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Nenita and Leonard

About Us

Grand Medicine is a private company in Lake San Marcos, California, directed by retired Traditional Naturopath Leonard Mehlmauer and Nenita Sarmiento.  We began clinical practice in February 1972.  Ever since, we have been teaching, studying, and researching in the Eyology sciences, health, and higher ways of living.

Hailed by the late Dr. Bernard Jensen as “one of the pioneers of Iridology”, we are considered by our peers as the world’s leading authority in Sclerology.  Grand Medicine offers highest quality courses in all three Eyology sciences: Physical Iridology, Personality Iridology, and Sclerology.  We have authored textbooks in each of these sciences.  Our experience, product quality, research, brand, and intensity are our integrity.

About us


  • “As a healer involved in the field of cancer and chronic degenerative disease, I highly recommend Grand Medicine teachings for both practitioners and those who want to improve their health.”

    —Tony Jimenez, MD, California

  • “I’d considered myself a proficient Iridologist and had been practicing and teaching Iridology for a number of years.  However, when I received and utilized the information from Grand Medicine’s Sclerology course I learnt so much more about analysing health from the eyes.  I really feel that I now offer my patients a much better standard of care.”

    —Gordon Carruthers ND, Australia

  • “We are fortunate, indeed, to have a precious alternative health resource in the person of Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer.  He is a towering figure of world-class expertise in Sclerology, Iridology, and healing, and a presenter par excellence.  He demonstrates humility and magnanimity—a servant to humanity and a lover of the Divine.  Thank you for all that you are and demonstrate. And to Nenita: Thank you for supporting this great man.  And we are happy to acknowledge you as a top Eyologist and teacher in your own right.”

    —RB, OMD, San Diego

  • “Received your kind letter and my wish is that your work continue. If there’s anyone who wants to know more about Sclerology, I will certainly recommend your book. It sure represents a lot of time on your part to accomplish what you have.  I wish you everything good.”

    —Bernard Jensen, DC, Escondido CA USA

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