Sclerology Wallchart


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Author: Leonard Mehlmauer
Publisher: Grand Medicine Books
Format: Poster size, Laminated

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Check out our big Sclerology WallChart! It’s got 26 of the most important Sclera signs, including markers not found in the Sclerology manual! Laminated on quality paper to prevent wrinkling and yet maintain resilience for years of easy viewing, it’s a full 24” by 36”. This beauty will proudly proclaim your familiarity with Sclerology.


Graphically impress everyone entering your office—patients and professionals alike—with your knowledge of this amazing and important health evaluation science. And it’s a good signs and markings reference tool, too! The latest version of the now-legendary full-pastel-colored Sclerology map is centered impressively in the middle of this great WallChart. All signs are carefully photographed, diagrammed, and described. So, go ahead—show ‘em what you’re into! Impress them!


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