The GREAT Liquid Diet

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Author: Leonard Mehlmauer
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
Format: eBook, Kindle Editon


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The GREAT Liquid Diet is not just about diet, but a whole higher and cleaner way of life —a life of strength, clarity and integrity—something rare in this world, especially in these difficult times. Based on over 4 decades of clinical experience & 1000’s of patients with everything from colds to cancer, this unique liquid nutrient “delivery system” is a trump card to handle chronic degenerative disease + get and keep us healthy. Finally, a gentle yet powerful way to eliminate disorders without fasting or extreme dieting. Considers anti-aging / longevity, geriatrics, raw dieting, right kitchen tools, the roles of healer and healee, avoiding rest homes, many delicious recipes and 1000’s of tips on right living.

Buy here: The GREAT Liquid Diet 4th Edition eBook


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