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The term “Eyology” was coined in 1995 by Leonard Mehlmauer to reference several ancient and modern arts and sciences involving markings and colorings in the anterior layers of the eye and their relation to health.  Of these sciences, the more currently familiar in the Natural Health field are Physical Iridology, Personality Iridology, and Sclerology.  These closely-related and time-honored health evaluation sciences are increasingly referred to altogether as Eyology.


Besides showing us that a person is alive (!), the eyes have always been used by healers to identify areas in the patient that are of real and potential concern.  Despite suppression by Big Pharma medicine, healers have perennially found these eye markings useful.  Eyology has always been accepted worldwide by the common people. Physical Iridology is commonly taught in Russian medical schools, having proven itself at the practical level and validated itself scientifically.


Real science (as opposed to the false science of “scientific materialism”) is a method of investigation that has no philosophy as such other than being open-minded to all possibilities. Despite the peoples’ acceptance, Eyology is still questioned (1) by those fearful that it will reveal their own “official” methods to be useless or downright harmful,  or (2) by those worried that their revenue will be lost to the freely practicing Eyologist who’s focus is typically non-patentable Natural Health, or (3) by the narrow-minded or closed-minded who condemn or anathematize without adequately (or even at all) investigating Eyology to learn of its power and place in the pantheon of the healing arts.


Iridology involves the observation of iris color and structure.  The irises are the flat, ring-shaped, brown-, hazel- or blue-colored discs we see when we look into someone’s eyes.  Sclerology involves the whites of the eyes, including the conjunctiva (the somewhat moveable membrane atop the white part) and the episclera – the white part that shows the more fixed and larger red lines and other markings.


Eyology has seven branches currently under study and research, some of them theoretical—as is common in science generally.  The black pupils at the center of the eyes, included in Eyology, also contain a wealth of data.  The iris includes information on various planes of energy, including the physical, the personality, the etheric the emotional, the temporal (“Time-Risk”), the mental, the causal, and the Spiritual.


The ancient Chinese used the scleras to verify Acupuncture energy areas and signs.  Acupuncture involves the movement of essentially etheric energy.  A thousand-year-old Chinese healing manual shows sclera drawings depicting apparent both physical and etheric energy references.  Grand Medicine research has verified evidence of physical and etheric-emotional energies in the scleras.


The two most popular Iridology sciences are Physical Iridology and Personality Iridology. Grand Medicine teaches both—Physical Iridology—as currently practiced—involves and Sclerology, as well.  Physical Iridology essentially involves gross physical body data, excelling in showing genetic predisposition.  Personality Iridology involves actually seeing qualities of ego strategy, relationships, skill traits, introversion/extroversion, right / left-brain emphasis, and more.  Sclerology’s focus is current pathology, areas of stress and congestion happening now.


With its unique views of the body-mind, Eyology provides the healer with valuable health data that’s valuable health data that is or shows:

  • Non-toxic
  • Inexpensive
  • Non-invasive
  • Completely natural
  • Neoplasm vulnerable areas
  • Parasite, drug and chemical influences
  • Areas of greatest stress and congestion
  • A wide range of personality characteristics
  • Data confirmation of other diagnostic modalities
  • Physical, etheric and emotional energy involvement
  • Physiological organ inter-relationships, exchanges and influences
  • Developing problems years in advance of the display of symptoms
  • Assessment of client bodily response to the healer’s Rx / therapies
  • Showing areas most likely to be compromised by disease situations
  • Tissue changes—increased / decreased pathology, seen within 3 days


Note that Eyology’s data is “evaluative”, not “diagnostic”—in the sense of specific medically-defined pathology.  Its signs are generic, and hence its terms (e.g., “excessively acid tissue condition” instead of “arthritis”, and “pancreas metabolism dysfunction” as opposed to the medical term “diabetes”).


Eyology helps target the root causes of the client’s health challenges. Once identified thru inspecting all eye markings and considering all available data, the healer…(etc.).


Additionally, even in apparently well clients, Eyology displays potential and developing disorders—up to three years in advance of symptom presentation.  This can then be supported by recommended (and performed) changes in the patient’s diet and lifestyle that are more life-positive than what the patient had been practicing, thus minimizing the risk of future disease and promoting strong natural health.

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