Russian Iridology Chart


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Author: Evgeny Velkhover, DSc, MD
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
Format: 11 x 17, Laminated

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By exclusive arrangement, Grand Medicine has been granted permission to translate and offer for sale the first English language translation of the Physical Iridology Map by Russia’s greatest Iridologist, Dr. Evgeny S. Velkhover, MD, D.Sc. Produced in the author’s original brilliant colors and exquisite detail, the map was translated by Grand Medicine’s Eyology research colleague Saida Isabekova, DSc., with computer art and graphics by Nenita Sarmiento.


The West has long known of Dr. Velkhover’s now legendary research in our field, but only now are we able to appreciate it in other than the original Russian. We have gotten rave reviews of this map from top Iridologists on every continent. They know quality when they see it. Since Dr. Velkhover is Russia’s best, you just know his map has got to be among the world’s best. Don’t miss it!


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