MAPBOOK of Physical Iridology


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Author: Leonard Mehlmauer
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
Format: 8.5 x 11, Ring Bound

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In 2001, we offered the first edition. After more than a year of painstaking work, we happily present our vastly expanded and significantly updated version of the Physical Iridology MapBook. The “map book” format allows for details that would be nearly impossible to show on one page.

Why? While the body’s “live” organs are three dimensional, they appear in the iris two-dimensionally. So we see only parts of them. Therefore, seeing them as a group in their full presentation cannot be done on a single page. X-rays prove this.

So, we created a whole series of carefully detailed maps of every significant gross body area, system and organ in a sophisticated 150-page full-color book. Never has the body been located in the eyes with such extravagance, precision and detail. The concept is revolutionary, as acknowledged by peer review.

Many original features and concepts appear in this work, including the full range within which any specific organ marking may be found—beyond what had been considered the “normal” organ location. Plus a full complement of body system transparencies of Physical Iridology. No wonder Iridology experts from around the world are praising the GranMed Physical Iridology MapBook!

Here is what some of the world’s top Iridologists are saying:

“…the research is intensely thorough and accurately represented. The final result is a beautifully written and well-photographed Mapbook for ‘Eyologists’ at every level of expertise.”

“I thank you for your wonderful work in the field of iridology. The material is clearly well structured, the graphic representations excellent, and the photos of the irises appropriate. In conclusion, I feel that this book will greatly serve all iridologists.”

You have done a marvelous job. This work represents a milestone in Eyology Science. It is a real masterpiece, no exaggeration. I am certain it will significantly upgrade the field and improve our art and science. Congratulations!”

I appreciate your bringing the 3-dimensional perception to the new map. A map book is the only way to express a 3-dimensional field on 2-dimensional paper. This work is a treasure now and for the future!”

“I am not normally a ‘yes’ person, but I must thank you for all you are doing and have done, researching and putting on paper for the rest of the [Eyology] world to learn and grow from. You two are a great team!”


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