Or otherwise that are quickly and quietly rushed thru at the end of TV ads for these “useful” pharmaceutical poisons?  “Side-effects can include a sudden drop in blood pressure, loss of sexual libido, thinning hair, loss of appetite, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, coma and—in rare cases—death!  Ask your doctor if you’re a candidate for Product X!”  Oh, I can hardly wait!  So, who are the quacks?  Who are the monsters that perpetuate this insanity?

Worse, children are considered fair prey to drug-pushing Big Pharma.  They’re always finding new ways to vaccinate, inoculate, inject and otherwise peddle their poisons onto and into our children.  They pay off legislators to create laws allowing them to experiment on children with their flu shots and a never-ending gamut of “must-have” and even “illegal-to-avoid” drugs.  Parents cannot enroll their children in public schools these days without submitting to a whole list of legally-mandated (actually “forced”) vaccinations.  In a video made during an event in New York, medical investigator Gary Null explains how there is no scientific basis supporting vaccines (http://thedailybell.com/3690/VIDEO-Medical-Investigator-Gary-Null-Claims-No-Scientific-Basis-for-Vaccines).

This in itself seems an astounding assertion—until you begin to investigate the evidence and find that it is true.  Watch Dr. Russell Blaylock in an interview by The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, describe some of the dangers of vaccines: (http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=DFBE7C32CBDBF43B7342333B7D827EB0.)  Big Pharma is consistently deceiving us, the public, trying desperately to get us to believe that unless we continue to get their vaccinations we’ll all suffer terribly from any number diseases that have rarely caused disease.  Most medical doctors know nothing about vaccines. These vaccines actually prevent natural cellular immunity.  They wind up causing certain increased risk to many diseases such as autism and autism.  Those in Big Pharma know these dangers very well.  They won’t have their own infants be vaccinated.  Would the CEOs of Big Pharma dare take these vaccines?  They won’t take their own medicine—not the H1N1 vaccine, not the yearly flu vaccines, not any of them.  They should be required to publically take all their own off-the-shelf vaccines.  Check out www.russellblaylockmd.com.

Wanna know more about the scoundrels in Big Pharma?  Check out “How to Discover Criminal Organizations Selling Vaccines in 3 easy steps”: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150507028087018.  You don’t have to dig far to discover the blatant greed and avarice, the almost total disregard for human life, the utter hubris of these people.  Of course, there are many excellent physicians and surgeons, family practitioners and other specialists among medical doctors, good folks who happen to be involved in a very corrupt system.  The smarter among then are aware of this, and so do their best to make the most of it and actually help their patients in the midst of the insanity.  And then there are the nurses in the hospitals, the ones who are involved in most of the real healing that takes place in that medicine.  To get a sense of how we’ve been hoodwinked, tricked and frightened into believing the so-called necessity of vaccines, watch the Gary Null video Vaccine Nation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVqmg5oZ87U.

We often hear thru the lamestream media about so-called “medical research”.  “Medical research” is turning out to anything but genuine research.  It is so full of holes, and has massive amounts of data showing it to be false.  And yet, many still honor it with a kind of sacred religious reverence—whereas, in reality it is a church of biological mysticism.  Please note: Big Pharma will only offer treatments for symptoms, and never a cure for ailments.  In fact, cures are bad for Big Pharma because cures do not make money for them.  Profits are gained only from numerous, endless, and senseless treatments, never from cures.  This is part of the evil New World Order depopulation agenda (see A Poisoned World, Part 1, http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=AB4BC6F3689668364D95BF2F709EE68E).

Iatrogenic and Nosocomial Disease

Voltaire is quoted as having said, “Doctors are those who give drugs of which they know little, into bodies—of which they know less, for diseases of which they know nothing.”  The term “iatrogenic” means doctor-caused, and “nosocomial” means hospital-caused.  First, a brief look at hospitals.  Hospitals and drugs together may well be the #1 cause of death in the USA.  Hospitals are very good at acute care.  This means that if you have, e.g., an automobile accident and a leg is broken or your body otherwise needs emergency help (blood transfusion, extreme pain medication, etc.), the hospital is the place to be.  This is often also the case for certain diagnoses.  However, for just about everything else—especially for chronic degenerative diseases—you are advised to stay as far away from hospitals as possible.  This is no exaggeration.

In the hospital setting, the patient (Pt) has power.  But, typically, the Pt doesn’t know this.  Even if you sign a form, you can un-sign it verbally.  If you tell hospital personnel not to touch you and they do, that’s assault, and you can contact the police on them.  You can change your mind about your personal care—including in hospital.  Putting a stop to certain procedures in hospital could save your life.  It’s good to have someone with you when in hospital—as a guard to protect you and your interests: your health!  You have a right to this.  In hospital, you are particularly vulnerable on weekends, when “second-string” staff is in attendance.  This is by far when most “accidents” occur, and you don’t want to be one of them.  You want to go out the same door you went in—not being wheeled out the back door!

Hospitals offer various products and services, and they want you to accept them without question.  It’s really up to you as the Pt to accept or reject.  They usually have you sign a contract on admittance as to your care there.  Cross out anything you don’t like or otherwise don’t agree to.  If they make your signing and agreeing to everything on the form a condition of your admittance, ask them to put that in writing—that they won’t admit you unless you hand yourself over to them completely and unconditionally.  That’s a legal document.  You make the rules and they have to follow them.  They know this, but they hope you don’t.  They’re counting on you not knowing this—so they can maximize their profits on you.

It is unfortunate, but this is what these institutions are all about: money.  They are not really run to help you be healthy.  You may actually survive your stay there, but in general it won’t be because of their food, their environments, their kindly attitude toward you, or their superior health care.  Yes, it’s true that some hospitals are better than others—definitely.  To be fair, there are many hospital staff that try their best under these difficult circumstances to help the Pt.  But this whole system desperately needs a complete overhaul.  It needs to be Pt.-and-health oriented, not profit-oriented.  These are all more reasons you should always have your spouse or a close relative or at least a good friend with you when entering a hospital for care.   Check out the book, Hospitals and Health, by Hoffer, Saul and Hickey.  Even better (for an overall picture): The GREAT Liquid Diet (www.eyology.com).

Some Medical Irony

Meanwhile, within this crazy, insane system of “health” (actually mostly disease-care in the USA), there was actually a great deal of real healing going on.  Not that much in hospitals, or in the offices of MDs, but elsewhere in the private sector, via various licensed and unlicensed healers.  These especially include the true “barefoot healers”, the traditional Nutritionists and the Traditional Naturopaths.  But we can also often include the Naturopathic Physicians, the Acupuncturists, the Chiropractors knowledgeable in natural Nutrition, the Foot Reflexologists, the Massage Technicians, and many more such healers.  As mentioned elsewhere in this document, these people have routinely been made fun of, vilified, persecuted, and even (and often) ruthlessly prosecuted by this awful “medical-industrial complex” or “establishment medicine”.

Instead of intelligently recognizing other modalities as at least potentially valid, and allowing their testing, this monstrous system has attacked and suppressed and ruined the careers and lives of what they most often saw as a threat to their profits.  This has been documented in many books, including Medical Armageddon, by Michael Culbert.  Your author knows many cases of such persecution.  I know from personal experience.  And it’s ironic that many of these ivory tower medical doctors, in their hubris, are now cashing in on what they’ve learned from the barefoot healers, profiting financially via their honored credentials.  They appear on TV, write books, create videos and CDs and movies, selling the very natural foods and vitamins and life-positive health practices they persecuted the natural healers for.

While the natural healers where busy teaching people to be truly healthy, these assholes were raking in the cash, swaggering before genuflecting audiences, peddling their poisonous drugs for their pimps, Big Pharma.  They looked down on the likes of the natural healers, even setting up local government watchdog committees to entrap and catch us “medical heretics” and “offenders” who dared to encroach on their turf by offering dietary and lifestyle advice, herbs, and nutritional supplements.  I lived thru that era.  It’s still happening, but now these hotshots gloat over their fame while selling the very products they persecuted the rest of us for.  “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”  (—Hippocrates)  And, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his/her patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  (—Edison)  They act as tho they somehow own these phrases or invented them.  So, now, we who suffered their awful system continue to watch this mummery.  Ironic.

We could go on and on with this theme, but you get the point.  The current system is rotten to the core.  It must and it will fall.  And millions of lives will be saved in the process.  Robert Mendelsohn, MD, once said (paraphrasing) that the whole world would be better off if all medical doctors would be dropped into the ocean.  Of course, he’s referring to their drug-cut-burn training at the hands of Big Pharma.  Let an herb or vitamin be somehow associated with someone’s death and there is a big media hubbub, it is immediately taken off the market, and banned forever—even tho it may have been used safely for millennia.  But improperly tested pharmaceutical drugs kill tens of thousands every day, making billions of dollars for Big Pharma.  When they are finally found to be harming and killing people, there’s a brief outcry, barely noted by the drug-paid media, and they are quietly replaced by another such drug.  I give you our system of medicine.

What is “Cure?”

Big Pharma-dominated-and-controlled modern medicine considers “cure” as a patient surviving for a period of time, maybe a few weeks or months, with some semblance of improvement.  Otherwise, they seem always to have the word “treatment” or “successful treatment” in there somewhere.  Of course, the patient may die soon after such a “cure”, but that doesn’t seem to matter.  Hey, they got their “cure”, didn’t they?  What ever happened to patient involvement in the health and healing process?  That doesn’t seem to matter to them.  The patient is simply a meat body to “treat”, to throw drugs into, to irradiate or cut into surgically: drug, cut and burn.  Treat the symptoms.  This is not medicine, folks.  This is cowardice, trickery, hubris, or—in more modern parlance—quackery!

“Cure” has three parts:

  • the patient must have a clear sense of how the problem developed
  • they need to know what to do to resolve it
  • they have to do it

If you break an arm, you need to know how it happened, where to go to get it set, and then do it.  If you develop so-called “diabetes”, you should (a.) go to someone who knows it’s curable and can teach this to you, (b.) learn from him/her how you got the disorder—mainly, what you ate—then (c.) be taught the dietary changes needed, plus exercise and a few herbs and nutritional supplements, and then finally (d.) go home and do it!

Most diseases—especially the so-called chronic degenerative ones—are cured outright via living foods, especially via raw liquid drinks: fresh raw juices and “smoothies” (blender drinks).  We’re talking “diabetes”, “cancer”, “ALS” (or Lou Gehrig’s disease), Scleroderma—all of them.  As long as they’re not truly at the terminal stage, they should be able to be stopped and in most cases reversed.  Even some so-called “terminal” conditions have been cured via natural methods.  However, besides not being truly terminal, the other necessary quality for healing is (in general) “patient compliance”: the patient has to be willing to submit to a program of natural health.  Of course, you’re not going to hear such things coming out of the “lame-stream” media—much less from the institutes of modern drug-cartel medicine.  Why not?  They’re not interested in wellness.  There’s no money in wellness.  They want you sick—so you can continue to purchase their drugs.  It’s all a great big scam.

To say this another way: virtually all chronic degenerative diseases can be healed simply via raw liquids!  This has been your author’s direct clinical experience—for over 40 years (since 1972).  We’re talking fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices (juicer drinks) and fruit / nut and (especially) fruit-veggie (or “green”) smoothies (blender drinks).  Even the approximately 5% of disorders that are genetic anomalies can be benefitted and in some real sense improved—i.e., the life of the patient can be made much more comfortable and pleasant—via these pure liquids, than if the patient (Pt) were to continue on the usual silly diet like the standard American diet (SAD diet) that typically includes various percentages of junk foods, processed foods, and otherwise more-than-50%-cooked foods.

Other Modalities of Natural Healing

There are many other natural healing modalities and methods.  Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Acupressure, Foot Reflexology—the list is long.  What can appear to be miraculous healing can occur simply by one or more persons simply focusing their attention on a healthy organ in a body that has some disease process like a cancerous tumor.  They can use a word as a mantra, any word or phrase that makes sense in a healing circumstance, such as “It’s already healed.”  One or more of the healers would stand or sit near the patient and chant the phrase over and over while steadily visualizing the specific organ healed and disease-free.  Within moments, the tumor will shrink and disappear.

Many means of such natural healing have been known and practiced thru-out the ages.  Such have included healing via sound, colored lights, the strategic use of crystals, and various combinations of these—and more.  However, when we have a culture that has lost its sense of unity with Nature and its sense of brotherhood with humanity, we wind up with what we have currently: division, guilt, greed, non-cooperation, non-responsibility, and all manner of monstrous egoic acts against The Law.

Big Pharma Fear

Imagine my disappointment when I first began to study medicine.  I heard of a book called, The Physician’s Desk Reference.  I naively imagined it to be full of timely tips on how to help the patient heal.  It turned out to be a book on drugs—not street drugs: pharmaceutical drugs—you know, the kind that kill people every day.  Was I ever disappointed!  And then, I heard about The Merck Manual.   That turned out to be much more useful.  Still, it was disconcerting to see how many disorders were listed as “etiology unknown”.  They claimed to not know where the disease came from, how it developed.  It took me a few years to figure this one out: disease organisms multiply in a body that is immune-compromised from poor diet and life-negative lifestyle—including mental-emotional depression.  Did Merck’s Manual talk about this?  What do you think?

The big drug companies don’t want you to know these things.  Of course, not!  That you can literally eat your way to good health, that you can be well simply from pure raw foods, regular exercise, early bed time, etc. (The BIG 7).  Hell, no!  To them, that’s really dangerous stuff, dangerous knowledge.  They want you dumbed-down and buying their drugs and listening to the drug commercials in the lame-stream media, the commercials that come on TV so regularly.  They want you to think, “Oh, poor me!  I’ve been victimized by cancer.  Why, God?  Why me?  I’m such a nice person.”

Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know that you ate your way there, that you worried your way there, that you got there by living this stressed-out lifestyle—as your freedoms were being gradually stolen from you by them and their heartless corporate cronies.  They don’t want you to be able to buy organic produce—or even to grow it.  They make laws against nutritional supplements, and when one person dies from some bad batch or vitamins (if, indeed, that actually happened), they have it permanently banned.  Forget that their government-approved-and-regulated drugs kill tens of thousands every day.  Forget that they pay off Congressmen and Senators to pass legislation to require you to have your infants and children vaccinated—with poisons.  Required by law.  For the sake of their profits.  The last thing Big Pharma wants is for you to be health self-responsible and health-unexploitable.  Be very clear on this.

Vaccination, Immunity and Health

Arguments presented by Big Pharma regarding immunity are specious and questionable at best.  Their “research” to prove the efficacy of their “medicines” has been shown so often to be bogus, phony, unreliable, deceptive, full of errors and even outright lies.  The evidence of this is overwhelming, and yet they persist, driven by enormous power and money.  Much of the “progress” they claim regarding the elimination of human diseases is more the result of simple improvements in plumbing, sanitation and improved food production, transportation and availability during the 20th Century.

“Immunity” refers to protection against disease, via specific or non-specific mechanisms.  There are different kinds of “immunity”.  There is humoral immunity, pertaining to antibodies in the blood, as opposed to cellular immunity.  There is acquired immunity and innate immunity, active immunity and passive immunity.  And then there are all the other branches of so-called “immunity” from there (adoptive, anti-bacterial, anti-toxic, anti-viral, artificial, cell-mediated, concomitant, etc.)  However, without all the heady scientific explanations of these, the “best” immunity comes with simple good health practices.  It occurs (theoretically, most effectively) in the circumstance of a Wisdom Culture.  But notice this regarding these “booster” shots: why should “immunity” need to be “boosted” via all these extra shots when just one dose of natural childhood measles provides life-long “immunity” to measles?

In our imagined Wisdom Culture—but based on real-world experiences, circumstances we’ve already witnessed and known historically and experientially—we see that a child whose life is guided by love and lived in a circumstance of kindness and peace, has in general a strong natural immunity.  S/he suckles at mother’s breasts, thus receiving his/her first in-the-world and out-of-mother’s-womb immunity.  This is powerful stuff!

As a little child, s/he plays in the dirt, with the feet enjoying the grounded natural Earth energies that contribute to developed immune strength (and please, don’t ask me to explain this “scientifically”—altho there’s plenty of even that kind of “evidence” now).  The natural untainted living food provided to the child by the intelligent parents within this Wisdom Culture further strengthens immunity—simply because the cells of the human body are designed by Nature to receive food as it comes from Nature: whole, ripe, raw, and in the local environment.  The loving and mentally-emotionally supportive environment of our Wisdom Culture (we’re imagining) provides further great support for the immune system.  This has been proven by several experiments by such as the Heart Math Group, the American military and various Russian researches—and otherwise as reported by Greg Braden: simply feeling such positive emotions as gratitude and love enormously boosts immunity.

There are a number of points we’re making here, but mainly that the best immunity is provided naturally and in circumstances we can create here without resorting to injected substances—and certainly not forced injections, legally and politically mandated vaccinations that are really there to bolster the power and financial position of Big Pharma, and definitely NOT to “protect the public” against “terrible disease outbreaks” and “epidemics” and “pandemics”.  We prevent such spread-of-disease disasters simply by building natural immunity via education, via encouraging good health and lifestyle practices, not by injecting potentially deadly substances into infants in increasing doses.  Such doses keep increasing, and along with them such diseases as Autism.

Finally, we have the theories of such as Andrew Moulden, MD, suggesting that virtually all vaccination is bad medicine (Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines).  This is revolutionary stuff, and must be considered by any serious scientist.  Moreover, any serious adult should consider the evidence against Big Pharma’s barrage of propaganda and silly so-called “science” and “research”.  Not only is it overwhelmingly obvious that the whole idea of jabbing infants with these vaccines is questionable, but exposing them to over 40 such injections is absolutely insane.  You have to be nutty to even think that you’re not playing Russian roulette with your infant’s life in such case.

To be fair, there are some drugs that are useful, like certain pain killers, e.g.  And some people—especially during the transition to the New Culture—will need to continue (for a time, at least) taking certain pharmaceutical medications—as, e.g., blood thinners and heart and diabetes meds—until the natural analogues can be used while they transition away from the need for the drugs.  There are always some who resist mightily, and they may need to continue taking the meds to the end of their lives.  The more intelligent will make the switch to natural herbs, Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic, and other natural therapies and substances, along with pure diet and life-positive lifestyle.  As Wisdom Cultures grows, the need for drugs and chemicals will steadily diminish, as will disease—even while research in those areas continue.

Radical Healing

The term “radical” comes from the Latin “radix” meaning “going to the root”.  Some have confused this word with the term “extremist”, which can be associated with some religious zealot nut-case carrying a machinegun and lurking in the shadows, waiting to blow us to pieces.  But, that’s just what our government wants us to believe—that there’s one of them behind every bush, so we should give up all our freedoms for the sake of “security” they (gov’t) promise to provide for us and keep us safe, whereas the real question is, “Who is going to keep us safe from them?”  So, the term “radical”, then, is important and can be very positive—as in getting to the heart of the matter, instead of beating around “every bush”!

In medicine, there actually is a body of Radical Healing wisdom available to us.  This will be brot out in these pages.  In Radical Healing, we learn why cure is not the goal of the healer—and what a true healer does.  We learn right use of each type of medicine, the role of the healer and the healee, the signs that require immediate medical attention, raw liquid therapy, and hands-on healing and the transfer of healing energies.  Basically, this is all about health beyond cure, what should rightly be taught to every healer and otherwise in every medical school in the world.

Abortion / Women’s Rights

No woman truly wants to have an abortion.  It’s like saying, “Gee, I can hardly wait to get to my dentist’s office and get a root canal!”  (Never get a root canal, anyway—which is another story.)  She may need an abortion, and may seek one out, and it may even save her life—or otherwise prevent a lot of unneeded suffering—but she certainly will not look forward to the experience.  Moreover, if she’d intelligently taken right precautions in the first place or hadn’t been careless (unless she was raped, tricked or simply ignorant of how the body works), she’d not likely be in that situation.

So, it’s essentially about education: how to use the body rightly, how to use sexuality rightly, birth control (including preferably natural BC), morality training—this is the best prevention of unwanted pregnancy.  We are obviously not adequately dealing with this training.  Still, there are times when abortion is necessary, as any good physician knows.  Legally, in terms of rights, a woman’s body is her own, and thus no one should be able to tell her what she can or cannot do with it—i.e., force her to (or prevent her from) this or that medicine, this or that medical procedure.

If, as a woman, you believe that women should not have abortions, that’s your right—to believe that.  Just don’t force other women to accept your beliefs.  If you’re a man with such beliefs (other than a male physician who has seen and experienced what women go thru), same goes for you—only double!  So, remember: no one wants abortion, but there are times when it’s necessary.  Let’s minimize those times thru creation of a Wisdom Culture.  Meanwhile, regarding making laws against it, my Rx is: be tolerant of the feelings, beliefs and circumstances of others.  Consider keeping your religious beliefs on this subject to yourself and to those who can appreciate them—instead of requiring them to do what you feel is right for them.  You have no “God-given right” to force your beliefs on others.

In a blog entitled, 10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the USA is Nuts, Soraya Chemaly lists the following (excerpts):

“The rest of the civilized world thinks this country has lost its mind.  It’s no wonder.  Look at this list of frenzied misogyny: 

1. Making women carry still-born fetuses to full term because cows and pigs do. This week, Mr. England, you supported a bill, the net effect of which, taken tandem with other restrictions, will result in doctors and women being unable to make private, medically-based, critical care decisions and some women being effectively forced to carry their dead or dying fetuses. Women are different from farm animals, Mr. England, and this bill, requiring a woman to carry a dead or dying fetus is inhumane and unethical. By forcing a woman to do this, you are violating her right not to be subjected to inhuman treatment and tortured. And, yes, involuntarily carrying a dead fetus to term, although not torture to you or to a pig, is torture for a woman. It is also a violation of her bodily integrity and a threat to her life and as such violates her right to life. 

2. Consigning women to death to save a fetus. Abortions save women’s lives. “Let women die” bills are happening all over the country. There is no simple or pretty way to put this. Every day, all over the world, women die because they do not have access to safe abortions. Yet, here we are, returning to the dark ages of maternal sacrifice. Do really have to type this sentence: this is a violation of women’s fundamental right to life. 

3. Criminalizing pregnancy and miscarriages and arresting, imprisoning and charging women who miscarry with murder, like Rennie Gibbs in Mississippi or at least 40 other similar cases in Alabama or like Bei Bei Shuai, a woman who is now imprisoned, is charged with murder after trying to commit suicide while pregnant. Pregnant women are becoming a special class subject to “special” laws that infringe on their fundamental rights. 

4. Forcing women to undergo involuntary vaginal penetration (otherwise called rape) with a condom-covered, six- to eight-inch ultrasound probe.  Pennsylvania is currently considering that option along with 11 other states. Trans-vaginal ultrasounds undertaken without a woman’s consent are rape according to the legal definition of the word. This violates a woman’s bodily integrity and also constitutes torture when used, as states are suggesting, as a form of control and oppression. Women have the right not to be raped by the state. 

5. Disabling women or sacrificing their lives by either withholding medical treatment or forcing women to undergo involuntary medical procedures. We impose an unequal obligation on women to sacrifice their bodily integrity for another. For example, as in Tysiac v. Poland, in which a mother of two, became blind after her doctor refused to perform an abortion that she wanted that would have halted the course of a degenerative eye disease. If my newborn baby is in need of a kidney and you have a spare matching one, can I enact legislation that says the state can take yours and give it to her? No. We do not force people to donate their organs to benefit others, even those who have already been born. One of the most fundamental of all human rights is that humans be treated equally before the law. Denying a woman this right is a violation of her equal right to this protection. 

6. Giving zygotes “personhood” rights while systematically stripping women of their fundamental rights. There is too much to say about the danger of personhood ideas creeping into health policy to do it here. But, consider what happens to a woman whose womb is not considered the “best” environment for a gestating fetus in a world of personhood-for-zygote legislation: who decides the best environment — the state, her insurance company, her employer, her rapist who decides he really, really wants to be a father? Anyone but a woman. 

7. Inhibiting, humiliating and punishing women for their choices to have an abortion for any reason by levying taxes specifically on abortion, including abortions sought by rape victims to end their involuntary insemination, imposing restrictive requirements like 24 hour wait periods and empowering doctors to lie to female patients about their fetuses in order to avoid prosecution. In Arizona, Kansas, Texas, Virginia, Colorado, Arkansas and other states around the country bills that make women “pay” for their choices are abounding. 

8. Allowing employers to delve into women’s private lives and only pay for insurance when they agree, for religious reasons, with how she chooses to use birth control. In Arizona, which introduced such a bill this week, this means covering payment for birth control as a benefit only when a woman has proven that she will not use it to control her own reproduction (i.e. as birth control). As much as I am worried about women and families in Arizona though, I am more worried about those in Alabama. You see, as recently revealed in a public policy poll in Alabama, conservative, evangelicals who support “personhood” related “pro-life” legislation and are fighting for their “religious liberty” — 21 percent think interracial marriage should be illegal. So, what if they decide that an employee involved in an interracial marriage should not, by divine mandate, reproduce? Do they switch and provide birth control for this employee? Do they make contraception a necessary term of employment for people in interracial marriages? This violates a woman’s right to privacy. My womb is one million times more private than your bedrooms, gentlemen. 

9. Sacrificing women’s overall health and the well-being of their families in order to stop them from exercising their fundamental human right to control their own bodies and reproduction. Texas just did that when it turned down $35million dollars in federal funds thereby ensuring that 300,000 low-income and uninsured Texas women will have no or greatly-reduced access to basic preventive and reproductive health care. 

10. Depriving women of their ability to earn a living and support themselves and their families. Bills like this one in Arizona allow employers to fire women for using contraception. Women like these are being fired for not.

Chronic Degenerative Disease

Will corporate-owned TV reveal that every chronic degenerative disease, including cancer, is both curable and preventable via natural means—especially via natural raw diet, unless late in the terminal stage?  Of course not!  Doctors, physicians and healers can and should be involving the patient in the healing process, practicing natural health, and teaching patients about pure hi-raw or all-raw vegetarian diet, life-positive lifestyle (see The BIG 7 detailed in the book, The GREAT Liquid Diet), and how to be health self-responsible and health-unexploitable.  (For the very best specifically on diet, see the book, Green Gorilla).  Three main objectives of the true healer: (1) help the patient understand how they got the disease, (2) get them to be responsible for it and to change their act accordingly, and (3) get energy moving down the frontal energy line of the body.

The signers of the American Constitution neglected to include the obvious natural God-Given Right to every human being to have the freedom to choose the type of food and medicine they want to take into or otherwise administer to the body.  The so-called “father of medicine” Hippocrates, is said to have stated, “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”  As a physician, I learned the truth of this.  But it has been brushed aside by the giant drug-company-dominated medical industry.  They have tried in every possible way to squelch it, prevent it from being known, or eliminate it totally.  They have failed.  But they keep trying.  They have much money and power, but there are more of us than there are of them—and we are onto them.

HEALTH: What We Can Do

Learn the basics of health—The BIG 7—and practice these to the best of your ability daily.  Teach them to everyone you know.  Check out www.Mercola.com and www.NaturalNews.com.  Resort to Naturopathic doctors, Massage Technicians, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, and natural Nutritionists instead of the regular Allopathic MDs and their drugs—unless absolutely necessary.  Stay away from hospitals (and their silly “Registered Dietitians”—who don’t know shit about health) as much as possible—unless it’s an emergency.  Get into the alternatives: herbs, natural nutritional supplements, walking barefoot on the bare earth and grass and sand, and get out into the sunlight.  Study The GREAT Liquid Diet and Green Gorilla.  By these means, free yourself from the whole pattern of ill-health, disease, psychophysical problems and imbalances.  Understand this: there’s always some thing or other wrong with the body.  Nobody has perfect health.  But some measure of balance, equanimity, of radiant health, is our birthright—and with some discipline you can enjoy this.


The BIG 7 practices that can most easily serve to keep us balanced, diseasefree & otherwise healthy at all levels of being:

1 – Pure hi-raw or all-raw natural vegetarian Diet

2 – Right Exercise appropriate to your age and circumstance

3 – Regular early bedtime for adequate Rest and sleep

4 – Natural Hygiene, or cleanliness and balance

5 – Right Occupation, or best use of time in service to all

6 – Natural and pleasurable Environments, including the company we keep

7 – Spiritual study and practice: cultivating sensitivity to the Very Context of our existence

We need to re-connect with the healing powers of the earth itself, to get our feet in the soil, sand and water.  Try to get your bare feet onto the earth, the dirt, for at least a few minutes every day.  There are energies in the earth that are healing and balancing of our bodily energies.  Strangely, simply having our bare feet in the dirt is powerfully healing.  We need to get outside in the sunlight once again, breathing fresh air and walking barefoot in the grasses.  The BIG 7 are described in much more detail in the book, The GREAT Liquid Diet.


In the 1940s, supermarkets carried some 800 different items.  Today, there are over
40,000 items for sale—most of them totally unfit to eat.  They contain “food processing chemicals” and various other substances that do not grow on trees or otherwise out of the
earth.  They are manufactured in laboratories.  And if they do not outright kill the lab animals exposed to them, they go into food that is then offered to us to eat.  When is the last time you picked a butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) from a local tree?  Children who have been fed this garbage are now walking our streets, many of them obese or grossly overweight—and therefore sick.  Diseases are rampant in this country.  Diabetes is at or near epidemic levels.  People die of heart disease and cancer.  Every one of us knows a friend or relative suffering from these diseases. Maybe we are!  How did it get this
way?  More importantly, how can we bring back some modicum of sanity to our diets, to the food we eat?  http://www.nextworldtv.com/page/10430.html.  We’ve got to get small and get local!

Here’s a quote from a piece by Ronnie Cummins of Organic Consumers Association, called America’s Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic: Junk Food Kills.  “The U.S. industrial food and farming system, dominated by fast food restaurants and processed, chemical-laden food, has precipitated a public health crisis. Although nutritionists recommend that consumers avoid eating unhealthy junk foods, every day 75 million Americans “supersize” themselves and damage their health by eating at McDonald’s or other fast food restaurants. Forty percent of American meals are now purchased and consumed outside the home, typically consisting of high-calorie, low-nutrition items such as soft drinks, French fries, and low-grade meat, laced with fat, cheap sweeteners, pesticide residues, chemical additives, and salt. We have become a Fast Food Nation of bulging waistlines and high blood pressure.”

In my many years of experience of clinic work (since 1972) with thousands of patients, plus all my personal experiments on my own body with a variety of diets, I concluded at some point that the healthiest persons were those that took an essentially vegetarian diet of hi-raw or all-raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.  These, of course, are best locally grown, and are (to the best of our ability) free of pesticides, non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), not grown in chemically-fertilized soils, non-irradiated, and thus basically as “natural” as possible.  I tend to avoid using the term “organic” here because it’s been given various meanings.  But, you get the idea.  We’re not suggesting that some Simon-pure totally-raw diet will make you absolutely healthy much less happy.  Diet has nothing to do with happiness.  At best, it can allow a semblance of balance in the lower body-mind and emotions.  But, after all, that’s a lot.  Watch the new documentary, FOODMATTERS.

Adi Da said it best.  Paraphrasing, “The gross physical body is a food body.  The quality and quantity of the food we eat largely determines the health of the gross physical body—and the lower sense-mind and emotions.”  In terms of disease, He goes on: “Therefore, the first treatment for any disease of the gross physical body is and rightly should be a food treatment.”

This, of course, heralds back to the famous quote attributed to the ancient physician, Hippocrates: “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”  Why is it so hard for us to accept this?  Could it be because many of our favorite foods are anything but medicinal?  We don’t see it happening in our bodies because the processes are slow, so the degeneration happens by degrees.  And then, also, there is very clever cover-up of the facts of this process by the food industry and by Big Pharma and by food transporters and many other support industries that fear we may find out and start growing our own local natural foods.  Bottom line: Many of our favorite foods are killing us.


In traditional cultures, especially those prior to modern civilization, we lived in small wandering human groups.  We cared for our elderly, who never left us except in physical death.  In many modern societies, our lives are too busy, too crowded with events, not rightly balanced and managed, to rightly care for them.  So, we have created “rest homes”, places where we shove our elderly off to fade away, to get them out of our busy lives until they die.  They miss the interaction with the full age-spectrum of adults, adolescents, children and infants.  This problem is solved by creating cooperative communities (CoopComs) of variously-sized but human-scale groups that share energies.  Such CoopComs, themselves consisting of the full range of age groups and skills, easily have the wherewithal to care for the elderly properly among their own members.

Moreover, when people live rightly, eat essentially pure and purifying foods, the elder or very old members of the human group can have clear minds and mentality, generally good health and longevity up until the last few days of their life.  They will then suddenly feel very tired.  They will lose their appetite, and with a few days or even hours, will simply release the physical body (see the book, Easy Death).  This is noble death—as opposed to the death we so often see: the dying person has any of several chronic degenerative diseases, and lies there in a hospital bed for months and months, with tubes and wires attached to the body, machines keeping some semblance of life in them.  Meanwhile, nurses, doctors, insurance agents and relatives hover and circle like vultures.  This is hi-tech death: it’s in, it’s new, it’s now!  And you can have it!  I’ll take a noble death—every time, thank you very much!

Yes, some older people are just old punks, old farts.  You know the ones: they have to have their beer and cigarettes, their petty indulgences.  They’re grumpy and grouchy and generally a pain in the ass to be with.  They’re like spoiled little brats that need a spanking.  These people never got straightened out by life, never got properly kicked in the butt and learned the Lesson of Life: you cannot become happy—you can only BE happy.  You have to practice happiness; and they don’t know how to do this.  Otherwise, there are the elderly who have learned many things in their long lives and can be of real service to those around them.  These people need to be honored and respected.  In any case, all need to be cared for properly.  Everyone needs love.  We must be sensitive to this—especially with the physically vulnerable, which includes the very young and the very old.  The very old and the very young need to be near each other.  And they need special care, which we tend to forget.

Speaking of forgetting the elderly, consider the Federal Government of the USA: In an OpEd article published 15Jun12, Paul Craig Roberts writes: “What we have witnessed in the 21st century is a clear decision by political elites and the private interests that control them that gratuitous wars are more important than the elderly.  In the budget deliberations it is not the trillion dollar annual budgets of the military/security complex that are seen as excessive. Instead, the focus is on cutting the sparse benefits for the elderly.”


In ancient and traditional cultures, psychedelics and hallucinogens were used only in sacred ceremonies.  By contrast, the so-called “war on drugs” is an enormous waste of life, energy and property, and cannot possibly be “won”.  Marijuana, e.g., is a basically harmless substance with some medicinal use.  We must stop ruining people’s lives on the basis of its “illegal” possession.  Moreover, when we get into pure raw diet as part of a wholesome and life-positive lifestyle within a true Culture of Wisdom we realize no need for these substances.

Tobacco cigarettes have caused much suffering and many deaths.  Advertising has been a major part of this situation, but, of course, at bottom it’s the culture in which we live—the Crazy Random Culture most of us live in.  In a true Wisdom Culture smoking wouldn’t even happen, children being taught from an early age to enjoy their Native Happiness—and thereby not needing such products.  Now, laws are passed banning smoking such cigarettes in many places.  Smokers are required to ban themselves to places where they cause the least irritation to those who don’t smoke—and with good reason.  However, banning smoking completely won’t work to stop people smoking.  And banning smoking everywhere, especially in bars and casinos where smokers and drinkers especially like to frequent, is ridiculous.

People who abuse these substances are essentially just looking for Happiness (“in all the wrong places”, as the song goes).  In the Talk entitled, Happiness is Beyond Pleasure and Need, Adi Da describes this entire circumstance perfectly.  When Happiness (the happiness that is inherent) is located and practiced, it needn’t (of course) be sought—anywhere, including in these substances.  They may be used in special celebratory occasions and/or in sacred ceremonies, but in such cases such use is “use”, or right use—not “abuse”.

The so-called “war on drugs” in the USA has had many adherents, almost all of whom are greatly profiting financially from it: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/government-corruption/the-invisible-american-workforce.html.

This link should convince you of yet more government corruption and collusion with Big Corporate to get ever-increasing numbers of prisoners into the already overly-bloated USA prison system to enslave them as cheap labor (less expensive than foreign and no over-seas expenses).  Just bust as many pot smokers as possible and make them work for you for cheap.  Marijuana smoking is a victimless crime.  Many lives have been ruined by criminalizing it.  Of course, certain drugs are potentially and even outright dangerous and need to be managed and restricted by law, but not this one.  Most dangerous drugs are pharmaceuticals, including the vaccines forced onto our infants.


FOOD / FEEDING THE PLANET: Hunger, Starvation, and Food for All

A world population of 3 billion with smaller families is obviously easier to feed than one of 7 billion with families of far more.  This happens essentially thru education.  The more educated generally have smaller families.  We must teach and encourage each other to eat (and provide for each other) raw, ripe, locally-grown, natural (un-tainted) vegetal foods.  This can start now with backyard gardens as we move away from giant industrial agribusiness (BigAg) that has been buying up all the small farms and poisoning the land with chemical fertilizers and ruining our food via genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticides.  Meanwhile, we can and must feed the current numbers adequately.  There are many ways to do this.  We definitely DO NOT rightly do it via mega-farms, pesticides and GMO and other toxic chemical fertilizers.  We do it with small organic farms and gardens: horticulture.

In many countries, people have been dispossessed of their land by BigAg, by churches, banksters, and various government and corporate interests.  These lands need to be returned to the people so they can grow their own food and supply themselves with the basic needs of life themselves.  This is a critical part of saving ourselves and our planet.

The mass murder of animals for food is immoral, inhumane, extremely wasteful of land, and ruinous to resources and land—which land is more efficiently put into production for vegetal food.  The sharing of wealth and compassion is a major part of this equation. With all our current wealth, there is no need for starvation and hunger (see www.ONE.org).  A Global Cooperative Forum can easily arrange this (see the book, Not-Two Is Peace) over the Internet.

Food Sovereignty

The concept of food sovereignty means more than mere freedom to eat the food one chooses and to plant food and feed oneself.  It refers to our ability to be free from domination by Food, Inc., the huge multinational corporations that currently threaten to dominate food production and distribution in the world—and in the process, eliminate most of the diversity of food-bearing plants, offering us, instead, an ever-increasing variety of processed and chemicalized fake food.  As described in the recent (2012) video, GROWING CHANGE—A Journey Inside Venezuela’s Food Revolution (http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/09/01/growing-change-documentary-investigates-food-system.aspx?e_cid=20120901_DNL_artNew_1), food sovereignty involves access by the people to land, resources, and markets.  This means power being restored to communities to distribute their home-grown food fairly, to develop urban agriculture freely and openly in lots and plots of land otherwise unused.  It means developing AgroEcology, including the use of natural pest control more or less exclusively.

With food sovereignty, people gather together in their local communities to grow their own food on their own land or on land appropriated for that purpose.  This will, in some cases, require the redistribution of arable land currently “owned” by Big Corporate, by churches, by government and by single family land owners.  Such lands must revert back to the people who can and will use it rightly to grow their own food, save their own seeds, encourage diversity in food-bearing plants, develop their own markets, and distribute their home-grown food freely as appropriate.  This, of course, will create significant and positive changes in society.

When people has food sovereignty, there will be less trucking of food long distances.  People will have easy access to local-grown food, which is far more nutritious since it carries the energies of the local land it was grown on.  The “carbon footprint” will be far less, since most or even all of the food produced in a local area will consumed in that area.  People will be healthier by consuming this local-grown food for a number of reasons, including the fact that the more of this food they eat the less the degraded processed and chemicalized food they eat.   Then, there is the simple pleasure of growing one’s own food.

It takes far less land to produce natural, “organic” food for one’s family than it takes to produce on a factory farm, with its soil-ruining inorganic chemical fertilizers and people-and-bee-poisoning chemical pesticides.  When natural compost is used to feed plants, minerals from ground glacial rock are added, and trace elements from fish emulsion or compost tea, the soil develops worms and tiny soil microbes and other organisms that naturally strengthen and nourish plants so they develop natural immunity to most insects.  Only such healthy and perfectly grown plants can feed and support healthy and perfect animal and human life.  Companion planting, the strategic use of ladybugs and praying mantises, plus natural and otherwise harmless-to-humans-and-bees chemicals, can do the rest to allow fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds that are full of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients we need to be truly healthy.

Food Transport

Local-growing of food obviates most of the currently essentially silly practice of long-distance trucking and shipping.  The massive trucking of goods has been extremely environmentally destructive, economically wasteful and untenable.  Florida oranges trucked to California and California oranges trucked to Florida?  For what?  To produce more jobs, more trucks, more oil and more pollution?!  What brand of insanity should we label this!?  Such craziness cannot any longer be rationalized away as “helpful to the economy” or “serving the truckers union”.  Locally-grown food is the best and healthiest food.  It contains the energies of the location in which it’s grown—and thus feeds us best.  Colder climes can make use of variously-sized green houses with grow-lites to produce food thru-out the year—rain or shine, sleet or snow.

Comments have been rightly made about the best food for human consumption is food grown in the local area.  Part of this argument involves food that is native to the area.  While that is certainly true, another reasonable argument is food grown locally in well-insulated greenhouses with gro-lites.  Such food, even when it is not native to the area in terms of its ability to withstand the local weather, is still participating in the energies of that area.  It enjoys the same minerals and various other nutrients as the native crops plus the other natural energies of the area—including the energies of the people who cultivate and care for them.  On these bases that we can say that (e.g.) oranges, dates, coconuts, bananas, mangoes and other such fruits and nuts that would survive only in a tropical weather Zone that can be grown in (e.g.) a frigid Zone such as on the Antarctic circle can rightly and justly serve the health of those in that local weather Zone.


It is estimated conservatively that 2 billion tons of topsoil are lost every YEAR to topsoil erosion due to plowing—which means from BigAg industrial / factory farming procedures!  That means these procedures are turning our soils into dust.  It also means that the biggest export in the USA is…topsoil!  Talk about an argument for permaculture and horticulture!  (See http://www.nextworldtv.com/videos/permaculture/topsoil-erosion.html).  This means, too, that whenever the soil is turned by plowing—which it is, every year, by factory farming, the soil is then vulnerable to not only rain erosion but also to wind erosion.   That, plus intensive grazing by BigAg, has lost fully ½ of the topsoil on the North American Continent in the past 200-400 years by these means.  Historically, when you lose your topsoil, you lose your culture (see Richard Manning’s book, Against the Grain).

How did it come to this?  In the words of Mike Adams, “It’s all an agenda, my friends.  It is layer upon layer of dark agendas of control, tyranny, economic destruction and public brainwashing.  There is an agenda at work today to destroy America’s small farms and gut the small-farmer agricultural sector in its entirety.  The federal government wants nothing left but a centralized corporate-controlled genetically modified factory food monopoly, where food is stripped of all its nutrient value and contaminated with GMOs, MSG and other toxic chemicals.”  Small, local farms are being bot up by big monstrous industrial “farm-corporations.”   It is against the law to transport or sell raw milk and raw dairy.  Planting a garden in your front yard is against the law.  How did this happen?  And, why?  Is this the USA or Nazi Germany?

Industrial agriculture, otherwise known as BigAg or Factory Farming, or Industrial Farming, is destroying our planet.  It requires huge amounts of fossil fuel for the machinery and transportation of foods and goods.  It pollutes and ruins the soils, ground waters and waterways with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  It grossly abuses other so-called “higher” life forms (cattle, pigs, chickens, goats, etc.) in the name of financial profit.  Understand the principle here: BigAg is in no way about meeting the real food needs of people.  No!  It is about providing ever-increasing profits for a few powerful individuals and Big Corporate stockholders.  In fact, pretty much across the board, this insane egoic corporate growth principle is the basic reason this world is in the deep shit it is now in!

In an eye-opening video (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1721584909067928384), we see some changes occurring in Cuba that few actually know about in the USA.  Forced to confront the oil price hikes in recent years, that country and its people have been rising to the occasion.  They’ve generally realized that commercial farming has been ruining the land and causing great suffering among the people.  They’ve been moving away from an oil-based economy, particularly in the area of food production—but in other areas of society, as well.  This video provides many good ideas that Westerners in general need to know about in order to make a successful transition at the gross physical levels.

The methods of industrial agriculture are diminishing and degrading the soils of this world.  And BigAg couldn’t care less about this fact or otherwise the environment.  BigAg has been ruthlessly exploiting the labor of the poorer peoples of the world toward their loss of land, degradation and even eventual starvation, in this ever-increasing productivity junket.  Meanwhile, in all of this, they’re not looking at the Big Picture.  They’re not seeing what’s happening on the world scale (http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/crisis-civilization/).  They’re simply looking at their “bottom line”, their financial profits and their potential for growth—ever bigger, ever more powerful.  That’s the corporate theme, the corporate song, the corporate way.  And it’s been killing us all.  Bottom line: if we don’t take care of the Earth, the Earth will take care of us—by eliminating us!  We must get back to being stewards of the land, nourishing and nurturing it, and then Nature will work for us.

The whole big-box supermarket system is extremely wasteful of food.  Individual Western households throw away huge amounts of useful food each week, month after month, year after year.  Some of this food is, of course, not edible, and can be recycled into the soil to replenish it.  But there is much of this waste that can be avoided—including by dismantling this whole silly supermarket concept, where you have to drive at least once weekly to obtain your supplies of nourishment.  And most of it is junk, anyway, the product of the processed food industry: better living thru chemistry, the modern chemical feast, food able to sit exposed for years and years without degrading.  Better to grow it yourself in your own back yard, naturally, so-called “organically”, where you can trust it!

We need to move into horticulture.  Why does a package of Twinkies cost less than a bunch of carrots?  (See http://www.nextworldtv.com/page/6575.html).  Because the US Gov’t subsidizes the ingredients (there are over 40!) that go into the Twinkies and ignores the carrots.  Giant corporate AgriBusiness (BigAg) has typically insensitively raped and ruined the Earth with poisonous chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers and concentrated animal wastes, only to produce comparatively unwholesome food.  It has blithely murdered and abused animals (see the DVD movie Earthlings).  Among the many things I learned as a physician of over 40 years of clinical experience: we do not need to eat animal flesh in order to be healthy.  We far likelier to be healthy on an all-raw or nearly all-raw essentially vegetarian diet.

Most of us can easily grow our own wholesome natural and unsprayed vegetal food in our back yards and in small, human-scale cooperative communities (CoopComs) or otherwise “community gardens”, thus trusting the source of our food to be healthy and wholesome, no longer dependent on giant BigAg and their heretofore callous, careless abuse of animals, plants and the environment.

Meanwhile, one chemical company (Monsanto) is trying to buy up all other seed companies all over the world in an attempt to corner the market on the world’s seeds.  This monstrous company is obviously bereft of anything resembling human morality.  They are genetically modifying seeds so that the seeds produce only once per year, thereby bypassing Nature—and (they hope) giving Monsanto eventual control over world food production.  You talk about horrendous and diabolical plots!  Many varieties of plants—due directly to Monsanto /BigAg / Food, Inc., activities—have been entirely lost, gone forever.

This total insanity must be stopped.  Time to return to small farms, back yard and community gardens, horticulture, and especially cooperative communities (CoopComs), so we can share, exchange and develop many natural varieties of food once again.  We must grow in-season and eat locally, and thus stop the enormous waste of shipping food far distances.  Local-grown foods have the local area energies and are therefore the best for health and healing.

Living in Monsanto Nation there can be no such thing as ‘coexistence.’  It is impossible to coexist with a reckless industry that endangers public health, bribes public officials, corrupts scientists, manipulates the media, destroys biodiversity, kills the soil, pollutes the environment, tortures and poisons animals, destabilizes the climate, and economically enslaves the world’s 1.5 billion seed-saving small farmers.  It’s time to take down the Biotech Behemoth, before the living web of biodiversity is terminated.”  —Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association

America’s current system of food production (BigAg + Food, Inc.)—overly centralized and industrialized, overly controlled by a handful of companies, overly reliant on monocultures, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, chemical additives, genetically modified organisms, factory farms, government subsidies and fossil fuels—is profoundly undemocratic.  It is one more sign of how the few now rule the many. And it’s inflicting tremendous harm on American farmers, workers and consumers.”   —Eric Schlosser, “Why Being a Foodie Isn’t ‘Elitist’,” 1May2011, The Washington Post

As part of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, there was a “Farmers March” in NYC on 4Dec11 that raised awareness about BigAg, food policy and the local food movement.  A seed swap was part of this event.  One occupier passionately declared: “Farmers have been saving seeds for thousands of years. Seeds are a gift from the earth.  Seeds are gifts from our ancestors. We do not need to create seeds in labs.”  The reference is to Monsanto’s practice of creating 1-year-only-then-self-destruct GMO seeds that resist only Monsanto’s “Round-Up” pesticide and contaminate nearby organic fields.  Monsanto then files suit against those organic farmers for producing their patented GMO plants (see the video David vs. Monsanto, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLzELDt3d2I).

What we now need is a return to horticulture: see Toby Hemenway’s excellent talk describing its significance (http://www.nextworldtv.com/videos/permaculture/permaculture-can-save-the-world—–but-not-civilization.html).  This is among the more important considerations regarding our transitional move from the current common crazy random culture to a true Wisdom Culture.  It’s about the destruction and degradation of modern farming and how it simply cannot work—and how horticulture, creating gardens, and growing our own food, can turn this whole picture around.  Besides these many benefits of horticulture and gardening on the cultural level, there are enormous benefits on the health and personal level.  Getting one’s bare feet in the soil has huge health benefits, including simple “grounding” in Earth’s electrical field.

Among the very sneaky ways BigAg influences federal, district and even local governments to accept their ways and give them ever-increasing power over our food is illustrated in numerous circumstances where they are attempting to eliminate all small farms and farmers to that we are completely dependent on their essentially poor quality and very limited packaged foods.  Consider the example of Baker Green Acres (www.bakersgreenacres.com) vs. the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/9966.html).  This kind of insanity is robbing the USA of its freedom to grow local natural food and practice free-roaming livestock husbandry in the far-more-efficient small farm format.  No chemical pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no animal abuse, no habitat destruction.  This is where we need to go and where we must go: small farms, community and back-yard gardens, and horticulture.


The waters of the Earth belong to the people and non-humans and plants and mineral live (all the Earthlings) of the Earth, and have no business being “owned” by Big Corporate.  None!  The need for water is universal.  Life on our planet cannot be sustained without it.  Most animals and plants, the non-humans and humans require pure drinkable water (3% of Earth’s water).  We humans have been wasting it and abusing it thru a variety of means, like industrial farming and creating and maintaining lawns.  Huge portions of the world’s land masses are turning into deserts as a result.  Pure drinkable water is a basic human right.  Water belongs to everyone (see the award-winning documentary, Blue Gold, World Water Wars).

Monstrously abusive, immoral and inhumane companies including Coca-Cola, Nestle (both of whom peddle poisonous drink and food) and the giant water conglomerates like Suez (who seek to own the rights to the world’s water) are usurping water rights with no real regard for right uses of water or world water ecology.  They take water from local areas and sell it in other places in the world, thus depleting local water reserves, causing pollution problems from the transport of the water, denying locals their inherent right to water, and worse.

Dams are to surrounding lands like blockages in blood vessels are in the human body.  They ruin ecosystems by stopping up the natural flow of nutrients in rivers to the lands between the river’s source and the sea.  Dams thus need to be dismantled.  Over time, all of them!  Here are things we can do to begin to rightly manage our water:

—Build publically/locally-owned-and-operated desalination plants to draw water from the limitless oceans

—Local water catchments help replenish groundwater

—Decommission, phase out and dismantle dams while phasing in natural renewable power sources

—Create & install tens of thousands of in-stream micro-turbines to produce hydroelectric power

—Downsize and quickly phase out junk beverage companies (Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc.)

—Eliminate all “privatized” (corporate-owned) water

—Turn off the tap when brushing teeth and use low-flo water-heads for showering

—Limit local population growth &/or housing expansion to the availability of local water supplies

—Use local water to grow locally-grown crops

—Plant billions of trees worldwide—and stop cutting down boreal forests

—Harvest trees from tree farms we plant ourselves

—Eat food we grow ourselves locally—mostly if not exclusively

—Restore all marshes and natural wetlands

—Drink out of glass containers, not plastic (do NOT buy bottled water!)

Purest water: #1 is steam-distilled, then been placed in a capped glass container in the sun for at least one hour; #2 multiple filtered water


We are rapidly running out of oil, the substance that has powered modern industrial civilization in the past 150 years.  So-called “peak oil”, referring not merely to the Earth’s oil reserves but essentially to the production of oil, has come and gone.  This occurred approximately in 2006.  Oil shale and sands extraction is far too labor-and-energy intensive to pursue for long—or perhaps at all.  Nuclear fission power is, interestingly enuf, very oil-energy requiring in its own production and development—not to mention the great dangers involved with its vulnerability earthquake and other natural disasters PLUS the disposal of its wastes.  So, that’s out.  But, then, what’s in?

What’s in is the inexhaustible energies from the wind (wind power), the sun (solar power), the hot water and steam beneath the earth, and the energies in the waters of the oceans (wave action, etc.).  And then there’s the promise of nuclear fusion power.  Of course, harnessing these energies will require the use of oil energy to scale them up to our needs.  But, still, it’s crucial to understand that it’s virtually impossible, given the amount of available fossil-fuel energy, to scale up to the levels of need of the current industrial civilization.  This means that we will need to scale back quite significantly in our current levels of productivity.

Again, Wisdom Culture to the rescue.  In a true CoopCom, most of food we need is grown in our own greenhouse—and most of what we don’t have is available via barter with naybors.  Technology?  Everyone in the CoopCom won’t need an automobile, a copier, a printer, a fax machine, a washer-dryer, a separate refrigerator, etc., etc.  Many of these items will be shared.

The technology to power motor vehicles, homes and businesses cleanly and efficiently has long been known.  Bypassing government bureaucratic red tape and auto/oil industry fearful stonewalling, there already exists free and plentiful power for everyone via solar, ocean current/tidal, reconstituted waste, geothermal and wind energy.  True cooperative communities of 16-25 persons can pool resources and get off the grid via this power—cheaply and easily.  Meanwhile, individual families can make similar moves into sun, wind, and other natural energy sources.

Everyone knows or has heard at one time or another of inventions that can power an automobile on (say) water or corn cobs or whatever cheap source of energy.  Everyone gets excited (or did, at first) on hearing the news.  Then, just as suddenly, what happens?  We notice, at some point, Oh yeah, there was that invention, that amazing thingamajigger that this guy invented.  Whatever happened to it?  Well, whaddya think happened to it?  Big Oil bought the guy out for whatever number of millions of dollars it took, whatever his “price” happened to be.  Failing in that, they made sure the invention and/or the guy had a bad accident or otherwise just disappeared.  That’s the world we live in now, and that’s what has to change.  It starts with us as individuals: what we do, how we act, how we use the materials and energies of our lives.  It starts with educating our children to love and embrace cooperation in unity of all of life.

Phone Lines and Power Lines

Some things you just gotta pay the price for and do it right the first time around (—humorist Andy Rooney).  Phone, power and TV cable lines belong underground, not as an ugly disfiguring blight on our skies, our senses, and our views of the natural environment.  Modern community planning requires it—and for these and other very good reasons.  (Line-less power transfer technology has been known of for years, with upgrades currently in the works.)  Meanwhile, need jobs?  How many and how long will it take to get existing lines underground—all over the world!  Why?  At least to beautify our environment—and give our sense of aesthetics a break. 


Imagine no clear-cut logging, but only sustainable logging, with forests greatly increasing—forests that include the widest variety of hardwoods, softwoods, and every kind of wood in between.  We need a major replanting of our forests—especially including land that has been made into pasture for “animal husbandry”—meaning murderously and insensitively butchering various non-humans for the profits of giant Food, Inc., the factory farm corporations that dictate to us what we should eat.  (We need to release those animals into fields and forests and otherwise treat them decently like the fellow Earthlings they are—including just leaving them alone!)  Moreover, as we move more and more into computer-generated paperlessness it is easier to replant the forests.


Everything can be recycled in a waste-free environment.  Certain natural resources of this world—including oil and natural gas—are limited by the context of our increasing use.  We’ve been abusing those Earth resources as tho they are unlimited.  We can use universal 7-part recycling: wood/paper, metals, glass, plastics, organics (food/yard wastes), electronics, and drugs/chemicals.  We must do this everywhere—now!

Strip Mining

There are ways of extracting minerals from the earth only in amounts truly needed and not destructive to the landscape.  We already know how.  We must insist on these non-destructive practices.  Moreover, when we live more locally and stop the trend of consumerism, planned obsolescence, and advertising that suggests a constant need for more and more stuff (see/read The Story of Stuff), the mineral resources of our Earth can be conserved and otherwise rightly used.  When strip mining or other mining processes injure the land, the perpetrator(s) must be held accountable and thus adequately restore the area to or beyond its former natural glory.

Oil and Gas

Our energy needs have in recent decades been dominated by greedy, power-hungry, out-of-control, totally irresponsible and unaccountable, growth-and-profit-oriented, environmentally-insensitive mega-corporations who now advertise on TV how nice they are by now planning to develop green and renewable power via money they’ve extorted from the people and by government give-aways to them (our money).  It’s time they own up to what they’ve stolen and begin truly giving back.  The technology already exists to provide all of our energy needs, self-produced, “off-the-grid”, and 100% natural and renewable.

They (we all) need to get into these renewable energy developments immediately and with great resolve.  Big Oil can and should help with this movement to clean energy.  We will be needing oil for decades to come, albeit in ever-diminishing amounts, since it is used in the manufacture of plastics, drugs, and many other substances we’ve become so dependent on.  But these need to be diminished, too.  Oil is in finite supply, and many of these products are polluting and unnecessary and must be phased out—like (as Frank Lloyd Wright called it) the “infernal” combustion engine!

Meanwhile, the big power corporations must be held accountable.  If any of the 99% caused the problem in the Gulf of Mexico they’d be eviscerated!  Who in Big Oil went to jail over that disaster?  What was it—11 people—who died in that disaster?  And how many non-humans?  And how much of the environment was despoiled?  A great deal more responsibility and accountability needs to be demonstrated with Big Oil—and with the government they control.


 In a brilliant series of essays and talks on this subject (e.g., The Asana of Science, and Science is a Method, Not a Philosophy), Adi Da criticizes our modern “religion” or “priesthood” of science.  Science has no business having a philosophy—on anything—or pontificating on “everything” as tho it had carefully examined “everything”.  It’s supposed to be about methodically examining various factors of conditional existence, or “broken light” (as opposed to the Unbroken Light of the Divine).

Some years ago, a group of leading scientists publically stated that Astrology is bogus and has no foundation in truth.  They made this statement because of a prejudice toward Astrology, not because of a thoro study they’d made.  This is not science.  This is like the so-called scientists that are paid well to find positive qualities of smoking cigarettes, and disproving that there’s anything at all harmful about smoking them.  Silly science.  Pseudo-science.

Unfortunately, science has become really big business in our world, as big or bigger than common downtown religion, guiding civilization thru the ridiculous place of believing that everything is based on gross material (scientific materialism).  This is utterly absurd on the face of it.  It denies all of the various levels of being that we humans (and other beings) are capable of and engage even daily—even within moments.  We participate in many levels of being every day, moving from conscious awareness of our surroundings to conceptualizations, to reveries, to intuition, thru various mental thots, various emotional feelings, to the Spiritual, and then back—sometimes in the midst of a single sentence while talking with someone!  (For the best description of scientific materialism and its negative effects on the world, see pp1661-1668 in the book, The Aletheon, by Adi Da.)

At night, we move into dream states.  Where are dreams?  What is their size and dimensions?   It is participation in all of these realms of which we are capable that makes us human.  They are all part of us, part of Reality—not just the gross material level.  The gross material is only one narrow level of our being—and the lowest level, at that.  And science wants to make this the foundation of all of life?  This is the logic of the absurd!

It’s fine to use this tool of science to investigate various qualities in life in this world and in our universe—to make better toasters and computers.  No problem.  It certainly can be and has been useful.  But as a philosophy, it stinks!  It’s supposed to be ruthlessly honest and without any preconceived notions, biases or prejudices as to how things in an investigation are going to turn out.  As such, it’s a good method.  Not a method for hire to the highest bidder, and we’ll give you the results you’re looking for—as has happened so many, many times in the pharmaceutical industry: phony studies and fast-tracking what turn out to be killer drugs that destroy hundreds of lives until taken off the market.

We Do Not Know What Anything Is

Science and common downtown religion are in a similar category, both being inventions of the human mind.  As such, they are fallible, since both are based on point-of-view.  How many points-of-view can you take on a room before you realize that you will never know what the room really looks like in time and space?  This goes for everything, not just a room.  In other words, we do not and cannot know, via point-of-view and mental knowledge, what anything really is—which supports Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

The only way to know what a room really looks like is to view it from every possible location or viewpoint in space and time.  That is inconceivable—by the mind.  But it is nonetheless true.  Obviously, the room exists as it truly is—from every possible locale in time and space.  But, who (or “Who”) sees (or “Sees”) this?  The room can be “Known”, but not by the mind.  The mind (point-of-view) has to be transcended.  So, what is that comprehensive “View”?  “God” is as good a word as any—or perhaps “Consciousness” (with a capital “C”), or how about “Reality”?  Your choice.  Reality certainly isn’t the point-of-view universe we’re told about by science!  That much is clear.  How could it be expanding to every point-of-view?  How many directions does that represent?  The mind cannot know what anything really is.

And besides (and therefore), scientific findings today are overturned tomorrow—because they’re based on point-of-view.  There is absolutely nothing Ultimate about the human mind or (therefore) our science.  The only Ultimacy is in Reality.  However, as a common method rigorously applied with honesty and integrity, science is fine.  It can serve us in simple, practical, human ways.  Let’s keep it that way.

These days, what passes for science can include such as a corporate interest paying $350,000USD to a few “scientists” to fund a study that gets the results that the corporation suggests are desirable.  “Science” has suggested that mathematics is the “language” of Nature, whereas Nature doesn’t “count” (“1, 2, 3”, etc.), and shape is prior to numbers, anyway.  Consider how zero (“0”) isn’t a number, infinity (∞) is a metaphor, and pi (3.1416—– etc.) isn’t even calculable!  No, mathematics has its uses, but it definitely is not the language of Nature.  In Nature, shape comes before number.  So, shape seems more like the language of Nature (—Adi Da).

Science, these days, needs to be put in its place—and kept there.  It has dominated world culture for far too long.  It’s great to use science to make a better refrigerator, but as a replacement for philosophy or religion it’s lousy.  We’ve gotta stop bowing down to these “priests” who are dictating to us how to live our lives—as tho they know.   A true scientist is a moral person who ruthlessly investigates his or her subject, keeping open to all possibilities and maintaining integrity and compassion—not selling out to vested interests or whoever pays the most money to get the expected or otherwise desired results.  A true scientist knows that all is a Unity, and he or she will necessarily influence the results of the experiment—at least minimally, perhaps, and that’s OK.  It’s unavoidable.

Science is simply not going to create for us a technological utopia.  That’s just not going to happen.  “There is no utopia possible in conditionally apparent (and ‘cause-and-effect’-bound) time and space—where only limitation and change perpetually re-emerge and prevail.”  (—Adi Da, in The Aletheon, p1791).  Science can make us better toasters, but also has created more advanced weaponry—so we can kill each other more efficiently.  So, there’s no point in trusting a common scientist any more than a common downtown religionist.  They could both be spouting bullshit—as they usually do.  True religion and true science are aligned to the Divine, to Reality—and when they are, and truly are, they’re worthy of our respect and our trust.  But, not until then.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Amidst the growing evidence of climate change due to human causes, we hear of significant global warming and the potentially disastrous effects this could bring to our lives and to the life of this Earthworld.  We should be skeptical of both those who are making great wealth advertising their solidarity with this principle and those who similarly profit by denying that such change even exists.  It does exist, and the choices we must now make are going to change our lives radically.  No one denies that we humans are despoiling this planet.  We are the only creatures in Nature that fowl our own nest.  It’s time we grew up and managed our affairs—to the benefit of ourselves and our fellow Earthlings.


Business and Corporate

The big corporations that currently range over this world have developed enormous power.  They manipulate governments to their own ends: Big Pharma, Big Oil, BigAg, Big Sugar, Food, Inc., Big Banking (the banksters), etc.  Such Corporations exist to simply gain greater and greater power, the very sign of egoity: objectify, enclose, control, destroy!  That’s exactly what the ego does.  Always and only.  It’s been, ‘get more money for our stockholders, our shareholders, and grow, grow, grow.  To hell with those pesky environmentalists!  Send in more lobbyists and more money to buy off more politicians and get laws passed that allow us ever-greater power.’  This, of course, is not right use of corporate power.  Right use is to bring positive energy where it is needed in this world, intelligently, sustainably, and wisely use Earth’s resources—and be certain that the process neither harms nor degrades people or Nature in any way.

The End of Globalization

The idea of globalization is all about separating production from markets: you manufacture something in one end of the world where there is cheap labor and sell it at the other end—and make money.  This has required (1) no tariff barriers, and (2) cheap oil.  So, you have to burn oil to do this, which oil is getting increasingly expensive to produce.  There’s plenty of oil life in the world, but it’s not the cheap and easily-gotten kind.  We’ve nearly run out of the cheap kind.  So, it’s getting increasingly expensive to ship goods—unless you develop another really cheap source of fuel.  Until that happens, which isn’t going to be soon, oil is going to be increasingly expensive.  Meaning, it’s going to be much more expedient to downsize.  Meaning, local food, local services, local goods, local economy, shorter /fewer / zero commutes, less or alternative energy used, less waste, fewer toxins, more time for real communication and relationship, better health, cleaner environments, and prosperity measured in new ways.


Consumerism is not an appropriate basis for life.  Unity, right use of material existence, love of God and Infinite Life is.  Imagine manufacturing and purchasing clothing of recyclable natural materials (like hemp, e.g.), graceful and really needed; buying green and safe cars that last a lifetime and because we need them—instead of because they’re overly powerful and touted as capable of 3x the speed limit.  What we’ve been doing is called “planned obsolescence”—making a product last only a certain length of time just so another model can be sold to make a another profit—when you knew in the first place how to make the product last forever.  Planned obsolescence is in a real sense the conscious withdrawal of efficiency, and therefore it is obviously inherently immoral.

Computers can be made so that modern updates can be inserted—rather than trashing the whole unit.  We have been pummeled by advertisements from giant corporations and government to buy, buy, buy—as a means of keeping them in power.  And we are no happier or healthier for it.  What is the lesson?  What do we really need to be healthy and happy?  Far less than what Western people think!  A home of our own, some land, a sense of security in our person, pure air, pure food, to choose our own religion and medicine, to speak our hearts and vote freely.  Not much.

A very big part of pollution is how we use materials in our lives.  The notion that unless we continue to grow in business we’re not as good as the competition (and maybe not even worthy to be in business) has been ruinous to the environment and to our outlook on life.   Unchecked and irresponsible growth—especially of many large corporations, with their greed, insensitivity and lack of accountability—has devastated the physical and emotional environment of our lovely planet.  Combine that with wrong social concepts and we have been working and consuming like slavish automatons.  (Any society based on the limiting force of conditional existence has already lost its way.

We must begin basing our lives on the presumption of—and intuition of—Infinite Being.)  Imagine “reverse growth” in large corporations, population, and at the national level (GNP), production scaled back to our real human needs and the needs of our environment while artistic and technological creativity and invention continue ahead. A video (www.storyofstuff.com/international/) and book called The Story of Stuff (Amazon, about $15USD) describes this process in a simple but meaningful way.

Product Longevity vs. Planned Obsolescence

Planned obsolescence (making products that intentionally wear out early in order to increase sales—see http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/light-bulb-conspiracy/, The Light Bulb Conspiracy) has been one of the worst scourges of modern civilization.   It began in the 1920s and was defined by Bernard London as a means (after the 1929 Depression) of “keeping everyone employed”.  It is a vicious mechanism at the heart of our consumer society.  Unknown to many of us “consumers”, most products are consciously and purposely designed to last a lot less time than they could be.  As planned, they breaks down sooner than we’d like them to, so you have to buy another one, then another, etc., keeping us spending, but…keeping the wheels of industry going!  Contemporary planned obsolescence promoter and apologist (scoundrel) Brooks Stevens, demonstrating hubris and contempt for society, and after years of boosting the principle all over the USA, only warns: “Buyer beware”.

Advertisers are trained to get the public to want the newest design and get rid of the old model.  Designers euphemistically call it “product life cycle”.  What’s the newest, most beautiful, and most advanced?  Let’s get it!  Freedom and happiness thru unlimited consumption.  And, BTW, you can’t use the shell and most parts of the original product.  Those have to be thrown out (and dumped by the boatload in poor countries).  Advertising hypes us to borrow more money to buy things we don’t need.  Shop for fun, not for need.

Ask yourself: Why, when hundreds of light bulb patents have been filed for bulbs that could last beyond 100,000 hours, were none of these patents even accepted?  Because the light bulb cartel (yes, cartel!) agreed to a standard of a weak 1000 hours.  The principle: “An article that refuses to wear out is a tragedy of business.”  This makes “growth” the holy grail of a false economy—an economy doomed to failure (as is now happening)—and enormous pollution and waste!

There is a light bulb in a fire station in California that has been on for over 100 years.  What does this say?  The first nylon stocking never wore out—until engineers “redesigned” them.  Engineers: where are your ethics, where is your integrity?  Arthur Miller dramatized this in his classic novel and subsequent movie, Death of a Salesman.    Get it: rightly manufactured products last indefinitely (far longer)—like non-polluting vehicles that last lifetimes, and with all of it made of the finest materials available—and all recyclable.  Same for most products.

Believe it, it can happen.  They can be made and used according to real needs—not to maximize profits, or create jobs, or at the expense of the environment, or that would endanger the life of living beings.  We must insist on this.  As we have to have learned by now, the whole principle of the “[material] growth society”, consumerism, the throw-away culture, is inherently wrong!  Nature does not waste.  Industry can do likewise.  Let’s make planned obsolescence obsolete!


The intelligent movement is now appropriately away from concentration in big cities and toward the more rural, from centralized to decentralized, general to “local”, huge concentrated masses (cities) of terribly dependent people to multiple spread-out, small interdependent communities that provide within themselves most of what a human being needs to live happily and healthfully on a daily basis and at a human scale.  Meanwhile, as this decentralization of populations occurs, transportation systems still need to develop that move people from one relatively distant location to another swiftly, safely, and in an environmentally friendly manner.  Maglev tech is the obvious easy answer for mass transit: from city to city @ 400mph, and crossing continents / intercontinental travel @ 4000mph.

We also need completely waste-less and environmentally friendly personal vehicles, those that are powered by water, air, sunlight, and whatever other means that are efficient and create no toxics and toxins.  Many times within the past 100 years, inventive geniuses have developed power sources that have met such parameters—only to have them squelched by Big Oil.  We all know about these inventions.  We see them on the news, and then no one ever hears about them again—or their inventors.  It’s time this whole ugly routine changed to the positive, where everyone will benefit.

Living locally, creating Cooperative Culture in smaller true communities, we satisfy human needs more effectively and efficiently.  We thus obviate the need for having goods constantly transported long distances in such quantities.  Personal transportation is also greatly reduced.  Fewer vehicles are needed since there is more sharing of them.


We can and must produce zero waste.  If it can’t be recycled, re-used or composted, it should not be produced.  Consuming less and insisting on clean, non-polluting, sustainable energy and materials reduces corruption of our air, land, water and food.  Moving to essentially hi-raw or all-raw vegetarian diet eliminates animal slaughter (see the DVD Earthlings and the book Green Gorilla)—a cruel and vicious insult and betrayal of our non-human Earth-relatives.  Fossil fuels and the murder of animals are the two main sources of pollution (see Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie, The 11th Hour and the book, Green Gorilla).

We must hold accountable the large multi-national corporations that are doing the polluting.  Growing our own food in local and community gardens, recycling everything, living cooperatively in small groups, maintaining our own wind and solar power arrays (getting off the grid), avoiding processed foods, and eating mostly raw or all raw vegetal foods, we can eliminate pollution.  Meanwhile, there are many municipal projects we can start now, like the 7-Part Curbside Recycling Program.  These programs bring jobs and eliminate pollution (see below).

Project: Recycling of fully 7 general category substances of common local human society wastes.  These include:

For Optimum Curbside Pickup:

(1) Organic (food and yard-type) wastes

(2) Wood and paper products

(3) Plastic products

(4) Glass products

(5) Metal products

(6) Chemicals (“contained” common household / “light” commercial / industrial) products including toxics

(7) Electronic components / mixed materials

Purpose: To provide “basic” recycling of these waste products toward (1) maximum sustainability of materials and resources, and (2) avoidance of environmental pollution and (therefore) harm to the various Earth organisms and systems of which we are an inherent part.  This project would involve the smallest (individuals, private homes, cooperative communities) to the largest (corporations, great industries) entities.  However, the focus is the local community, so here we exclude certain products of the large corporations, military and big industry such as nuclear wastes, explosives, oil and other petrochemicals, etc.

Scope: Local community collection of the more common waste products.  The 7 categories noted may be broken down further into sub-categories (specific types of plastics, e.g.), etc., as appropriate, at their various processing stations accordingly.  The more dangerous and potentially environmentally destructive substances—such as atomic / nuclear wastes, etc.—involving more subtlety and complication in their processing are beyond the scope of this program.  For individuals, the program would include 7-Part Recycling stations to be located in many public places as well in and/or outside private homes.  For local communities, the current waste disposal companies and recycle programs could be expanded to include these materials and substances.  Industries would have their own “expanded” Multi-Part Recycle programs accordingly.

Urgency: In view of qualified and reliable environmental reports, this program should be instituted immediately at all levels and world-wide to the degree possible under the given local circumstances.

Benefits and Results: The benefits to society and the Earth environments by this program would be positive, immediate and manifold.  Many jobs would be quickly created involving waste materials collection, transportation and processing.  Whole industries would spring up involving the engineering and utilization of sustainable materials.  Landfills would be re-designed and engineered toward other uses.  Industries would receive whole new sources of (thus recycled) raw materials.

Optimization: The locating of recycle plants in or near to industry will obviate the necessity to transport recycle materials long distances.  Some families and cooperative communities (CoopComs) can maintain their own 7-Part Recycling Programs in miniature.  These can include chipper-shredders (for the 10-day Compost Formula) natural composting, and other such systems.  Such would account for the first two of the recycle items, including food and yard wastes and paper products.   



Extraordinary yogis, saints and sages, the Saviors of Mankind, have occasionally appeared among us to Grant us Their Wisdom and Guide us to Awakening to the Real Happiness already latent in our hearts, the deep and permanent Happiness that every heart craves.  Common religion has typically developed only after the passing of these Great Ones.  These common religions—that still prevail in our current world culture—have, to one or another degree, and due to human egoity, degraded the original Great Teachings into human-mind-created gods, meaningless rituals, illusion, delusion and various forms of insanity (see the video Zeitgeist).

Historically, the result has been only silliness and terrible suffering (e.g., the Crusades, teaching and practicing prejudice and hatred of “those others” who don’t believe the way “we” do, beheadings, torture and/or otherwise killing “infidels”, and forcing “religion” on others (see Dr. Wafa Sultan, http://switch5.castup.net/frames/20041020_MemriTV_Popup/video_480x360.asp?ai=214&ar=1050wmv&ak=null,).  Also notice that celibacy, when not required by religious office, can occur naturally in the process of real Spiritual life—whereas, when required by religion, we have priests abusing children thru their suppressed natural expression of sexuality.

Real religious leaders and practitioners dedicate their lives to Divine Awakening, to living a truly moral and Godward life, and thus help and encourage others (those who are ready) to do the same.  We must all now actually allow and tolerate the religious beliefs of others, and not persecute people of different beliefs or teach our children to hate (and even want to kill) others because of these differences (see the movie American History X).

The word “sin” comes from the Greek “hamartia”: to miss the mark—the “mark” being God, the Divine, the Great Consciousness in Which “we” and all the universes and otherwise conditional planes of existence appear.  The only “sin”  is egoity, the ego, the activity of separativeness and separation, which activity we all suffer.  True human adulthood is when we’re more God-possessed (like Mother Teresa) than self-possessed (most of the rest us).  True adult human life is when the fun really begins!

Of course, the author of Zeitgeist seems to be suggesting that we throw the baby out with the bath water: eliminate all religion because of the craziness of common downtown religion.  Yes, he’s right, there’s a lot of real silliness, stupidity, viciousness, and even downright insanity there, stuff that’s just not investigated but merely accepted by many of us simply because our parents believed it.  You absolutely must investigate your religion; check out its statements, tenets and claims: find out if they’re true, real, honest, and if not, then drop them!  Meanwhile, everyone feels, deep in their heart and via intuition, that there is something beyond what we see in this world and among the stars—something truly Great and more than wonderful.  There is no creator-god or punisher-god, but there is Real-God, and It (both male and female aspects) is the very Ground of our being, the Matrix or Great Consciousness or (capital “R”) Reality In Which “we” and everything “else” appear.

So, Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist is quite right—about the very significant pain and suffering that common everyday or what we’re calling here “downtown” religion has caused Mankind—both historically and otherwise.  The Crusades, the Inquisition, the punishing of the first “saint of science”, Galileo, and so on—all prove the point: punishing others for their “non-belief”, telling us how to live our lives based on point-of-view and often bizarre notions, pure myth, fairytales, and outright stupidity.  This is insane on the very face of it, punishing someone simply because they don’t believe the way you do.

Where Peter Joseph’s argument breaks down is in all the good that even “religious” people have done, both in the name of religion or God and not: simply from the goodness of their hearts, and because they knew very well it was right to do.  Yes, religion is cult, but we don’t throw away religion altogether.  We simply look at what we believe and eliminate the silliness, the crap—like beheading women who dare to drive a car!  That is utter stupidity, religious zealotry, illogical, wrong-mindedness, cruelty, and immorality, and such is still happening in all of the modern downtown religions.

On p1788 of The Aletheon, we find this relevant quote: “The history of humankind is entirely about opposites—competition, conflicts, perpetual destruction, rise and fall, ‘self’-division, and ‘self’-defeat.  All of that absurdity and mummery is an illusory destiny, based on the presumption of separation and ‘difference’—and it must be entirely replaced by a global Prior Unity.  The Process of Divine self-Realization Is about the Realization of Prior Unity, Not-two-ness, Intrinsically egoless Non-‘difference’.

So, we can blame downtown religion and/or we can certainly blame its modern equivalent, scientific materialism—the “new religion”—for mankind’s woes (and these have been many!).  But, basically, the real “problem” with us humans is egoity, this sense of separation, separateness.  It is always only egoity.  It always comes down to egoity.  Egoity is how we develop downtown religion and scientific materialism—and wars, “crusades”, “inquisitions”, “tribalism”, and all the rest.  Whereas, real religion, real science, have nothing to do with such horse crap.  Real religion is about the Great Happiness.  Real science is a method of investigation—that is not in the slightest antagonistic to real religion or to anything else (except nonsense).

No Creator-God

God is Love, Real Happiness, Eternal Freedom, Truth and Reality.  There is no “creator-god” behind everything.  God didn’t create all this or any of it, and He / She (“It”) doesn’t punish poor suffering beings like us.  “It” is Love.  Mind creates, whether human mind or other mind.  There is no absolute other power making things happen.  Countless beings and forces, visible and invisible, are making things happen.  The real Divine is Self-Authenticating, but it must be investigated, not just “believed”.  Belief is of the mind: it’s the mind of Man that manufactured the gods of conventional “downtown” religion—which caused all the trouble.  Real God (Reality, the Great Consciousness/Energy) is beyond and prior to mind.  It (Real-God) is intuited and can be Awakened-to.  Jesus did it: “I and The Father are One”, and “Everything I have done, you will do also.”

The sacred (God, Absolute Unity, Reality, the Eternal Divine, The Great Consciousness) is the Context of our lives, That on and in Which we appear and utterly depend.  What tradition can claim to own It?  People are going to look at It in different ways.  So?  Religious tolerance is thus completely obvious and simply must prevail.  Moreover, we must outgrow our need for useless ancient ritual and silly fables that have passed for religion.  Religion (“re-lig”, to re-join—with the Divine, our very Source) is rightly about identifying with, communing with and otherwise being One with the Very Divine, God, the Blissful Great One, the Person of Love, the Consciousness of all and All.  It is not about mere belief, or about seeking, but the present enjoyment of Awakening into Perfect Happiness, the desire of every heart.  To seek happiness (or God) is to confess unhappiness (or separation from God).  Better to practice Happiness (God-Communion).

Body, Mind, and Heart

The body is in some sense like a baby.  It’s our “baby”.  We must take care of it.  We don’t allow a baby to crawl up onto a table and eat chocolates until it gets sick.  We don’t allow a baby to crawl out into the street where it can get hit by a car and killed.  We take care of it intelligently.  We provide it with pure foods never mind if it wants to eat only what’s tasty to it), give it right exercise (never mind if it “doesn’t want to!), put it down to sleep at night at a good hour (never mind if it resists, wanting to stay up late and variously abuse itself), and so on.  Basically, the body just wants to be pampered and made love to.  But we have to rightly manage it and its activities so it can serve its true function: to provide us with a vehicle for the Realization of the Great Happiness.

The mind is in some sense like an adolescent.  It’s our “teenager”.  We must direct it rightly and care for it.  We don’t allow our teenager to borrow the family car to impress her new boyfriend—so she could drive it down the street and wrap it around a tree!  We care for the mind intelligently.  Most of its thots are negative.  So, understanding that attention is prior to mind, we (the heart) consciously direct attention to what is positive—and so, like a “slave”, mind must follow.  In meditation on the Divine, the mind is becalmed and relaxes, gaining Wisdom.  Otherwise, allowed to roam randomly, what does a teenager do?  Given its head, it’ll take you to terrible places, torturing you with thots of events long past that have no relevance to the present—and it won’t care!

The heart is in some sense the adult of us.  It’s our “adult”, our guide, our leader.  Unfortunately, having been raised in a crazy random culture (instead of a Wisdom Culture), the “adult” in us (the heart) typically has a tiny voice that is constantly being out-shouted by the loud voices of the body (the baby) and the mind (the adolescent): “Get me another my beer, come massage my back, turn the TV on for me so I can watch the game, and then get the hell out of my face!”  “My constituents at home are gonna love me, and the oil and gas lobby is paying me a bundle, so I’m gonna pass this legislation allowing fracking.  To hell with those damn environmentalists and their ‘protecting the ground water’ craziness.”  The heart, guided by the body / baby and the mind / adolescent, is dragged down to their level.

But, given over to the Divine in real meditation (God-Communion, meditation on Guru, the God-Man), the heart / adult exercises the higher human faculties of discriminative intelligence and the will.  It rightly directs and controls the body and mind toward Real Happiness, which, after all, is the only quality the heart will finally accept.  It’s what the heart / adult in us truly wants—and has always wanted from the beginning of us: Heart-deep Happiness.  The adult takes over and we have a different world.  For far too long in human history, the child and the adolescent have been running the show.  It’s time the adult took over and directed things in this Earth-world.  It’s time!



“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what a ship is built for.”  We are moving into uncharted waters.  Yes, there are big important changes needed, but we can do this.  We must have faith and encourage each other.  Most importantly, allow yourself to feel the unity we are all living in, the single Field of Love that unites us all as One.  Be a force of Love in life, in this Earth realm.  Think gratitude, feel gratitude, be gratitude and grateful.  The same with love.  We can do this.  Yes, it can be hard to do with some people, but it’s quite necessary—especially now.  Every day, visualize peace “breaking out” all over this world.  See it happening.  Always be bringing loving energy to everyone, everywhere you go, wherever you are.  This sounds trite, but it’s crucial to the awakening that is now happening.  We need as many people as possible to be doing this.  It has a ripple effect across all energy fields.  It is a prayer, a puja.

There are so many very practical things to do (www.NextWorldTV.com) to help bring this world back from the brink of disaster—so many things to do, and only one thing to do!  Each of us will do his and her bit to help.  Many little tasks, many even tiny positive acts, are needed now—every day.  Ask yourself: What can I do in any moment that is life-positive, will not harm the environment, and that can make life better for me and for those around me?  What am I good at?  Can I speak to others?  Am I good at talking?  Can I spare money?  Can I give energy?  Do I have time or food to donate?  Can I travel to other places where help is needed?

Some very practical things to do

  • ABOVE ALL: to whatever degree you are able, try your best to (in every moment) do everything as your loving gift to the Wonderful and Starry Great Consciousness, the Very Reality or Real-God, In Whose Great Body we all appear.
  • OPTIMUM: create a CoopCom (cooperative community) or co-housing community to live far less expensively and provide strength and security (see descriptions below and in other places within this document).
  • Plant a veggie garden.  This can be done in your back yard, front yard, garage (using “Earth Boxes” that can be wheeled outside during sunlite and back in at nite), window ledge, balcony, or greenhouse.  Buy only non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds for growing your own food.  Use Gro-lites to help grow plants indoors.
  • Grow an herb garden, indoors or out.  Most of our medicine used to come right out of the ground.  There’s a special joy in learning about herbs and how they can keep us well (http://www.nextworldtv.com/page/1762.html).
  • Practice The BIG 7 to the best of your ability (see description above) for the sake of your personal health and wellness.
  • Free-subscribe to www.NextWorldTV.com for ideas on transitional living.
  • Try your best to eat a basically vegetarian diet daily that is increasingly hi-raw and starting well-above 60% raw, that includes fresh raw locally-grown (1) fruits, (2) veggies, and (3) nuts or seeds.  Make sure your food is unprocessed, un-sprayed, non-GMO, natural, ripe, raw, and locally-grown whenever possible.
  • Work on getting off the energy grid.  There are simple designs for inexpensive solar panels that can be made at home.
  • If possible, have a water well dug on your property, build a rain catchment, or otherwise create your own water supply.  Perhaps the purest water today is steam-distilled and placed in a glass bottle in the sun for about an hour to allow the sun’s energies to enter and refresh it.  Reverse osmosis and various multiple carbon filtration systems are also good.
  • Use non-polluting cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar.  These work well for all manner of household needs.
  • Use Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap watered down @ 7:1 (7 parts water) for teeth brushing, shaving, shampoo and bathing.  This is extremely inexpensive and quite healthful for hygiene and the environment.
  • Use pure raw unrefined virgin coconut oil and/or raw unrefined African Shea butter for skin moisturizing and sun protection.  Avoid all “sun protection factor” and other chemicalized poisonous junk preparations on the skin.
  • Bank locally, using small local banks and credit unions.  Check the Net for their rating.  Immediately withdraw all monies from the big “bail-out” Banksters’ institutions: Chase, Union Bank, Wells-Fargo, B of A, etc.
  • Participate in the “Occupy” demonstrations wherever and whenever they occur, both locally and at distances, whenever you possibly can.  Since civil “obedience” have only made things worse, events of peaceful civil disobedience are crucial to the kind of changes our civilization is in desperate need of at this time.
  • Work with others in this great movement of peaceful interim change as we make the transition from the old and painful order to the new positive-consciousness-driven ways.  This will necessarily require ignoring various laws, rules and regulations from time to time—but always in ways that cause no harm to anyone.
  • Buy and wear hemp clothing whenever and as much as possible.  Purchase hemp seeds, plant them and grow hemp for the great variety of products it is capable of producing.  Be thus part of the hemp revolution.
  • Use bicycles instead of automobiles as often as possible and for as many outings as possible.
  • Maintain emergency items at home and in your vehicle, such as:

        —several LED-powdered flash lites (in some countries called “torches”)

                —matches and candles

—battery-powered / solar-powered / crank-powered radio

—powdered SuperFoods in storable containers

—supply of pure water with water purifier

Every single day there’s something like this that each of us can do.   The list goes on and on.  These pages will include more and more such ideas over time.

We can—perhaps above all—create Wisdom Culture (including the CoopCom ClusterDome design below), a whole new way of looking at life, what we’re here for, how to treat each other, how to act in this world.  Every heart longs for the deep enduring and real Happiness that we can sense inside us and all around us as Reality, the Matrix within Which we all live—the kind of happiness that doesn’t go away, that doesn’t change.  We need to enjoy ecstasy—a lot, even constantly—and stop allowing ourselves to be persuaded of a taboo against it.  We are so much more than just bodies.  The body is just a wary, fearful, little creature that will die.  Why would anyone want to identify exclusively with that?!

Only silly science is about gross materialism, consumerism, technological utopia, and living as a physical body only.  We have many “sheaths”, as the ancients knew very well.  Ultimately, we are Consciousness / Energy Itself, and therefore indestructible.  Energy can be changed but not destroyed.  The Realization of this is Absolutely Liberating.  Such is Divine Realization, which is possible by Grace during one’s lifetime—whenever one becomes so interested.  This is truly why we are here.  Not to be controlled like a bunch of robots by multi-national corporations.  Let’s communicate this via the Internet.  This awakening is beginning now.  It’s happening and spreading now.  This understanding is the new consciousness.

We make these changes as best we can.  Some of us can form into groups of 16-25 or so, buy land and build homes on it that are eco-friendly (like the Monolithic domes, cobb homes, straw bale homes, mud-brick homes, etc.).  Such human-size communities, as Anthropologists know, are traditionally viable and can be the basis for real human growth.  In a true Wisdom Culture, we help each other for real and hold each other accountable.  We grow our own food to the degree possible.  We sink our own wells for our own water supply and create our own sun/wind power system.  All of this helps us get off corporate-energy-grid dependence.

We know we are not here to waste our lives in a perpetual struggle for survival, constantly seeking some elusive better life thru more and more goods: consumerism.  Been there, done that, it doesn’t work (hear the audio talk, The Usual Good Life, at www.Adidam.org or www.adidam.org).  We can use advanced technology intelligently and responsibly.  We act in all of this in the understanding that life is a school and class is always in session.  Remember, if you hate, what happens to your fist when you open your hand?  We are here to be heart-happy, to share energy with each other, and to grow as human beings and Awaken into the Eternal Light of the Divine.

In a most wonderful Talk called, Be Moved By Me To Infinity, Adi Da points to how we humans are typically completely identified by and as the body—and without really inspecting the ramifications of such identification.  These bodies are going to die!  Why would you want to identify with a dying thing?  Why, indeed, when there is the alternative of Truth—the Truth that we are Eternal, that we can instead identify with the Radiance of the Divine, of Reality?  Identifying with the body, we are always in fear, knowing it’s going to die.  To the degree we are so identified, always individuating egoically, to that degree we are in fear.  So, what would it be like to be without fear?  Totally!  Obviously, that would be the chosen alternative.  And yet, we consistently choose to be merely a body.  Why?

There is some extremely heavy propaganda in this world that keeps us individuating, being identified a separate person, egoically identifying with the body only.  Damn heavy!  It’s in every society.  This is what has to change.  The Law (capital “L”) is to identify with Reality, with the very Ground of our Being, the Very Divine.  Such identification, traditionally done thru the services of the Spiritual Master, Awakens us to our True Nature.  So, we can in some sense summarize the great and potentially totally disastrous world circumstance we humans have created as happening because (and to the extent that) we are not “living the Law”, not submitted to our Source, the Great Happiness, Consciousness, Reality, or “God”.

The Right Response

In the book, The Aletheon, Adi Da summarizes our circumstance in yet another way: “The political, social, economic, and cultural ‘world’ of humankind is in a dreadful and worsening state—but why is it so?  It is so because of…”sin” (or being ‘off the mark’), or chronic dissociation from the Divine…or, in other words, the failure to responsively and truly rightly participate in…Reality…  Where there is no right and true participatory—and necessarily ego-transcending—response to the Divine…there are…going to be all kinds of problems [and] limitations, all kinds of egoically-based ‘cause-and-effect’ motions, and (therefore) all kinds of suffering.”

Adi Da goes on, “The ultimate, or most fundamental ‘cause’ of human-based suffering is the absence of ego-transcending recognition-response to the Divine—or to Reality Itself, Which Is the Only Real God.”  Adi Da acknowledges the “external causes” of our experienced suffering, the natural processes of the conditional universe, but He Says that the humanly-engineered suffering, including the reactions to how the immediate natural world and total conditionally arising universe work, is caused by human beings themselves.

Therefore, the only right and true way to live for humanity is to practice devotion to the Divine, always completely surrendering and depending absolutely on Grace, inhering completely in the Spiritual Master, without any concerns whatsoever.  Thus, thru this complete responsive surrender to the Spiritual Master, every aspect of the human form and context becomes a conduit for Divine Grace.  Bottom line: ego-transcending responsive surrender to the Spiritual Master is the always sufficient practice for the human being.

So, basically, the reason for all this disgraceful difficulty we’ve gotten ourselves and the whole planet into is that we’ve been granting our attention to egoic purposes, to “the world” in and of itself, missing the forest for the trees, and thus forgetting the Very Ground of our Being.  Remember: “We ARE what we give our attention to!”  If our attention keeps going to ourselves and our petty “problems”, that’s all we have and all we are: problems!  Attention to the Great One, to Reality, to the Divine, we take on Its Qualities.  Since we have trouble visualizing “Consciousness”, It Appears in our Earth-realm in the bodily human form of the Spiritual Master (Jesus, Krishna, Mohammad, Gautama, Adi Da).

“The true resolution of questions is not found in their answer, but in the transcendence of the questioner.   To those who understand, no explanation is necessary.  To those who do not, none is possible.”  —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Appendix 1

Planned Cooperative Communities

Cooperative Community Designs for Real Human Growth and Genuine Happiness!

Many years ago, we became interested in the whole idea of Cooperative Community (CoopCom).  We had been fascinated since the Hippie days, and later on hearing about it in college Anthropology classes.  Then, we actually experienced it in church group living circumstances.  But it was never the full CoopCom we knew could happen.  E.g., there wasn’t the essential strict privacy, on the one hand, and the quick access to real community, on the other.  Since then, our intention has been the creation of an off-the-grid, from-the-ground-up, genuine Cooperative Community.

We at Grand Medicine now have what we and many others feel is a strong and physically beautiful design, one that would provide a significant basis for the simple (and yet still possibly quite varied) life-positive lifestyle and stable environment most supportive of genuine growth in real human terns and even in True Spiritual practice.

Very importantly, we now know that CoopCom will be one of the main ways we humans will be living in the near and far future.  It is very likely the most intelligent way for us to live.  We are now preparing to construct them for groups of like-minded people all over the world.

The Project’s “hardware” is its structure: a large central monolithic dome (www.monolithic.com) with eight small attached satellite domes and a separate garden dome.  Monolithics were chosen for their great strength (steel-reinforced concrete), simple rounded beauty, longevity, minimum upkeep, inexpensive heating / cooling / insurance, and being virtually disaster-proof.  In basic design, the central dome houses all the community qualities one could want: Spiritual Communion Hall for sacred practices, plus environments for relationship, plus security, comfort, convenience, amenities, etc.—while the satellites provide quiet and privacy and a separate garden dome and surroundings the very desirable self-sufficiency.

The Project’s “software” is about how we live together and potentially grow as a human being.  Of course, it can be far easier to grow Spiritually when all of life’s necessities are well-managed and organized in a lovely and peaceful environment.  I.e., easier than when living alone or as a typical separate family struggling to engage some kind of Spiritual or otherwise real human growth while crammed (with others) into a single structure that was never designed for full and real CoopCom (and true growth and Awakening into Divine Reality) in the first place.

Most people currently live (singly or with others) in conventional and vulnerable housing, virtually none of it intended for true cooperative living—much less real human growth and Spiritual Awakening.  ClusterDome, on the other hand, is exactly the opposite: softly, naturally rounded, designed specifically for the 16-25 people known by Anthropologists as optimum for a most successful CoopCom.  Every intelligent person who hears of this project wants, at some point, to live there.  For this and many other reasons (some sacred, and some worldly and quite practical), we feel it is time to bring it to life.

Many have been praying much of our lives for an opportunity to live in genuine, real and true from-the-ground-up Cooperative Community with like-minded friends.  Some have struggled thru “live-together” situations, some that worked better than others, but none of them really successful and satisfying in ways we knew in our heart they could be.  GranMed’s ClusterDome could well be that special successful design.  An official Prospectus is now in process, complete with Project sketches and a functional community living-plan (the “software”), including Project financials, buy-in / buy-out, projected relatively low regular fees and costs, housing feature details, local resource availability, residence eligibility, family and guest access, etc.  Please review the Outline below, and email us your interest in the GM ClusterDome Project at gm@grandmedicine.com.


Truly human and adult maturity requires transcendence of the chronic and obsessive character patterns developed in the years of infancy, childhood, and adolescence.  [It] is the achievement of a balance between the motive toward control of the psychophysical self and the motive toward motion or excitation of the psychophysical self.  [It] requires self-control and willingness to be even physically affected, emotionally touched, mentally influenced, and thus, to a significant degree, controlled by others.  Likewise, [it] requires the constant exercise or excitation of the motive of (or towards) real freedom (even the most Ultimate Freedom of utter self-transcendence and inherent, and inherently Most Perfect, Realization of the Transcendental and Inherently Spiritual Divine).”  —Adi Da Samraj, The Dawn Horse Testament, Ch23

“In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree.”  —Samuel Taylor Coleridge

One planned Cooperative Community gesture is the Grand Medicine ClusterDome.  The Project purpose is to provide a means of genuine cooperative community for groups that include all ages.  It is a place where we can engage your desired sacred AND/OR secular life practices most efficiently and effectively, in the company of like-minded friends, and grow according to your best understanding of the highest principles in life.

The original ClusterDome Project was conceived by Grand Medicine.

Cooperative community is absolutely necessary to the continuance in human time of the Divine Process.”   —Adi Da, No Remedy

In another Talk, Adi Da Described CoopCom as a function: [paraphrasing] “…the cooperative community of people [of God] is the means of bringing the Spiritual and Spiritualizing Process into human time.”  In this regard, we feel that the ClusterDome has certain rather unique qualities.  Perhaps two outstanding such qualities can make the difference between success and failure: (1) the basic “hardware” design or building layout, the “ClusterDome” principle, and (2) the growth-factor flexibility that can be built into the “software”, the living community design.  As far as we know, there has never been anything quite like this in the modern history of CoopCom.

The ClusterDome Project Prospectus contains many more “hardware” and “software” details, including sketches by an architectural designer of the planned structures, plus a basic outline of the community aspect.  Funds from participants move the process along.  Specific structure location is decided by participants—by your group.  Land use requirements may suggest describing yourselves as a “Mutual Benefit Agricultural Cooperative”.  Optimally, your chosen location will have its own well-water supply.  Questions and comments may be addressed to gm@grandmedicine.com.

The Basic Plan

Three structures are planned:

(1) A large monolithic CentralDome (the “main” or community structure), capable of easily and quite comfortably accommodating no fewer than 16 nor more than 25 persons* in a graceful, spacious, even luxurious and secure habitat.  The original ClusterDome design is for 8 private satellite residence domes to be attached peripherally to the ClusterDome Dome—altho designs for anywhere between 4 and 16 satellites are possible.

(2) A large monolithic Greenhouse / farm implement storage dome (“Garden Dome”), complete with GrowLites, to supply most of the residents’ food needs plus extra produce to offer to local naybors.

*The 16-25-person numbers are the amounts studies have determined to be appropriate for an effective and efficient Cooperative Community.  This number actually conforms to the apparent average size of human hunter-gatherer groups over most of our Human existence according to Anthropologists.  (Note: the facility could handle far more persons on a temporary / emergency basis.  Moreover, Monolithic Domes are usually considered “designated disaster relief centers” due to their near-disaster-proof qualities.)

These rounded, permanent, graceful, elegant and beautiful domes blend with the environment and seem to be growing out of the earth.  The CentralDome is planned as having two or three floors with a commodious storage basement.  The smaller private Satellite domes are each attached radially to the commons CentralDome by a saddle-like structure.  An individual private parking pad can be directly beside each Satellite.

The CentralDome is planned to include:

—a Communion Hall that can easily and comfortably accommodate 40 persons

—meeting rooms for Practice Consideration Groups and other such gatherings

—a large high-tech theater adequate for entertainment and public events

—a comfortable dining area for group meals

—a large well-appointed kitchen

—a woodworking/machine shop

—a fully equipped exercise gym

—a dispensary (medical center)

—a full library


—a nursery

—a sauna

Other rooms for other purposes are likely.  The individual attached peripheral 20’ one-bedroom Private satellite domes each contain their own bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchenette facilities.  The basic idea for the Satellite domes is privacy and greatly simplified living with minimal effort.

Why Monolithic Domes?

Monolithic domes (www.monolithic.com) have been chosen as the official ClusterDome community structures for many reasons:

A man announces a lack of wisdom when he builds a temporary, unstable house.”—Adi Da (CDMS #9)

Monolithic domes

  • Can last a thousand years
  • Are virtually disaster-proof
  • Require minimum maintenance
  • Involve extremely low-cost insurance
  • Are lovely rounded “natural”-appearing structures
  • Cost about the same to build as conventional homes of equal size
  • Are natively extremely low-cost & efficient for year-round heating & cooling

Monolithic Domes are powerfully built and blend with the environment.  Heating and cooling are a fraction of that of conventional housing.  Structural maintenance is tiny.  Fires can do only superficial damage, if any (depending on dome surface).  Hurricanes swirl around them and can’t get hold of anything.  Earthquakes only rattle them a bit.  Floods are not a consideration in this area (they would be if you were stupid enough to build on a flood plain!).  There can be no termite damage, since the structure is made of steel-reinforced cement.  The walls and roof—an integrated whole—never need replacing.

Off-the-Grid Energy Self-Sufficiency

With current technology, ClusterDome will be completely energy self-sufficient and, as suggested, you grow by far most of your own natural untainted food.  Rainwater catchments supplement well-water.  The common shared-space or community areas are within the CentralDome, while the much smaller Satellite domes allow individuals their own private space to do with as they will, rooming singly or doubly with others.  The design allows for infants, children, adults and seniors.  The private apartment domes are built on a 20’ design.  They easily and comfortably house a common family of three.

While intelligent and living realism isn’t likely to happen in the world anytime soon, it can happen in communities of choice—one at a time.”   —Adi Da Samraj

Security for Seniors

Many human cultures currently have “senior” populations, people in their 60s & 70s.  ClusterDome takes geriatrics into account while allowing for the inclusion of young people.  They can be designed strictly for seniors, too, of course.  However, due to the great sound-proofing / sound-conducting qualities of the basic Monolithic design, your satellite apartment is your quiet haven.   All the security and support involved in cooperative living can be maintained far easier in ClusterDome environments with trusted friends always nearby.  Rules are few, all according to the needs, intelligence and sensitivity of inhabitants—designed to lead the chosen lifestyles of your group.  We provide the “software” aspect in all the detail you need and according to your instructions and based on your requirements.  Thus, you enjoy a CoopCom living design for long, healthy lives in happy mutual cooperation.

ClusterDome is a cooperative design in terms not only of finances but of talents, skills and abilities.  Altho the land may be (in some cases may necessarily legally be) in one person’s name, the ideas and concepts on modern applications and how it will develop flow from many long-time and experienced CoopCom dwellers.  The success of your Project will in some real sense be based on their experience and understanding.   Still, participants may buy in and sell out of the community at any time.

Fundamentally, there is only bad ‘news’ in the ordinary, ego-based, un-Enlightened, chaotic world.  Instead of waiting for action from ‘sources’ out in the world somewhere…you must, yourself, become involved in intimate, cooperative community (or real cooperative social culture) with other human beings.  In a responsible, mutually dependent, cooperative, tolerant, peaceful, and intimate relationship with other human beings, you must create and protect the basics of a truly human culture and of a truly intimate daily human society.”    —Adi Da 

Inadequate Housing / CoopCom Designs

Currently, in most human societies, there is little in the form of true CoopCom.  It is difficult to have time freed up for genuine human pursuits—including higher human life and growth—under these circumstances.  Most housing has developed according to the prevailing mode of the culture.  Even when one owns the land and/or structure(s), one or more of these common nayborhood community home qualities prevail:

  • Unnatural (squarish, rectangular, or otherwise boxy) housing; difficult to look at; not “easy on the eye”
  • High-maintenance (always something needing to be repaired or replaced)
  • Relatively flimsy and vulnerable to natural forces: one match and it’s gone—or otherwise totally destroyed by fire; blown away by hurricanes and high winds; shaken to useless rubble by earthquakes
  • Wasteful consumer-oriented “divide-and-conquer”* design: every family with its own fridge/washer/dryer, etc.
  • Often don’t even know your neighbors or otherwise don’t associate with them (and frequently for good reasons!)
  • Non- or even un-relational or sterile so-called communities whose boundaries can only be determined on the pages of a map
  • Feelings of frustration in the lack of and great need for real relational community with others
  • Hit-or-miss opportunities for children and young people to find compatible others

*The term “divide and conquer” refers to the typical concept that has developed in home construction within consumer-oriented Western societies.  Everyone must have their own same thing: their own single-family house, garage, washer, dryer, frig, cooking stove, and so on.  In times past, societies have variously developed far-more-shared living circumstances—albeit with the understood need for personal privacy.  There was far less waste and thus far fewer demands on the environment.  We broke out of those models, and in so doing, lost real community.  Today, we have come full circle: CoopCom is “green” and provides community.  Moreover, the need for true CoopCom may soon approach the desperate.  With the ClusterDome design, we will be ready—at least with the “hardware” aspect.  The “software” aspect is in some real sense described in the book, The First Three Stages of Life.

Many of us have lived in some form of cooperative circumstance:  rented homes, purchased homes, apartments, larger buildings—even hotels and other large structures renovated and decorated to conform to some semblance of community living.  But in how many instances do people actually own the land and buildings outright?  And how many of these habitats were designed specifically—from the ground up—for CoopCom?  How many were planned “from the git-go” for even the possibility of optimum living?  ClusterDome complexes can be created for all kinds of people, to meet all needs and requirements, and with no concerns for the whims of landlords.

Paraphrasing Adi Da Samraj: “The conditional domain is not based on mathematics but on shape; the basic shape is the circle.”

The Ideal vs. the Reality

Regarding earlier experiences of CoopCom, people have gone thru everything from T-group bombing on each other to struggling to look good in the face of our blatant egoity—all while trying to manage living with the vagaries and obnoxious personalities of others we lived with.  But then, what can one expect when raised in separatist tribalist middle-class “crazy-random” Western society?  We’ve learned so much since then, including about the necessity of the religion-CoopCom connection: true Spiritual Culture requires CoopCom.  We felt the developing cohesion of our group, and grew in our understanding of how people can live together harmoniously and cooperatively—and with stability.  We learned to develop agreements about this—albeit in the context of the Western-style environments in which we found ourselves.

Two Critically Different Factors

We humans have realized that we want to have our friends and family close by, but at the same time enjoy our privacy.  We want to have community and cooperation, but be able to retire to our quiet cave when needed.  We want to have luxury but without destroying the Earth to enjoy it.  We know we need to expend energy to live in the world, but not have to struggle desperately to make that happen.  ClusterDome offers possibilities beyond the usual struggle common to the separatist model of Western society.  The point: the ClusterDome structure makes the difference.  The satellite principle allows people to live “separately” and yet “close by”—enabled to participate in cooperative culture, the community of our group in the CentralDome, providing us with the best of both worlds—without having to drive.  But there’s another crucial item: the software, a flexible and truly livable design.  These two together haven’t yet happened—until ClusterDome!

We know that “the many can live cheaper than the few”.  The costs and energy expenditure come way, way down with the group working together.  The awful struggle for survival that so many of us are daily involved in is mitigated.  The closeness, the friendships, the care of trusted persons of integrity living right there—the strength in manageable numbers—it’s all there in real CoopCom—and (we feel) in the ClusterDome design.  More importantly, again, there is the possibility for genuine human growth.  First, the basic structure ClusterDome design contains unique possibilities of both privacy and community.  And then, there’s the living design based on real experience, which can be very pliable, livable and “grown into” as we ourselves grow—not forced or demanded beyond what we as individuals can handle.

Realistically, people currently have all manner of tendencies being dramatized at all kinds of life levels.  Food addictions, sex addictions, NFL football addictions—you name it, we’ve got it!  So what!?  We have the design, we have The Divine, and we have each other.  ClusterDome is about adherence to codes of conduct only that the inhabitants agree upon.

This world culture is in transition, and there are many pressures we all feel right now: “These are dreadful times.  Things are not going to get easier in the future.”  (—Adi Da)  So, we grant each other the room, the space to adapt to the changes.  But we still make agreements with each other and hold each other accountable—not brutally, but lovingly and compassionately.  We can do this.  We have to do this—at some point!  The call is going out.  We have to show this much faith.  Now is the time.

The Software

Society works on rules, laws and agreements among the citizens.  CoopCom is a small “society”, so regulations can be fairly simple and yet broad enough to manage all manner of personalities, all walks of life, all ages, and with relative ease.  Whatever you want to put together—from our wealth of experience—arrangements that allow for the lifestyles of your group.  We humans have always been a work in progress.  Sooner or later, we just have to do this, to place ourselves in this position where we can have the best opportunity to grow.  Serious, but with real humor.  A select group of people has been working out “software” variations to adapt to your group needs. These will be offered to your people in your ClusterDome Prospectus.

Timeframe, Costs and Commitment

Basically, the more commitment you and your group have, the quicker the initial Project will be finished.  While there may be one or two people who can afford to finance the entire project outright, the participants—those who plan to live in the initial complex—will in most cases likely be sharing the costs of construction and implementation—which, of course, will wind up being far less than purchasing a single home and otherwise living singly.  Initial indications—since monolithic construction is ruffly equivalent to that of conventional—suggest an investment for each adult (as perhaps an average) of about $50K.  Expenses after that, including monthly utilities, will be, for the typical single family, far less than that in the typical common household circumstance.

ClusterDome could conceivably be ready for habitation within 6 months of your order.  The actual proposed buy-in fee (suggested above) is included in the Prospectus.  Many factors must be considered, including construction costs in your locale, desired CentralDome appointments, road, access, water and alternative power.  At this point, we simply want people to know that there is such a plan, the details of which, for your particular group, can be worked out.

First, you discuss your needs with your group.  Then, you call us and we talk about how we can work together to create your ClusterDome.  We work together with you to learn your specific group needs, the ways and means your group interact together.  From all of this, we determine the hardware and software needs of your group.  Then, we offer you sketches of your ClusterDome and how we feel it will serve you in all ways and in practical terms.  On your approval, and with your commitment, we will construct your new life-space, your new efficient and effective way of living, your own ClusterDome Community.

Why We Feel It Will Work

Consider: your group owns the land; your group owns the buildings; the ClusterDome structure is new, graceful, custom-designed, and its adventure is ready to be lived; you will have your privacy AND your community as needed / desired for your real growth and true balanced living, and just a few steps away—and you don’t even have to leave the building.  A study will be made of local resources, facilities, plus the talents of your group (the inhabitants), and also of the local people, your naybors.  You will be able to call on the guidance of our ClusterDome Company people whenever needed.

A People-Oriented Business

Wherever it is we build, we must create CoopCom.  With ClusterDome, we feel we have a good basic design for the higher way of life in Wisdom Culture we have been being Guided to.  We need such a design to save us time and energy for just being basically human.  This is paramount.  We feel we have a Sacred Mandate.  Therefore, with true cooperation and by Divine Grace, this will happen.

Appendix 2


  1. Turn attention to the Divine, on beginning each workday, asking for It’s Perfect Guidance in your work and Great Blessing on your client.
  2. DO NO HARM!
  3. Consider the well-being of the patient—first, last, and always.
  4. Treat all patients with respect for their human dignity and with full compassion on their circumstance.
  5. Practice “compassionate medicine”[1] when you must, but otherwise require that the patient be self-responsible, which involves moving the patient beyond the “problem” orientation to his health circumstance.
  6. Rather than merely trying to relieve symptoms or cure disease, find their cause & purpose.  Disease can be instructive, and lead us to higher vision.  Consider the whole person, not just the apparent symptoms.
  7. Encourage the patient to spiritual study and practice.  “Health is an ordeal.  Life has its difficulties, and only death is free of symptoms.  The trick with disease is not minding that it hurts.”[2]
  8. (a.) Evaluate the patient’s condition, (b.) describe his situation and the habits that tended to create the disease—then, whenever possible, (c.) demand that he change his act and thereby be responsible.
  9. Always strive to involve the patient in the healing process, instructing him or her in being health self-responsible—and therefore, unexploitable and free.
  10. Respect the law, but stand up, speak, and work toward changes in the law or current regime when you see such changes are needed to serve the best interest of patient health.
  11. Be wary of the “healer / patient game”, both from the standpoint of the patient and the healer.[3]
  12. Always bring good energy and stay in relationship with the patient.  The healer must be a healing presence.
  13. Deal honestly with clients and colleagues, never exploiting for personal advantage, but reporting and exposing practitioners deficient in character or competence or who otherwise engage in fraud or deception.
  14. Remain within the scope of your particular practice, as defined by your abilities and by the law.
  15. Personally practice (and also teach the patient, whenever possible) the principles of health promotion and especially Radical Healing, which are beyond mere treatment, disease prevention, and even cure.  As such, fully adapt to and become an exemplary practitioner of the guidelines you are teaching your clients.
  16. Practice cooperation with other members of the healing professions, and do not be rigid about your healing modality.  Recognize your limitations and the competence of others, and, when indicated, recommend that the patient seek additional opinions and services that are beyond your ability to provide.
  17. Respect the rights of patients, clients, colleagues, and other health professionals, safeguarding patient confidences within the constraints of the law.
  18. Engage lifelong in on-going study in your field of healing science, in other areas of health and healing, and in exercise, sexuality, and spirituality, to remain a strong Holistic Practitioner-Healer and to maintain and improve your professional knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  19. Receive patients of all races, sexes and sexual orientation, handicaps, religions, ancestry, ages, political persuasions, and economic conditions without discrimination.  Love, serve, and bless them all.
  20. Serve your clients/patients and the community in which you practice in the disposition of a true healer, orienting your healing practice to the ego-transcending, cooperative, inclusive, and other-serving (as opposed to self-serving) disposition by engaging healing activity as devotional contemplation of the Divine or Higher Being.

[1] Adi Da defines “compassionate medicine” as the healer giving congenial attention and care, which brings the client/patient into feeling openness, perhaps temporarily restoring well-being.  However, this does not require responsibility to problem-oriented clients who will not be accountable for themselves, but instead want the healer to give them a “magic potion” or otherwise be responsible for their disease.

[2] Quote by Adi Da; also: “Physical, emotional, or mental symptoms are always present as a result of some dissonance with the Divine Reality…” –Avatar Adi Da Samraj

[3] From “The Eating Gorilla Comes in Peace”, by Adi Da and as taught by Grand Medicine.