Q. – Who is Grand Medicine? Whose expertise is being presented? Who teaches the classes?

A. – Grand Medicine (also “GranMed” and “GM”) began in 1972 as the clinical practice of Leonard Mehlmauer, ND, and is now headquartered in San Diego USA. Over the years, we’ve continued to practice and research the Eyology sciences of Physical Iridology, Personality Iridology and Sclerology as well as researching the more experimental Iridologies. Thousands of patients later (1995), we began to teach Eyology.

GM Logistics and Research is managed by Nenita Sarmiento—who, along with Dr. Mehlmauer, also teaches. Our clinical, legal and research associates round out the GM team. Our long-time clinical experience and research qualifies us to teach. We have been acknowledged as pioneers in our field by our peers from various countries (several of whom have taken our courses).

Among the many:
– Bernard Jensen, DC, ND (USA, Physical Iridology)
– Celso Batello, MD (Brazil, Physical Iridology)
– Daniele LoRito, MD (Italy, Time-Risk Iridology)
– David Pesek, PhD (USA, Physical Iridology)
– Denny Johnson (USA, Personality Iridology)
– Ellen Jensen, PhD (USA, Physical Iridology)
– Evgeny Velkhover, DSc, MD (Russia, Physical Iridology)
– Iosif Makarchuk, MD (Russia, Physical Iridology)
– Jack Tips, ND (USA, Sclerology)
– Willy Hauser (Germany, Physical Iridology)


Grand Medicine provides Intro-Intensives of one and two-day lengths, and fuller courses of varying lengths, including the more recent double 4-Day Courses, toward effective practice and certification in all three popular Eyology sciences: Physical Iridology (Iris-1), Personality Iridology (Iris-2), and Sclerology. We also teach full-day classes in Adidam Radical Healing.

Q. – I already know Physical Iridology. Can I still take a Sclerology or Personality Iridology Course?

A. – Yes. There are varying levels of instruction quality currently available in Physical Iridology. GM is among the very few in our field doing genuine research. We strive to remain familiar and current with the various schools and their methods—European, Russian, Jensenian, Neo-American, etc. You will benefit from our long-time experience and understanding.


Q. – What are the requirements for taking GM courses?

A. – There are no special Course requirements for most classes other than being old enough or sufficiently knowledgeable in English language to understand the material presented.An exception is the Master Classes, which require prior attendance at a BASICS course in the given science (see below).
Knowledge of anatomy and physiology is helpful in the Physical Iridology and Sclerology-related courses, but not absolutely necessary.You do not have to know Iridology to take a GM course in Sclerology—or any of our other courses.For taking a GM class, fundamentally your only requirement is your desire to learn Eyology.However, there are requirements for Certification (see below).

Q. – Who typically attends GM courses?

A. – Attendees include aspiring or otherwise would-be Natural Health Practitioners with no professional experience, homemakers seeking a part-time career, Natural Food Storeowners, and those in other non-related professions—even total newcomers wishing to break into the Natural Health field.There are also Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, MT’s, Reflexologists, dentists, pharmacists, medical doctors, and other seeking a differential diagnostic, an upgrade in their understanding of healing, and a new perspective and education in Alternative Medicine.

Q. – Should I study the Sclerology manual (SCLEROLOGYA New View of an Ancient Art) before taking a Sclerology Course?Does it come with the Course?

A – Highly recommended!The big “manuals” in the three sciences —including the above-noted Sclerology manual—do not come with the courses.A “handbook” is given to all attendees of GranMed classes.If you don’t already have the manual, you may fone us at 1-619-240-3711, or you may purchase any manual at class time.A very substantial 200+ page fully-illustrated and photographed GranMed Student Course Handbook + practice forms CD are provided with the full Courses.A smaller such book comes with Intro Classes.

Q. – How can I keep up with advances in Sclerology?

A. – At Grand Medicine, research is ongoing.Each succeeding course improves over the last.Upgrades are built into our books and materials, as well as our course presentations.We keep those on our email lists encouraged and educated via periodic free “Eyology Lessons”—which eventually contain all our discoveries + those of others in the field.However, for timely availability of such discoveries, it’s best to attend class.
The Intro-Intensives are basic classes, containing elementary teachings.The Sclerology and Iridology Courses are always fully informative presentations, disclosing of the very latest research discoveries and theoretical material.The same is true of the Masters courses, which are for those who wish to teach these sciences and otherwise desire the highest degree of understanding and certification in them.


Q. – What are the requirements for GranMed Physical Iridology or Sclerology Certification?

A. –Grand Medicine provides Certificates of Competency, Teacher and Instructor in Physical Iridology, Personality Iridology, and Sclerology.Basic Competency Certification requirements include (1) proof of having taken college-level Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) for Physical Iridology and Sclerology, and (2) passing the 2-part Exam—which takes place at your location (email us for details).

Basically, we require:

—a minimum of 56 hours of class instruction from us or any other GM-accepted Eyology school,

—proof of college-level A&P (facsimile of transcripts will do; certain online courses

—satisfactory scores on our 2-part Exam

Note that exams are available in each of these Eyology sciences.The 2-part exam (given through the mail) includes an open-book part and a closed-book (proctored) part.The Exam may be taken any time beginning 90 days after your class hours requirement has been met.

Q. – What else do I need to know about A&P for my Grand Medicine Certification?

A. – The A&P (Anatomy and Physiology) pre-requisite is designed to help qualify practitioners in the Natural Health workplace. A&P may be taken before or after the Exam.Altho certification is not required to take GM courses, A&P are crucial to effective clinical practice.GM strongly advises: anyone desiring to effectively practice any of the Eyology sciences must learn college-level Anatomy and Physiology—the form and function of the body.Your knowledge is basic to effective practice. It’s how you know where people’s problems are and how they work in the body.
It helps assure and guarantee to the public that the practitioner has the important understanding of the form (Anatomy) and function (Physiology) of the human body.If you’ve already taken A&P at the college level, simply send us a copy of your transcripts.If not, there are acceptable online A&P Courses including http://home.universalclass.com/i/crn/6639.htm?furl=channelsite and http://www.innatehealing.net/anatphys.shtml.A&P may be taken before or after the Certification Exams.

Q. – What will GM Certification do for the practitioner?

A. – GM Certification in any of the seven Iridologies &/or Sclerology confers on the recipient the honor of the level of quality and integrity of the GM School of Eyology.
The Certificate of Competency is awarded as a permanent statement to display in your place of business, proclaiming your then-current ability to all concerned.You have the satisfaction—and proof—of having had your abilities tested, reviewed, validated and accepted by your peers.Your GM Competency Certificate should be honored and its validity maintained by any future official certifying body in the Eyology field—especially when taking periodic refresher courses.

Q. – Will Certification allow initials to be added to the practitioner’s name?

A. – Yes.Certification is possible in Competency, Sclerology, Physical Iridology, Personality Iridology and Eyology.Masters Certificates are also available to those with advanced skills, accepted training, and appropriate experience.Candidates for
GM Teacher must practice for a minimum of three years before applying for that Certification process.GM Instructors may teach full Certification courses.
This type of certification requires 5 years clinical practice plus the Instructor’s Exam, with the Master’s Certificate awarded.Examples of initials are noted below.Call or email us, asking for our Certification Form.

CS – Certified Sclerologist

CI1 – Certified Iridologist (Physical)

CI2 – Certified Iridologist (Personality)

CT – Certified Teacher

CI – Certified Instructor

CMS – Certified Master Sclerologist

CMI – Certified Master Iridologist (1 or 2)

CME – Certified Master Eyologist

Q. – Will Competency Certification entitle a practitioner to teach the science?If so, at what level?

A. – No, at least not initially—not until Teacher Certification has been granted.It is always best to begin teaching when one has developed sufficient competency in the eyes of one’s peers.This makes other practitioners comfortable and maintains the integrity of our science in the mind of the public, science, and society in general.
The student’s ability should therefore be certified by an acknowledged agency.

Grand Medicine confers a:

Certificate of Attendance on those attending any and all Courses (listing credit hours attended)

Certificate of Competency on qualified students passing the two-part Competency Exams

Teacher and Instructor Certificates (in whichever science), after 3 years / 5 years respectively of clinical practice beyond the Certificate of Competency.

Q. – Is Grand Medicine Certification in Iridology and in Eyology the same as with Sclerology?

A. – Yes, Grand Medicine Certification qualifications in the Courses in Physical Iridology and Personality Iridology are the same as with Sclerology.However, Eyology Certification (Certified Eyologist) requires prior completion of the other three Courses.A special exam is then taken for this Certificate.The Master Eyology Class Certification (Certified Master Eyologist) requires prior completion of the other three Courses, plus a special 54-hour Advanced (Masters) Class in all 3 sciences, plus a Teaching Certificate.This Certificate involves a different exam altogether.This Advanced class may also be used for the Teaching Credential.

Q. – How are the longer Courses differentiated as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced training?

A. – The longer GranMed Courses have a full curriculum (a Course Syllabus outline is available to attending students on request).They contain recent advancements in the science, allowing the serious student a low cost annual update, which is crucial to growth and actually required in most sciences (in some sense, the equivalent of CEUs).The single-subject Certification Courses are often arranged in terms of Beginning (1st day or days), Intermediate (2nd few days), and Advanced (last few days) material.We include elements of teacher training, so that those interested can begin preparation for Teacher, Instructor, and other advanced Certification.

Full 8-Day classes are loosely divided into intro and half of the intermediate for the Basics Course, and the rest of the Intermediate + the advanced instruction at the Master Class.
GM Courses have a full curriculum (a Course Syllabus outline is available
on request).However, classes always contain recent advancements in the science, allowing the serious student a low cost annual update, which is crucial to growth and actually required in most sciences (in some sense, the equivalent of CEUs).We include elements of teacher training.

Q. – Will you be doing any testing after the class?

A. – Yes, for those properly prepared.
New students must practice for at least three months prior to taking the 2-Part Exam for Certification in any single science (Iris-1, Iris-2, and Sclerology).For prepared returning students who let us know in advance, we may proctor Exams after the Course.

Q. – Are there CEU credits given for GM courses?

A. – Not yet.These are currently being arranged and should be available soon.Call us for info on this.


Q. – When can I begin teaching?

A. – Assuming this means teaching Grand Medicine (GM) Eyology, GM has certifications for competency (in Physical Iridology, Personality Iridology, Sclerology, and all three) and for teaching
Competency Certificates are granted by passing the exams after taking Courses.The Teaching Certificate comes after that, plus three years of practice, plus passing the Instructor Certification exam.Teachers can offer 2-Day and 3-Day Intro courses, and are provided with full GM support.Instructor Certificates are available to those who wish to teach the full Certification Courses.They must have passed the Teacher’s exam, practiced for five years, and passed the Instructor’s Exam.If you feel moved to teach Sclerology, call us, and we will discuss it.GM requires that you to be competency certified and otherwise properly qualified before teaching Sclerology—even beginner level (an Intro class).We will assist you with guidance, suggestions, materials, and other aides.

Q. – I hear there’s an Apprenticeship, Intern and Tutoring Program. How can I qualify?

A. – The Apprenticeship and Internship Programs are for discerning professionals who wish to finely hone their skills by working right with us in our lab, right alongside Dr. Mehlmauer, Nenita, and/or our research associates.A daily fee covers expenses and master teaching.Your meals and a private room are provided.Besides your instruction, you will be given tasks to perform (often including research) to help us in our work in the Eyology sciences.
Tutoring guidelines are provided via phone or email.Call or email for details.


Q. – Will the latest imaging system or camera (like the GranMed EC-2) be demonstrated at the Course?

A. – Yes!We get many requests for the EC-2 Eyology Imaging System, a high-quality moderately priced all-Nikon hand-held eye camera system, which we prepare at GM.It is shown during the break periods, you may handle it and try it out for yourself, and it is available for purchase or order.


Q. – What is the cost of a Grand Medicine Course?

A. – Prices vary depending on factors such as specific course and teaching location.Currently, full classes are anywhere from $699USD to $899. Fees can be lower when courses are sponsored by groups, especially in countries outside of North America.Certain discounts are given to returning and certified students and Teachers
Returning students sometimes re-take the entire course and occasionally take only those days of a Course they feel they need.In the Eyology field, given the wealth of
data presented and the quality of materials, GM course fees are considered very reasonable—a low cost investment in your career: in your ability to evaluate your client’s health and in your skills as a healer.

Q. – Are books and materials provided?

A. –A Grand Medicine Student Course Handbook or other such booklet is always provided, as well as the now-famous Forms CD.
The Handbook contains many pages of important data on the subject being taught (Iridology or Sclerology).
Available for purchase is the Sclerology manual, SCLEROLOGY—A New View of an Ancient Art ($75US).The Physical Iridology book, PHYSICAL IRIDOLOGY, A Textbook for Students and Teachers, is also available ($40).The manual on Personality Iridology—IRIS-2, Personality Iridology—is now available.It is advisable to purchase the course manual prior to class in order to have the advantage of prior study.The GM Office Forms, Worksheets and Procedures CD contains many files and papers completely adaptable to your office or home business, a wealth of data crucial to Eyologists, including business forms, intake, office client follow-up, fasting procedures, protocols, etc.

Q. – Is the CD available for purchase separately from the Course?

A. – Not at this time.

Q. – What materials should the student bring to class?

A. – GM provides everything except the following, which you should bring:

(1) A laser pointer (for identifying objects on the big screen)

(2) A hand-held LED lite (torch) and a 4x pocket magnifier (Bausch and Lomb is excellent)

(3) Either a laptop computer or a pen and tablet paper—or both.Audiotaping of courses is permitted.

Q. – What materials are available through Grand Medicine?

A. – GM offers a variety of books and services.Notable among the books are:

SCLEROLOGY, A New View of an Ancient Art($75)

PHYSICAL IRIDOLOGY—A Textbook for Students and Teachers($40)

IRIS-2, Personality Iridology ($45)

The GREAT Liquid Diet ($24.95)

The GREAT Liquid Diet book is used by healer-practitioners to teach clients/patients and to manage and eliminate disease situations.
Other aides and services are available.
Call 619-240-3711 or email gm@grandmedicine.com for our GranMed Product Brochure.A variety of such maps and charts are available in class and always thru GM Central.


Q. – How does one place a value on Grand Medicine Courses?

A. – We make sure Grand Medicine Courses are valued well beyond their cost.Many attendees—including teachers from other schools—have flatly claimed GranMed courses as the very best in the field: best materials, most sophisticated presentation, most meaningful instruction, and so on.GM Courses are real, true, high-tech, down-to-earth courses of instruction, including Holistic Health, Adidam Radical Healing, case histories, Eyology science, how to be a true healer, successful in practice, and more.
Student statements of praise and endorsement from many countries are available on request.

Grand Medicine has been engaged in full clinical practice in the Eyology industry since 1972, which is longer than most.
Many prominent teachers and practitioners from every continent have taken or endorsed our seminars—and some of them more than once—including Bernard Jensen, Ellen Jensen, David Pesek, Steven Horne, Sam Kennedy, Salvatore Arcella, Daniele LoRito, Jon Miles, Elspeth Taimre, and Peter Wilhelmsson.GM courses and classes are acknowledged and accepted by every school we know of.

Q. – What are classes typically like? And what can I expect to learn?

A. – Classes vary depending on length, size and location.They begin on time, with many big screen visual examples.All needed course materials are provided—except for your magnifier and lite.Classes are always exciting, with plenty of stimulating Q&A.Stretch & snack breaks seem to come all too quickly.Full Courses are like taking a 14-week college class—squeezed into only a few days!

Whether Intro or full Course, GM classes are designed for immediately useful, practical data and technique.
They include a high-tech AV multi-media presentation, full-color workbook, and even a data-packed CD.Back to the office, you “hit the ground running” with your new skills: the Intake form and how to gather client data.Then, here’s the sign you see in the client’s eye, what it means, and what to do when you see it (treatment principles).Adidam Radical Healing gems are sprinkled thru-out each class—to help make you a high caliber true holistic practitioner.Tips on building a sound professional practice—it’s all there; no essentials omitted.

Q. – Where should I start? And what if I know nothing about Iridology?

A. – It doesn’t matter.Go with your heart.For in-depth study prep, purchase a manual (Iris-1, Iris-2, or Sclerology) before class.Let us know your intention. One taste of a Grand Medicine Course and you’ll likely come back for more.Many practitioners wind up taking all of our courses—and some of them repeat 2, 3, and 4 times.We know of no better way to be introduced to the Eyology sciences than to take any of the BASICS
classes—including the full Course on Personality Iridology.There are many reasons to learn these amazing Eyology sciences and the other GranMed classes on Food Prep and Natural Medicine/Radical Healing.What are yours?

Q. – When will you be coming to my area to teach?What are your plans?

A. – In these uncertain economic times, our teaching itinerary can change suddenly. It’s best to not wait.Choose the class you want and take it.Courses and other events are announced regularly along with and via our emailed Eyology Lessons.Contact us for class details and if you would like to sponsor a class in your area.Venues vary yearly, country-to-country and continent-to-continent.Lately, we’ve
been teaching more local USA classes.We carefully consider several criteria in planning courses.Tell us what you’d like to learn.We also are in the midst of planning online courses.

Q. –What are your cancellation guidelines?

A. – We allow full refunds when cancellations are made 60 days or more prior to class time.Within 60 days there is a $75 processing fee for cancellation.
Within 30 days of a class there are no refunds, since we have already gone to great lengths to prepare your visit to the class (advertising, marketing, materials preparation and purchasing, hotel and travel arrangements, and much more).However, if you have to cancel late, your full course fee may be applied to any future GranMed Course or courses.

Q. – Can you provide comments or endorsements?

A. –We receive many.They are available on request.Here is a letter from a Russian physician who attended our April Intensive in Melbourne, Australia in late May of 2003:

“Thank you for such an inspirational presentation![Sclerology] is such a wonderful diagnostic tool.I’m excited to have discovered this skill.It’s a thrill to see the amazement in a patient’s face as they exclaim, ‘How did you know my left ovary is in trouble?That’s why I came here!!’Positively amazing!I am looking forward to your return here in 2004.”—Dr. O., Brisbane

“We are fortunate, indeed, to have a precious alternative health resource here in San Diego in the person of Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer.He is a towering figure of world-class expertise in Sclerology, Iridology, and healing, and a presenter par excellence.He demonstrates humility and magnanimity—a servant to humanity and a lover of the Divine.Thank you for all that you are and demonstrate.And thank you, Nenita, for supporting this great man.And to you I say that we are happy to acknowledge you, Nenita, in your own right.”—RB, OMD, San Diego

Q. – Is it possible for Dr. Mehlmauer to do an Eyology appointment when teaching in our area?

A. – Yes, usually.We take all student eye images and put them up on the big screen for analysis during class—at no charge. We can also do summary hotel room analyses, and maybe even a full Lab Study (after arriving back at the GM Lab—ask for current


Q. – I’ve never attended a course or seminar before, or even been in an airplane.Can you give me details?

A. – We make it as simple as possible, from registration to event location.Call or email us for our Logistics page.

Q. – Can I get a ride to the event?Can I room with someone at the event location?

A. – Let us know if you need a ride.
We will make every effort to find someone attending the event that would be willing to give you a lift, whether living in your area or passing through.Attendees are often looking for roommates, both to save money and to have a friend with whom to talk and share this learning experience.

Q. – How far is the hotel location from the airport? Is there shuttle service? Daily room cost of the hotel?

A. – Distance varies location-to-location.Hotel shuttle service is common near international airports.In Toronto, for example, the Burlington Travelodge is about 25 minutes from Toronto-Pierson Int’l Airport via the QEW freeway.
Call and ask at the hotel desk.
We provide their number.In San Diego, the hotel is 5 minutes from the airport.
Hotel costs vary, of course.
Grand Medicine tries to keep hotel rates below the daily cost of the Course itself.Our Logistics Page provides the details needed.

Q. – What are the class hours daily?

A. – Certification Course hours will vary slightly.We usually begin at 8:30 or 9AM and end at 5-6PM, with a 1 hour break for lunch.There are two 15 minute snack breaks.Natural snacks are provided.


Q. – How should I register for GM events?

A.In two steps:

Step #1—call us at 619-240-3711 to say the event location desired.We will provide any needed data.Let us know if you want to share a
room and/or a ride with someone.If you would rather register via email, you may send your cc# (credit card number), with expiry date, in two separate emails for security.Send the first half of the numbers in the first email, and the second half of the numbers plus the expiry date in the second email.You may also register
online via www.eyology.com.

Step #2—call the hotel and tell them you are attending “The Grand Medicine Conference”.That’s it!

Q. – What is the last date I can register for the Course?

A. – The last day to register is usually 30 days before the event.But there may still be room even closer to an event than that.Call us.Mainly, take into account our need to know the number of attendees so we can prepare Course Handbooks, badges, CDs, and
other materials, so try to sign up as far in advance as possible.

More Questions?Email us or call us at 619-240-3711 and we’ll be happy to talk with you.

OUR QUESTION TO YOU:Which GM Course have you been thinking of to advance your career?
Call or email us right away and we will show you Eyology’s top practitioners will not live without GM Eyology!


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