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Headquartered near San Diego, California, Grand Medicine is a private company essentially consisting of Leonard Mehlmauer, ND (ret.) and Nenita Sarmiento, BSc. We have been clinically practicing, teaching, studying and researching the Eyology sciences since 1972.

Hailed by the late Bernard Jensen as “one of the pioneers of Iridology”, Dr. Mehlmauer is considered by most Eyology peers to be the world’s leading authority in Sclerology. Grand Medicine also maintains a group of professional research and field associates who bring their unique skills and experience to this organization.

Recognized for its quality and integrity, Grand Medicine offers classes in all three Eyology sciences: Physical Iridology, Personality Iridology & Sclerology, and has authored textbooks for each of these sciences (below). Our team, experience, classes, quality of our products, research, brand and integrity make the difference.

• Sclerology – A New View of an Ancient Art
• Physical Iridology – A Textbook for Students and Teachers
• IRIS-2, Personality Iridology
• The GREAT Liquid Diet
• Wisdom Culture

• Food Prep
• Sclerology
• Physical Iridology
• Personality Iridology
• Natural Medicine / Radical Healing

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